Chapter 5 - 201

14th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 13th Jan 2007

I found a better picture of Yu's KH costume and upgraded accordingly. Should be more accurate now. :-)

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User's Comments:

Reply Peppo, 14th Jan 2007

lol.. i love yuffie in the last pannel. She looks so... awesome... I cant explain it

Reply Guardian1 (Guest), 14th Jan 2007

For some reason, "Cosmos Beer" just cracked me up.

You just get better and better - love the last panel SO MUCH.

Reply wombat (Guest), 14th Jan 2007

last panel I love the last panel

and I also like 'Cosmos BEER'

Reply andygoth, 14th Jan 2007

Chewing on eyeglasses Amazingly expressive. If I was the artist, I would have never dreamed of doing that. (Also none of you would be reading the comic, because it would suck.)

But it doesn't suck, far from it! The only thing that sucks here is the loss of some good COSMO BEER. Splurt!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 15th Jan 2007

XD OMG, I love Cid's expression on last panel!!!! XD

Reply Akunen, 15th Jan 2007

I like how you drew Yuffie tossin Cid the beer.

xD For a second, I though the 'gulp' sound was part of Cid's shirt...

Nice job!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 16th Jan 2007

LoL Aheheheh...that Cid!!

Reply Tyrant (Guest), 16th Jan 2007

Wow i found this comic a few weeks back, and since then i've been reading it like a maniac. its absolutely incredible. keep up the awesome work, i'll be checking back for updates soon

Reply RowanWatersprite, 17th Jan 2007

0.o!! I love sid's face in the last frame!!

Reply Arianna, 5th Feb 2007

:P lol Cid's expression is priceless. But, it's also great to know he cares. Of course, I never doubted it from the game. ;) Not to say I like how he always "#*&%^@!" to express it. :P lol

Reply Shadow (Guest), 18th Jan 2009

About the last frame....

'There's fire in their eyes, and their words aren't relaly clear so beat it! But you wanna be bad! Just beat ittttttt! Beat ittttttttt! No-one wants to be defeated!'

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