Chapter 5 - 211

8th Feb 2007

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Reply Enkida, 6th Feb 2007

Again late... Sorry! I did manage to get it inked, but I need sleep, so coloured page is going up later. ^^;

There is a new incentive up, so please go vote! :-)

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Reply Enkida, 9th Feb 2007

Page 212 will be going up later today. I have to attend a graduation, so I hope you guys can wait for just a little bit. ^^;

And, in case he is reading, congrats Olaf, it's about time! ;-)

User's Comments:

Reply misuzu, 6th Feb 2007

Colored or not, you still get my vote!

Reply Akunen, 6th Feb 2007

Cid is catching on! xD Middle panel looks really good. And the first one does as well. <3 I bet the coloured will look even better.

Reply andygoth, 6th Feb 2007

Safe bet.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 6th Feb 2007

Cid's got ESP!! Nothing gets past Cid, obviously 0__o

Reply Kuba (Guest), 6th Feb 2007

Poor Vincent, he comes out bravely and admits the truth (half-truth, but truth nonetheless) and Cid gives him a hard time about it. I hate when people do that.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 7th Feb 2007

Lol Good old Cid...Awsome page! ^^

Reply ElfGrove (Guest), 7th Feb 2007

My but Cid has a gentle nature with the subtleties. But I'd say Red's expression says he doesn't think much different. It's almost too bad that Yuff's not awake, but I'd worry about the next line of dialogue.
Love how you handled the memories.

Reply wombat (Guest), 7th Feb 2007

Cid HAHA! sucks to be Vincent. Cid's gonna get all defensive.

I can't wait for the battle to begin.

Reply Neph (Guest), 7th Feb 2007

"We're FRIENDS. Really. Honestly. Swear."

"Don't give yourself a hernia with the excuses, kid."

LOVE this page!!! I almost laughed when Cid demonstrated the delicate art of tact. Then again... if everybody was going to be tip-toeing around the subject all the time, Vincent would just keep coming up with all these venues of escape.... So either way, I'm definitely siding with Cid on this one.

Reply demecowen (Guest), 7th Feb 2007

All-knowing Cid Cid is tactful as ever, but proving why he was leader for awhile.

Love the reflection panal can't wait to see in color.

Reply tyasha demon (Guest), 8th Feb 2007

lol, now i would REALLY like to be yuffie^_^

Reply Rose (Guest), 8th Feb 2007

lol I dunno if I should be worried for Cid's life right now.. or cheering Vincent on.. *grins* Go Vinnie!

Reply Akunen, 8th Feb 2007

I agree with Kirlaskia! The colours are gorgeous. x3

Reply Kuba (Guest), 8th Feb 2007

I would definately say you have developed coloring quite well. The middle panel is an example of how greatly you have improved. Keep up the excellent work.

Reply Eumary, 8th Feb 2007

I love the middle panel. He's thinking about yuffie......He's so cute when he does that.

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007


Reply Silverblood87401 (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

"You got the hots for the brat? Hell musta froze over."
Sorry Cid, but it hasn't...It'd be great if it did, though...

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