Chapter 5 - 210

5th Feb 2007

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Reply Enkida, 4th Feb 2007

Oops... Whew, got the page coloured. Thanks for being patient. :-) People who follow Nescience - I am working on the next page, sorry for the delay. ^^;

Germany won the handball world championships, and also coincidentally decided to air the Superbowl this year on free TV. It's been a sport-packed weekend!

Oh yes, and anyone, even guests, can post if they want, feel free to leave a comment, guest or otherwise! :)

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User's Comments:

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 4th Feb 2007

'I will protect her.'

GAWD, he's so HOT when he says that! *drools* I love the last pannel expecially! GREAT WORK!

*edit* First Post!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 4th Feb 2007

I see... well, ya can't blame Cid, though -- Vinnie has been quie neglectful.

Reply Neph (Guest), 4th Feb 2007

I wanna be Yuffie (not for the first time) "I will protect her."

*dies a happy fangirl death*


O.M.G. *repeats over and over*

Reply Phantom-XI, 5th Feb 2007

Forcast of furture events Oh Vincent thats so sweet of you hope ya mean it or Cid'll kill ya most likely. Love the new page cant wait to see it finished, but it looks great like this too.

Reply wombat (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

well...I can't really join in the fangirldom, because I'm not a fangirl. BUT as a male, I can say that I'm just waiting for Vince and Cid's fight to the death! XD

Reply Rose (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

"I will protect her." *melts* wow, can't wait to see this colored.. so hot.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

O.O Holy~~!! I wanna be Yuffie in this moment!!! *is jelous to Yuffie*

Reply Arianna, 5th Feb 2007

Beautiful! I have to echo the sentiments listed below - the last panel is great! I really feel the power from his statement, that he will protect Yuffie. :) Great job!

Reply andygoth, 5th Feb 2007

colors = NICE

Reply TionneDawnstar (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

Favorite so far! I think this has got to be my favorite page so far. The expressions are amazing, and I especially love the last panel. Amazing job! Unfortunately I read you fanfic a long time ago, so I know what's going to happen, but I really love how it's transfering to graphic form... amazing and keep up the beautiful work!

Reply Akunen, 5th Feb 2007

The top three panels are amazing! The expressions are drawn wonderfully! Great job! <3

Reply JaceTiger, 5th Feb 2007

-I- am jealous of Cid well not completely... On one hand he gets to carry Yuffie... but on the other she might hurl on his back... so its a toss up there... Maybe if she was just unconcious and NOT drunk I would be COMPLETELY jealous of Cid... but then again Vincie can stare at her rear... either way as a guy I want to be there. I know! I'll take Nanaki's place!! They'll NEVER figure out its me and not him!!! *goes about planning the switch*

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

Sqeeeee!!!!! Sorry to go all fangirly on ya but, aaawwww Vinnie can be so cute when he wants. The last panel is the best, specially the first view of Vincent his eyes seem so sincere. Almost as if he's trying to prove that even if he couldn't protect Lucrecia he can protect Yuffie. YAY, can't wait to see the next one.

Reply flare346, 5th Feb 2007

Awwww "I will Protect Her!" That was SOOOO cute!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

I wonder what Yuffie would say if she heard all this. Would she get angry or would she melt?

...or would she say "Nanaki, you are the best ... ever". I'm thinking it is the latter.

Reply Naz Valentine (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

*Melts* XD lol, awsomeness!! Yuffie's really lucky!! Thanks for updating!! ^_^

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

*lurker* I've been watching this doujin for a while... maybe I should get an account, ne? XD I love your coloring, and all the little insights Vincent's been having so far. Keep up the ridiculously awesome work, I'll keep reading! ^-^

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

While everyone squees about Vincent and his protective hotness, all I can think is "Damn, that cigarette is close to Yuffie's butt."


I really like the layout on this page. Good stuff, Enkida!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 6th Feb 2007

Really?! Let's see if Vincent Valentine proves true to his words!

Reply SmileZ (Guest), 17th Apr 2007

Haha Lol. I feel so ashamed that I've never read this doujin before. I came across it and was totally freaking out! haha. LURRVVEE IT! By the way, it sort of looks like Cid is nuzzling his cheek in Yuffie's errr.. cheek. lol. Haha. But this is still absolutely wonderful!

Reply Foxy-chan (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

You say he looks sexy... ~I~ say his mouth looks off-center. ;o

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