Chapter 5 - 213

11th Feb 2007

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Reply Enkida, 11th Feb 2007

Catch! Hey, look, it's a page that's on time for once! Cid doesn't mean any harm, but he *is* drunk... which is lucky for everyone else, apparently. ;-)

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User's Comments:

Reply saharasfury, 11th Feb 2007

This is just very well done! Great job!

Reply Crazy_Fox, 11th Feb 2007

o_O Wow, a lot's happened in the last few episodes.

Reply Peppo, 11th Feb 2007

awww! we all know that catching the girl when she is falling is a sure sign of love!

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 11th Feb 2007

*snuggles Nanaki* I loved Vinnie's expression in the fifth pannel. PRICELESS! And Nanaki looks so...fluffy! I just want to snuggle him! ^___^;; Great job!

Reply Neko-chan (Guest), 11th Feb 2007

...I read 'sake' as sa-ke (just for pronunciation) the first time through. ...XD

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 11th Feb 2007

O.O OMG! Now I'm sooooo jelous to Yuffie! >.<

Reply Yuffie wanna-be (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

Yuffie wanna-be++ lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep the gr8 work up

Reply andygoth, 12th Feb 2007

Not really envying Yuffie Those brass claws look mighty pokey!

Reply flare346, 12th Feb 2007

O.o MAN! I wish I was Yuffie!

Reply Akunen (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

Ohh man,Cid is so bad!!

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

Nanaki's a meanie I can understand where Nanaki's coming from but what a meanie, trying to keep Vincent away from her. Oh well i'm sure he'll change his mind when he realises just how much Vinnie cares for her. Cid is so funny, and he really has turned into a father figure for Yuffie. Loving the artwork this story just keeps getting better and better, can't wait for the next one.

Reply Kisaragi (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

Cid did that on purpose, now watch him say "Ha, i knew it!"

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

*squee* Vincent DOES get prettier every time you draw him! Haha, poor Yuffie... ah well, she gets to be held by Vin.

Reply Ven (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

I'll always catch you when you fall... :DDD

Reply Kitty Silver, 12th Feb 2007

Aww! I must say that Vincent in the second panel here is looking so very innocent! He's looking absolutely precious now. Also I love the colors are more vibrant in this comic. How is that? I especially love how much redder Red is and how you can really see the yellow of his eye. Seems like this comic has put focus on red. <3

Reply wombat (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

oohhhhh Yuffie is mad.

Vince has some ninja like skillz

Reply Rose (Guest), 12th Feb 2007

Vinnie definately gets prettier everytime you draw him <3 and you're expressions are getting better to.. love this page!

Reply Akunen, 12th Feb 2007

Mean ol' Cid The colours on this page look FANTASTIC. x3 Nice catch there, Vinny!

Reply Dark-Chaos, 13th Feb 2007

I like Yuffie's expresion in the third pannel. Also, is it just me or does Vincent look more Asian compared to when you started? o.O

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

Squee! Dammit, Yuffie, when do your ninja skills come in handy? Flip like a cat! Woo!

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