Chapter 5 - 214

13th Feb 2007

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Reply Enkida, 12th Feb 2007

Stolen moment Hey everybody. I hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day!

Someone asked about the brigher colours: I've been shading differently than I normally do for almost all of Chapter 5, it keeps the base colours a little bit clearer and brighter.

Someone else asked about Vincent's "asian" face: I've been playing Dirge of Cerberus lately, and his face looks extremely Japanese in that game. I guess it's been rubbing off. Personally, I always thought of Vincent as more "Eastern European" than Asian, though. Asia is Yuffie's thing. ;-)

N.B: Before DoC, I was one of the few who assumed Yuffie would give Vincent the nickname "Vince" (as opposed to "Vinnie" or "Vin") when talking to him. According to canon, I was right! *does a little happy dance*

Finally, there's a new artwork by Shadow in the gift gallery, featuring Vincent and Reno at the beach. Go check it out! :-)

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Reply gothickitty, 13th Feb 2007


Reply Guest, 13th Feb 2007

=) Hehe love the bright and amorous colours. Just in time for Valentine's Day! Even though this rocks, on the previous page Vincent was catching Yuffie the other way around. Doesn't matter though cause I lurv it <3

Reply Xuthtlan (Guest), 13th Feb 2007

ABSU Just in time for Valentine's day.

Reply wombat (the sexy beast) (Guest), 13th Feb 2007

hmm... yuffie has bigger eyes in this picture...good effect.

I am also a sexy beast now

Reply Akunen, 13th Feb 2007

Hehe, yeah, this page was perfect for today. x3

Reply Arianna, 13th Feb 2007

Cute! It's indeed very cute, Enkida! Wonderful work on Yuffie's expression. :)

Reply Sakuragirl2, 13th Feb 2007

KOOL!! I like how you did yuffie and Vincent together. They look sooo cute together! ^-^
Your style and coloring is wonderful!

Reply Enkida, 14th Feb 2007

Questions / Answers Hey everyone! Consider this a Valentine's Day Special because I just finished 'Dirge of Cerberus' and feel the need to put a small bit up about it, like I did with Advent Children way back when I first saw that.

First, though, about the positioning error: the explanation is quite simple, I made (another) mistake. My theory is I do this so much because I was born left-handed. However, my mother trained me very early on to write with my right hand, so I would be 'normal.' I am not, today, ambidexterous; in fact, I consider myself to be pretty much right-handed. However, I still have big ol' problems distinguishing right from left unless I consciously think about it, for everything from driving to drawing. So, apologies for the mistake, but now you know why it happens so frequently in this comic. ^^;

On to "DoC" : My initial response to this game is a good one. The graphics are, of course, beautiful; I sort of like how they distended normal proportions to keep it in the 'style' of the original FF7 (big hands, big feet). Even if it did result in Vincent having those golden clown boots.

Things I really enjoyed about the game: the soundtrack. No, not the Gackt songs. The instrumentals were really good, I was impressed with the quality. Square's music hasn't been floating my boat in the past couple of years, but this was pretty good, I enjoyed the orchestral pieces quite a bit.

Character development of Reeve was also excellent. I love how they made Reeve an actual person, at last, and not just the stuffed cat comic relief. I also thought Yuffie's role in the game was very much in-character and in keeping with what I imagined her to be like from the original game. Cid's slightly larger role was also nice, though he sure didn't swear enough for my taste. At least he still smoked, though. :-) I also really liked Rosso's character, she was deliciously evil and well-developed (pun intended).

Things I didn't like: the gratuitous appearances of the rest of the cast, particularly Cloud. If they're going to show up, for goodness' sake give them *real lines.* The only thing Nanaki got was a shot of him snoozing at the end! What a let-down. And the gratuitous Cloud appearance - I kept thinking to myself 'What a chump, he couldn't even take care of Rosso for me. That blonde jerk.' ;-)

Characters that were totally useless, flat, and boring? Azul, Nero, Weiss, Hojo and Vincent's father. Pretty much cardboard cutouts, and they didn't have the peppy voice acting that at least Rosso had. And what was up with that throw-in of Grimore Valentine? It seemed like a clunky, unnatural addition to what was until that point a fairly coherent story.

