Chapter 5 - 200

11th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 10th Jan 2007

200 pages! Yep, that's the KH costume, for those who were wondering.

Please go vote and check out the new incentive! The incentive gallery has been updated, as well as the 'other' gallery with a bigger version of the 200 page counter. Also, Ikebana will be updated with 3 new pages later today, so go check that out. Enjoy!

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User's Comments:

Reply Shadow_13, 11th Jan 2007

Wow! The colors are amazing!I am loving the new digs as well! Can't wait for more!

Reply saharasfury, 11th Jan 2007

Wow This page came out very nice! The colors look great and so do the drawings!

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 11th Jan 2007

Uber! Wow, I totally love this outfit, it looks awesome on her. On the second pannel she looks like Laura Croft from Tomb Raider! *dies* Anywho, great work, as always!

Reply andygoth, 12th Jan 2007

Everyone else has said "wow", so I promise not to say "wow" in this comment. Oops.

Too late now...

I like the little Yuffie in the corner holding up 200. Two hundred pages?? Wow.

Oops again!

Reply Twin (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

Okay, I'll admit it. I actually, physically *drooled* when I saw that first panel.

So...congratulations for that, I guess. ^_^

Reply Dark-Chaos, 12th Jan 2007

Ah yes, Rikku's outfit before she was droped for Yuffie from Kingdom Hearts due to a character with a similiar name pronouced the exact same way.
I didn't expect to see this.

Reply Rose (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

congrats on 200pgs.. love Yuff's expression in the third panel.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

WHU?! She's gone back to her original outfit, huh? Well, nice to see Yuffie's resourcefulness ^v^

Reply Kuba (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

Congratulations on the 200 pages! You should definately be proud of yourself, you have come far.

I love the page!

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

I feel better now Haven't read this in quite i while, unfortunately had other things to do. But now i'm glad i caught up with the story. Luvin' Yuffie in the Tomb Raider type shades. The drawings and colours seem to get better and better every time i see them. Awesome!!

Reply wombat (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

200!!@!!1 ZOMGWOW!!! spaztastic page. fantabulous. Yuffie looks very...tomb raider. she also seems to have a reverse tan on her legs.

edit:upon further examination I realize that it is not a tan, but really really long socks.

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

Yay! Congrats!

Reply Neph (Guest), 12th Jan 2007

Wonderful page! And a little Yuffie commemorating the 200 pages to boot! ^o^ *throws confetti around*

Happy 200 pages!!!!! And many moooore... *sings*

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 13th Jan 2007

Awsome work !!!! :3

Reply Reno's Stalker, 15th Jan 2007

Awesome new look! *is a spazzing KH fan* This gives a much clearer view of her scar. I can't wait to see Vincent's reacton. ^_~

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