Chapter 5 - 205

23rd Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 20th Jan 2007

New Shirt Well, I said he wouldn't be in black, but I can't really picture Vincent ever getting any real fashion sense. So red it is. Incidentally, my answer to the question 'which shoulder is Nanaki tattooed on?' is 'both' - I think I've seen it on both shoulders in different pictures.

There's a new incentive image up, Yuffie casting All Creation, so please go vote!

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Reply Enkida, 24th Jan 2007

Answers Vincent wears a ratty old cloak and doesn't wash his hair and people *still* think he's hot, so yeah. He can make burlap sacks look good. :-)

I draw the comic on cold-press watercolour paper using an HB 0.3 mechanical pencil. I then go over the pencil with india ink. I don't erase the pencil lines (god bless the beauty of HB) and simply colour straight over the india ink with my motley assortment of inherited watercolour pencils. Most, though not all, of them are 'Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer' brand, which means basically "the expensive ones." Then I go over the whole thing with a brush and water, and then finally wait for it to dry and scan it in. And there you have it.

User's Comments:

Reply gothickitty, 23rd Jan 2007

wow vincent looks hot in his spiffy shirt

Reply Akunen, 23rd Jan 2007

*hugs Vincent* Aw, he looks great in his red shirt!

Reply Shadow_13, 23rd Jan 2007

It all has looked so unbelievably fantastic, Enkida. I don't know why, but I am so proud of you! I love showing your stuff off to everyone I can!

And, yes, you most certainly can put "Dark Reborn" in your gallery if you like! I would be honored! I also have a better black & white version of the last sketch I sent to you (Sexy Sexxxxy Vincent & Reno) that I will finish and send to you hopefully by tomorrow, if not tonight! (Though I will still be doing a full color version as well!)

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 23rd Jan 2007

*drool* Vinnie's shirt looks so good on him! ^___^;; But do you think that you can make his headband black? The red on red doesn't look that good...but just my oppinon. ^___^;; AWESOME job. I actually dreamed about this comic last night...0___0

Reply Shadow_13, 24th Jan 2007

I think Vincent's headband should remain red because black would get too muddled with his hair, CV. Now if he were a little more fashionable maybe he would have had some black trim or something on his shirt to break all the red.... but that would be a pain to do for enkida... plus she said he wasn't fashionable in her world! *wink*

Reply Dark-Chaos, 24th Jan 2007

I doubt Vincent could even care what he wears, thats why he wore his FFVII outfit. His Turks suite got stained when he was shot and was ruined. He no longer had a job and got the nearest thing he could. But Hojo was a real pervert and tried to gt Lucrecia to do gothic/horror 'role play'. So tahts all he could find. As for ingame, Cloud's tight with cash.

Reply Bullisoan, 24th Jan 2007

Yo I have this question. How do you color your comic? It looks awesome!

Reply Neph (Guest), 24th Jan 2007

Omigawd. O_____O;;;;;;

Vincent looks soooooooooo incredibly hot in that shirt!!! And yes the bandana should stay red! It's his trademark!

Who cares about fashion? Vincent Valentine makes anything he wears cool! ^o^ Or... does he? O___O;; Anyways, it also goes well with his golden arm!

*end fashion analysis*

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 24th Jan 2007

... OMG!!! *drools* Vincent look's so sexy! <3

Reply Akunen (Guest), 24th Jan 2007

-wow Vincent is jealous.

Reply JaceTiger, 24th Jan 2007

Persoanally I believe that Nanaki/Red XII would look awesome with new gear, but it IS Enkida's comic and not mine (my drawing skills are so poor that this is god-like to me D: ) so it is completely up to her. ROCK ON ENKIDA!!!!!!!!!

Reply Shadow_13, 24th Jan 2007

Kirlaskia - If you want to see an un-clothed Vincent.... hehehe... I am working on a picture for my DA gallery (that I am SURE as fire is hot that it will be wayyyyy too "mature" for Enkidas) that will tickle your fancy! *wink* ...Or something else! *wicked grin* Meanwhile Enkida will be posting a few more tidbits soon that will get you half-way there, at least!

Reply Reno's Stalker, 24th Jan 2007

Faraji:....*grins at Nanaki*
Nanaki: Don't even think about it.
Faraji: *pounts and sheathes his claws* (This is an in-joke with me and a friend. MY bad ^_^; )
Woot at Vincent's new shirt! *drool*

Reply Naz Valentine (Guest), 24th Jan 2007

Yay! Another great page!! I love his top,and how he's seeing them from above. its! (the only word i can think of at this moment) and Red(??) Looks awsome aswell!!

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 24th Jan 2007

The Incentive Rocks! Okay...just checked out the new pic and I love it!

Reply wombat (Guest), 24th Jan 2007

huh... Vincent's new shirt...How fittingly emo of him, red and black, lol. The perspective is a bit wonky, but who am I to complain, only things I can draw are whales and ninjas.

Reply andygoth, 24th Jan 2007

Incentive request Vincent playing golf.

Reply Akunen, 24th Jan 2007

Hey, who used my name? D=

Reply Akunen, 25th Jan 2007

Quit using my name! D<

Reply Kuba (Guest), 25th Jan 2007

Nanaki has the tribal tattoo on both arms, but the "XIII" tattoo is only on his left.

Reply Enkida, 25th Jan 2007

Thanks Kuba, I will be going by that from now on in the comic. You don't happen to know if he has the leg tattoo on both haunches or not, do you? ^^;

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

Gasp! Vincent's... Yuffie-is-drunk-and-passed-out-senses are tingling! ;o

Reply arid (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

wow xD I lovelovelove his new shirt!

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