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Chapter 9 - 404

Welcome to Growth.

5 years after the game, Vincent Valentine, seeking rest, journeys to Cosmo Canyon for advice. What he finds is an unexpected adventure with Yuffie and Nanaki. Together they travel to the Northern Crater to find materia, answers and a reason to live. This comic is also on Drunk Duck. Please check it out there:

Not an update...

Hello everyone. Thanks for sticking with the comic thus far. I wish I had the time to draw comics still, I do miss it dearly. Unfortunately it's been years since I've had the time to draw, and probably will be a few more yet. It's been fun and I hope you enjoyed reading what I did manage to create. Maybe someday I can finish this behemoth, but I'm sad to say it won't be anytime soon. Thank you for reading!

posted by Enkida @ 14th May 2015   1 comments

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