Chapter 5 - 207

28th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 22nd Jan 2007

Voice of Reason Yes, Yuffie is old enough to drink in this story. Sorry, Nanaki isn't landing on anyone's back. ^__^

On the subject of Nanaki's tattoos - I think I have it figured out now (thank you Kuba). He has a XII on the left shoulder. He has the circular tattoo on both shoulders. He has the repeating L tattoo on both haunches. This is the last page I had drawn before I figured that out, so from now on, that is how I will draw his markings. :-)

Nanaki Trivia: Apparently, in "Before Crisis" he was mated to another "firecat" named Dinne, who then when on a 2-year sabbatical while Nanaki was being kidnapped by Hojo. So canon Nanaki was already married during the events of FFVII. Personally I think this is Sq-En just trying to cover their butts, as I thought it was clear in the original game from Bugenhagen's dialogue that he *didn't* have a mate. Oh well!

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Reply andygoth, 28th Jan 2007

TUP In the middle right panel, Cid looks about ready to spank Yuffie.

Maybe she needs it. :^)

Reply Akunen, 28th Jan 2007

Aha xD It does look like that.

I love the page! You drew their drunken faces greatly!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 29th Jan 2007

Waddyaknow! Guess, we shouldn't be surprised -- they are video game characters, after all -v-

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 29th Jan 2007

LOL!!!! ''I hope you haven't killed anyone yet, Vincent.'' OMG that is funny!!! XD

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 29th Jan 2007

I think its better... if Vincent spanked Yuffie. XD

Though you never know, Vincent could be enjoying the view of Yuffie's butt. It is rather well drawn so some might admire it. :P

Although now I"m just wiating for vincent to take her up in his arms and THEN she'll start the drunken drooling.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 29th Jan 2007

Aaawwww cute Vincent looks so jealous, Yuffie looks like she's having a good dream. Possibly a Yuffie dream sequence for the next few pages? Love the lok on Cid's face in the 3rd panel 'lighten up'. Hee hee. Kitty Silver's right drunken drooling is always a good thing.*thumbs up*

Reply Xi3, 29th Jan 2007

Cid is sooooo beyond wasted in the third pannel. Man, if any of my friends looked like that, I wouldn't trust them to carry themselves, let alone another person. And yes, a few of my friends have gotten to the point where they looked something like that before... O.o

Reply Dark-Chaos, 30th Jan 2007

Dinne I think I know what they are going to do. Bugenhagen's dialog went "maybe you'll even find your life mate/partner." Thats as close to an exact quote I can do without replaying the game. But you can see were they are manipulating it. That dialog only implied he didn't have a mate. Since you never see another of his race (asuming the cave of the Gi was JUST ghosts).

Reply AdamZero (Guest), 30th Jan 2007

tatoo I'm pretty sure the circular tatoos on Nanaki's from haunches have either 13 'slashes' around the two circels or 11 slashes and the two circles make the 13 parts to the tatoo....little bit of knowledge.

Reply Professor_Hojo, 7th Nov 2007

the new stuff ruins all the old stuff.. doesnt it

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