Character I was most disappointed in, however, was Lucrecia. I was expecting good things, since she had such a big role in this game. Instead, she only filled a typical weak female stereotype that I hate so much - half of her lines in the entire game are "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Her motivations weren't well-thought out or explained, and while the developers spent a lot of time trying to make her a nice, sweet, wonderful heroine, what they did was end up making her a soggy tissue to the story.

I know Vincent and Yuffie are not a canon pairing, and I don't mind that at all. But - I will take a sidekick with a backbone anyday over a limp noodle of a heroine.

Last but not least, the story - I thought it was pretty good, until the writers started smoking crack about two chapters before the end of the game. I was really unimpressed with the very typically Japanese 'super saiyan' junk at the end. I felt like we had regressed back to the 1980s, frankly. It's really a pity, there's been so much good, modern stuff coming out of Japan in the last 5 years, but I guess Square-Enix is too much of a traditional company to break with those outdated stereotypes. Ah well, that's what fanfiction is for!

Those are Enkida's initial 2 cents on Dirge of Cerberus. There's more where this came from if anyone wants to hear it. Feel free to discuss what you thought about the game here, too!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 14th Feb 2007


Reply Xi3, 14th Feb 2007

Re: DoC Iono, if you play on the hardest difficulty setting, Rosso is *riddiculously* hard to beat. I can see why Cloud had problems. I had to use all of my MP with the lightning materia, two Limit Breakers and 2 mega-potions. I will agree that Lucrecia's lines and character throughout the game were, to say the least, pathetic. On the bright note, Death Penalty acts like one would expect Death Penalty should, and Chaos still looks damn good, even if it is just a cheap way to throw together an ending.

For the comic: I really dont care that Yuffie is backwards in Vincent's arms. This is just F***ING Amazing!! Did you plan this to be just in time for Valentine's Day?!? Absoloutely perfect the way you have managed to mesh Holiday and story together! Keep up the great work. I'm very interested in how this will pan out.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 14th Feb 2007

I refuse to play it due to SE not paying more attention to Nanaki. I can understand why he would get the shaft in Advent Children, but Dirge of Cerberus is a game and there would be plenty of opportunities to include him.


Reply Akunen, 14th Feb 2007

DoC Ramblings I don't know why half the people I know out here didn't like the game. I thought it was great. Though when I went to fight Rosso, I didn't know she was weak against ice magic so I never shot a single materia. That was viciously hard. xD Weiss was a lot different from what I expected, and he stole Cloud's swords! I was sad most of the original characters didn't make more than a camo appearance. But Chaos looked fantastic! I'm glad they didn't base him off that black flying devil thing from the original game. I just wish that the other two limit breaks were able to of been used. Oh, and being unable to jump over a barrel was ridiculous! I lost so many WRO members that way! And don't get me started on Lucrecia. xD I think even the characters that didn't show up more than two or three times had better lines than her.

Other things... Well, a shooter game was different, so that was pretty cool. At the end of the game when you're in Omega, you get to be Chaos and you have the Death Penalty. It's like god mode. I actually only had about ten bullets left after the final battle though, which was bad. >>; There needed to be more enemies too. The strategy guide has a lone one or two pages for the bestiary.

Overall, I liked it. :3 And I won't even say who I think Vincent's significant other should be.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 14th Feb 2007


Reply Enkida, 14th Feb 2007

More on DOC I think I want to expound on why I was disappointed in Lucrecia's character a little bit more. Mostly because, I don't dislike her canon self, or at least, I didn't, until now.

Lucrecia is sort of the poster child for people to point fingers and say "look how a career woman ruined her life by not paying attention to her soft, feminine side." While somehow, miraculously, at the same time keeping all the annoying, weak traits of being "too" soft and "too" feminine. In other words, Lucrecia as a character is just as much as you can get of Square-Enix spitting on feminism and independent female characters. That she's intelligent enough to be a top scientist in her field just adds salt to the wound.

