Chapter 5 - 202

16th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 15th Jan 2007

I love Cid. Anyone who swears that much gets a special medal of honour in my book of much loved characters. It's such fun to be able to draw him into the story, even for just a little bit.

There's a new incentive image up, the kids with their battle gear in battle poses. So please go vote! :-)

If you're getting a server error, wait a few moments and try again to load the page. Again, this is nothing I can control, rather a problem with Dreamhost and SmackJeeves. Very sorry. :-(

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Reply Enkida, 17th Jan 2007

Who is Jesse? Jesse is Cid and Shera's kid. Jesse is a little girl.

User's Comments:

Reply Kakos x theos (Guest), 16th Jan 2007

Great I wonder who would win in a fight...Vincent or Cid

Reply andygoth, 16th Jan 2007

I don't see the new incentive... I guess I'll just have to vote again tomorrow!

Reply Neko-chan (Guest), 16th Jan 2007

Nice! Vincent shoots Cid. Game over. Yuffie in the 3rd and 4th panels are pure win.

Reply wombat (Guest), 16th Jan 2007

Sid, old boy, your mouth is hopein' for a soapin'.

as for the fight, I'm going with Vincent. Just because Vincent looks so much more badass.

great expressions, as usual, good comic

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 17th Jan 2007

GAH! I did not mean to be away so long. 'Tis a long story. Mostly involving me being lazy and a spaz at the same time. 0_o

I like Yuffie strutting her KH digs. Very nice, very nice. This chapter is off to a strong start!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 17th Jan 2007

WTF?! XD Lol this is awsome page! I was about die in laugh when I readed what Cid say's in firstpannel!!!! XD But if Vincent and Cid would fight, I know that Vincent would win it! ^^

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 17th Jan 2007

Jesse?! Who's that?

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 17th Jan 2007

Jesse...huh? OOoooooOokay. Did I miss something? *blinks* Anywho, Cid looks AWESOME! And Yuffie looks so uber in the second pannel. I mean, her expression is Yuffie.

Hey, I wonder if Cid ever puts on his red sweater that he wears around his waist...? Is it a turtleneck? He'd look HAWT in it. ^___^;; What the hell...I just said Cid would look hawt in a sweater...oh god. Now Vincent...*yum* Uh, anyway good job! *sweatdrop*

Reply Akunen, 17th Jan 2007

Haha... I'm confused too. Is Jesse like, an orphan or something? xD

Ah, gotta love Cid! And I like Yuffie's expression in the third panel. :3

Reply Neph (Guest), 17th Jan 2007

As soon as I saw Yuffie in her Kingdom Hearts outfit, I started thinking about the game.... and the more I thought, the more I thought of all I had to do! And then I had to play!!!

I'm so lazy.... I haven't beaten the game (KH) since it came out. XD And I'm seriously thinking about getting the sequel?!

Hmm... looks like Yuffie's little jab hit a sore spot with Cid....

Reply Akunen, 17th Jan 2007

Ah! Jesse! Now I remember! xD I think I need to reread Growth up to now. :3

Reply Arianna, 5th Feb 2007

;) Good one... "...I'm gonna &#@!%#' kill him AGAIN!" Priceless quote of the day! :D

Reply Hojo (Guest), 7th Nov 2007


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