Chapter 5 - 203

18th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 16th Jan 2007

Drinking Buddies. Cosmo Saloon - home of Cosmo Beer!

On a more serious note, some of you might have heard about the &q uot;FF7 Killerspiele" controversy going on in Germany. I personally haven't heard all that much complaining about FF7 in particular, though videogame censorship is once again a 'hot topic' (that will never realistically happen, believe me). I would also hope that everyone realizes exactly how wrong that assessment is; in the game canon, it wasn't even the main fighting campaign that ultimately saved the world, it was a prayer.

At any rate, there isn't going to be any stopping or censorship of this doujin anytime soon. And, gratuitous as it might be to mention this now, violence is never the real answer to any problem.

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Reply wombat (Guest), 18th Jan 2007

lol Yuffie is a funny drunk. (AND they're drinking Cosmos!)

and, it's not that games like FF or CSS cause murders, it's just that they happen to like CSS, like me...I havent murdered anyone, he died of natural causes, it was just a coincidence he left me so much money! yeah, a coincedence!

Reply Neko-chan (Guest), 18th Jan 2007

I can just see Yuffie collapse, face first, onto the table after Cid takes to tobbacco. Happy drunk Yuffie is magnificent no matter what, though.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 18th Jan 2007

What The Fuzzy Purple Monkeys??!! $%@&!!! GAWD. *fumes* That article really gets me burned up. I really hope that you don't get any dirty comments about FFVII and all over in Germany, which I doubt will happen, but still...

Anywho, AWESOME scene. I LOVED Yuffie's face in the third pannel. She looks so serious...but then you just KNOW that she's going to fall over any second from all the beer.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 19th Jan 2007

Well now! Getting really wasted can go a very looooooooong way -- can't wait for the next update!

Reply Dave (Guest), 19th Jan 2007

Color I've been so impressed lately by all the full-color pages. They're fantastic! And your portrayal of an inebriated Yuffie is vastly amusing.

Reply Stormy (Guest), 19th Jan 2007

Yay! Finally got around to reading this again. All I have to say is, great stuff! Vince's smile a few pages back was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen, and this drunk version of Yuffie is absolutely hilarious. Great work Enkida! <3

Reply Kuba (Guest), 19th Jan 2007

What are they doing in that lowly dirt-hole, Cosmo Saloon? The Cosmo Candle is where its at!

Great page, as usual. Yuffie looks great when she is intoxicated.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 19th Jan 2007

I love the downwards shot in the second panel. The perspective is very nice and the downwards pose is pretty hard to do; I've never made any of mine look passable. The expressions, as always, are ace.

I tried to read the Killerspiele thing, but I couldn't make myself click on the link. FF7 is too near and dear to my heart for me to read anything trashing it without going into a homicidal rage. I'm not kidding. When some yahoos at Ohayocon proclaimed onstage that FF7 was crap, I leapt up onto the stage and chased them all around the ballroom. In heels. Fear the angry little Asian girls!

Reply Reno's Stalker, 19th Jan 2007

I love the last panel. And I agree with everyone else, Drunk Yuffie is priceless! ^_^

Reply Xi3 (Guest), 20th Jan 2007

Woot!! Drunk Yuffie! Somehow I think she's faking at leas part of that, cause blackmail and extortion require much foresight and planning... Kind of like what I wish to do to anyone that blames violence on videogames.

Seriously though, I'm still a teenager and so are most of my friends. We play violent games so that we don't do stupid sh*t like venting steam on a real person. Anyone that takes away my stress reliever is liable to find out how stressed and violent I can really get. Stupid little non-thinking bastards... (trails off into incoherent swearing and ranting about people with little intelligence and no understanding)

Reply Naz Valentine (Guest), 20th Jan 2007

Sugoi! I love this comic!! Drunken Yuffie is so funny^^ Please update! I cant wait to see if they go back!! =D

Reply Neph (Guest), 21st Jan 2007

Isn't Yuffie underage though? O.O

*calculates on her fingers*

Oh, whoops, my bad. :P

I love the third panel... Yuffie looks fierce, triumphant, and so thoroughly drunk that she's about to collapse face-forwards on the table all at the same time. The little bubbles are the icing on the cake, in my opinion. ^o^

I'm still waiting to find out what Vincent's new look is going to be.... *hums* ~o~

Reply Gena Keyeske (Guest), 21st Jan 2007

cool I stummbled upon this great comic and I would like to thank you for writing this story and then drawing it out!

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