Chapter 5 - 206

25th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 21st Jan 2007

Leap! A new issue of SmackTalk, the News E-Zine for SmackJeeves has been released. I write and tech edit for that so please go check it out if you follow webcomic news.

Galleries have been updated; check out the gift gallery for more two more fantastic pieces by Shadow, and the incentive gallery has been updated.

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2) Guest posters shouldn't purposely try to emulate registered users.

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Reply Neph (Guest), 25th Jan 2007

LEAPAGE!! He leaps... He lands!! He makes false accusations!!! :P Soooo awesome... But poor Cid! Vincent is so distrusting... :o

Then again, can you blame the guy? :P

I love this entire page! It's done so excellently ( that even a word?). ALL THE LEAPAGE!! *hearts the leapage*

And I heart Nanaki. "SIGH. These troublesome kids..."

Reply wombat (Guest), 25th Jan 2007

wooo! Vincent is very distrusting. Now I see his shirt from a different angle, it looks much better.

yes, excellently is a word.

poor Cid...HEY, woah! Vince's eyes are red!

Reply Akunen, 25th Jan 2007

^^ Sorry about that, Enkida! xD I love the way he landed. It looks cool for some reason.

Reply Phantom-XI, 26th Jan 2007

He ha Well lets go down the list of things. 1. I'm new, hi people love the comic Enkida.
2. Vincent is showing some concern (or Jealousy) to the fact that Cid was carrying Yuffie in such a manner. Now I'm no expert in love and friendship, but Yuffie must really be growing on Vincent to get him to jump off a cliff assuming Cid is up to something: considering Cid is also one of Vincents companions from the long and arduous journey to defeat Sephiroth. 3. Akunen the reason it looks cool in the final panel i think is it look like he's either about to rush Cid or do a sweeping kick and knock him over. But thats my personal opinion.

Reply Rose (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

*giggle* I love the sudden leap from the cliff XD

Cid's in trouble~ XD

Reply Bullisoan, 26th Jan 2007

Lol. Great Work!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

Huh?! WTF?! XD Suddn leap lol, Cid is gonna get he's butt kicked! XD (Hmm....Vincent look's still so hot... *drool's* @.@) Nice work! ;3

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

Bwee :3 Oh yeah! Vincent does look so very hot as he leaps down. :/ I'm not too fond of the landing pose though, doesn't feel right to me.

:D Maybe Vincent wants to carry Yuffie! Booya :3

Reply Gining (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

Oh, haha. Vincent jumped off a cliff after Cid. That's great! Looks like Cid got a little nervious about it. His cigerette is all crooked. But I must agree with Kity Silver. His landing pose looks off. It almost looks as if he landed crouched in mid-air. Other then that, I think you are doing a fantastic job!

Reply Akunen (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

I'm sorry I can't be perfect!
Vincent thinks Cid a perv!

Reply OJC (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

Actually, the landing pose is more of the type that he crouched as he landed to absorb the shock, although that is murder on the ankles(trust me, I've gone off many a building/cliffside/[name high place here]). In this circumstance, it would be perfect for a planned attack.

I hope Red lands on Vincent or Cid. Just for hilarity's sake.

Reply Shadow_13, 26th Jan 2007

I agree with OJC... plus doesn't anyone remember him doing similar landings in both AC (fighting Bahamut SIN) and Dirge??? Or maybe it was just me that went frame-by-frame about a gazillion times - but he does!

And thanks Kirlaskia! I needed a warm fuzzy today. *hugs*

Reply Naz Valentine (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

Awsomeness!! Yeah, go get her Vinneh!! ^_^ Cid's in for a slice of the 'but whooping' (lol Teen Titans) Thanks for updating!! Ive been telling all my friends about this (By that i mean i wouldnt shut up XD) I leap every time you update lol

Reply Kuba (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

Ah...I heart Nanaki too..

Note to Enkida: Indeed, Nanaki does have the linked hind-leg tattoos on both legs...and, as seen in AC, the do actually wrap around the whole leg. I hope that answers your question.

Reply Neph (Guest), 26th Jan 2007

Landage It is indeed the landing posture in both AC and Dirge. It is, it is. *nods firmly* And I say it looks cool!!!

Then again, when has anything Vincent's ever done been dorky?

Shadow, my friend, you are not alone. :P

Reply Akunen, 27th Jan 2007

You have a good point there, Neph.

Reply Xuthltan (Guest), 27th Jan 2007

k Let the battle begin Vincent vs. Cid, place yor bets now!!!

Reply ElfGrove (Guest), 27th Jan 2007

Chibi Fanart Hrmm... Can't figure out if the comments are screened or not. My attempt earlier didn't fly. But I wanted to say, I'm loving Growth, totally addicted to it. Thanks for putting it online.
Okay, apparently not screened. My computer is just retarded... I really loved today's page (it made me wibble) and it inspired a quick sketch. So here ya go:

Reply Hojo (Guest), 7th Nov 2007

Im kinda behind, but i should go register, i think im the only Hojo, I am really Jenovas-Puppet

*Edit*, ok, so there was a Hojo, I am now Professor_Hojo,.. done & done

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