Chapter 5 - 208

30th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 28th Jan 2007

Anger Management Wow, the happiest person in the room right now is Yuffie. And what the heck is Cid talking about? You'll just have to see...

There's a new really cute fanart in the gift gallery from ElfGroove, inspired by page 206. Go look, it's too cute! ^__^

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User's Comments:

Reply TionneDawnstar (Guest), 30th Jan 2007

Go Vince! I love how mad he is... it's really cute! And the manhandling comment was awesome... Vinny looks really hot on this page! Great work!

Reply Steph (Guest), 30th Jan 2007

Wow Wow Enkinda, your art is looking better every new page! This one is just fabulous! Red, Cid, Yuffie, and ESPECIALLY Vinny <3

Reply Akunen, 30th Jan 2007

I really love Vincent and Red in the first panel. Great job!

Reply Shadow_13, 31st Jan 2007

Oh deary me! Do forgive my blond mind (as well as the weeeeee hours in the am that it is)... but it took me a dang lot of time to figure out WHY you had drawn a bare bottom on Yuffie!! ...My bad! Once I realized it was her back and not her back end, I assure you I breathed a sigh of relief and broke out into a fit of laughter! *snort* I am SO blond sometimes! *blush*

Reply Dark-Chaos, 31st Jan 2007

I like how despite that Vincent is kind of detached from people and sociaty... he's still an honourble gentleman as you have shown him here. Sometimes I shouldn't make comments like this, because people turn them around saying how much I'm like Mr. Valantine. As if there wasn't enough similarities already.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 31st Jan 2007

Woot! Go Vinny! X3

Reply Phantom-XI, 31st Jan 2007

School yard memories I can here the calls already from some kids in my head just screaming "Fight, fight fight fight fight!" Well I almost agree that looks what its about to come down too. I must say though I love the show of worry Vincents showing this fine night. and I'm loving the fact Cid cant tell that he's just ticking him off.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 31st Jan 2007

A Misunderstanding Seems there's gonna be hell to pay for what's going on -- nice goin' there, Yuffie!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 31st Jan 2007

Thanks for the shoutout Enkida. It is my pleasure to help.

I for one like the idea of Nanaki getting with Dinne. I just wish they did a better job at explaining why there was the big hub-bub out them "theorizing" there were more out there. Perhaps Bugenhagen was just making reference to Nanaki having mutliple partners. If so, good for him. Repopulating the species sure would be fun for old Nanaki.


Why does Nanaki get flack from Cid? What did HE do?

Reply wombat (Guest), 31st Jan 2007

NINJA!!@! first panel, Vince has that look of total ninja pwnage, right down to the hair. and, I love the little 'drunk' bubbles in front of Cid's face.

Reply Shadow_13, 31st Jan 2007

Dark-Chaos ~ Similarities??? Oh reallllllly!!! *wiggles eyebrows* Do tell!! (warning though... if you say you have long hair be prepared to be pounced on by a shadow with a thumping heart that could set off the richter scales!!) *grin*

Reply ElfGrove (Guest), 1st Feb 2007

Thank you Kirlaskia and Enkida!

Oooh... Cid's going to say something interesting shortly me thinks.

Reply Akunen (Guest), 1st Feb 2007

- Wow,Cid sooo bad with womans!
*sarcasmic and ironic*

Reply flare346, 1st Feb 2007

O.O I love Vincent's shirt! He's made about Cid holding Yuffie!

Reply Neph (Guest), 1st Feb 2007

Cid's hit it on the head Oooh... I can not WAIT to see where this is going. >=]

Go on, Cid!!! Keep on that thread, and don't let it go! ^o^ Make the sucker squirm!!

*evil cackling*

*innocent coughing*

Reply andygoth, 1st Feb 2007

Kuba: Remember when Hojo tried to mate Nanaki and Aeris?

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

Jeez! WOW, Vincent. I didn't think you'd be that jumpy...

Reply lucy (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

0_0 I see Vincent is getting protective...I smell a Yuffentine brewing, and a good one at that.

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