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What's This All About?

Growth is a Final Fantasy VII doujinshi which began in April of 2005. It is based off of a fanfic of the same name by the author/artist Enkida. Because the story was created before the "Compilation of FFVII" games and movies were released, it takes place in an alternate universe.

Story Synopsis

5 years after the game, Vincent Valentine, seeking rest, journeys to Cosmo Canyon for advice. What he finds is an unexpected adventure with Yuffie and Nanaki. Together they travel to the Northern Crater to find materia, answers and a reason to live.

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January 2010
Posted by Enkida
25th Apr 2015

I brought the old site design for easier navigation. I brought the site back at all because I'm not impressed with Platinum Studios, either. And I paid for this space until 2011 anyway, so enjoy it you guys.

The comic doesn't update regularly anymore due to real life dropping a metric sh*tton of misfortune on me. "What misfortune could bad enough to stop updating this webcomic?" the cynics among you might ask. Well let's see. There were the two miscarriages, then there were the two parental heart attacks, and currently there is the very ugly family split over care and well-being of one of my parents, who has been diagnosed with full mental dementia. Pages will come when they can, please understand that I can at the moment no longer make producing comics my top priority.

Thanks for sticking with the comic and continuing to read. I do hope to be able to dedicate more resources to the comic in the future and improve the sadly flagging art again at some point in time. In the mean time give a big thanks to all the guest artists who stop by and occassionally give these pages some cosmetic surgery. :)

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