This is also why I like Yuffie so much; sure, she's annoying, but she's always her own person, not waiting to be rescued or saved. I just wish that canon-Yuffie wouldn't over-play her 'stupidness' - again, subtle SE way of spitting on strong female characters - the independent ones apparently have to be dumb. Oh well... there's always Tifa ... who is at least slowly getting over her dependence on Cloud problem from the original game.

I think what got me the most was the scene where Lucrecia yelled at Vincent - "If it only concerns me, then yes, this is what I want!" (concerning Hojo and the experiment)

Translated from Japanese, that pretty much means she was saying this: "I don't like Hojo and I don't want to do this, but unless you can be man enough to stop me from hurting myself by declaring your love for me in the open, I'm going to do it!" ... meaning, she couldn't think for herself without Vincent to think for her. And, in canon, Vincent couldn't speak up.

WEAK FEMALE! AAAH! Rosso, come over here and beat a spine into her please!

Oh, and yes - I didn't use materia fighting Rosso either. DAMN THAT WAS HARD! XD On the other hand, the final battle stage was ridiculously easy. I was considering to switch *down* from the Death Penalty because, at 2000 dmg a pop, it was sort of like playing whack-a-mole compared to the rest of the game.

One last comment - anyone else thinks, that Nero could've been Vincent's brother, looks-wise? Now that's an interesting thought.

Friday's page might be a little bit late - thank finishing DoC for that. ;)

Ah, more answers - no, I didn't plan this to land on Valentine's day, but I extended the panel when I realized it *could* if I timed it right. Hehe. The "story easter egg" ends on Friday (with the next page) and then we get back to the main story, for those who are wondering about this little scene.

Reply Kitty Silver, 14th Feb 2007

Loved DoC I thought it was a great game but was annoyed at how there was Lucrecia always apologizing. Though it seemed that when that girl (forget her named) recieved memories of Lucrecia that Lucrecia became a part of her and it was a way to make up for Lucrecia's earlier weakness. After getting Ultimate Weapon I pretty much gave up on any other weapon after that.

XD And yeah I thought that Nero could have been like a brother to Vincent. I totally love the NeroXWeise pairing idea. I had much fun running around as Cait Sith though wished he could take part more in fighting or something. Yuffie's appearances in the game made it more fun and not so dreary and furthered my love for VincentXYuffie when Vincent went to rescue her from Nero.

The "easter egg" hunt of those vials though was annoying when I first played it through back in June(?) because it got me distracted from the story. Though I loved how they put in some interesting bits like the hidden Cloud posters and the Cactaur running off. :D

Reply andygoth, 14th Feb 2007

Has anyone pointed out that Vincent's last name is Valentine?

Reply Rinny (Guest), 14th Feb 2007

whoa Creat picture, but sehs facing the wrong way of her being caught. T__T PRO THOUGH

Reply Naya, 14th Feb 2007

I have another Expination for the positioning error, that being, it was INTENTIONAL! :D See see, if we had put Yuffie in Vincent's arms the other way, her back would be to the camra, and there for we wouldnt get such a sweet look on her face~ However! A quick flip of the camra and WALA! perfect kodac moment! =3 *giggles*

Reply flare346, 14th Feb 2007

Happy Valentine Day Awesome! Kinda like a valentine day pictures

Reply andygoth, 14th Feb 2007

Kirlaskia: I was just trying to say that this is his day. That's all.

Reply Xi3, 14th Feb 2007

DoC Ice Magic is just faaaaaarrr too cheap to use in any boss fight but the shrikes (annoying flying things in abandoned sector 7 train yard). Bah! Lightning & M Cerberus, M Hydra and P Griffon is the way to go! If you're feeling really cheap and have a continuous kill chain going (80+ enemies per level) you can get the Ultima Weapon for only a total of 250K. Its almost as cheap as the death penalty and uses handgun bullets.

The hardest part of the game is doing the extra missions, especially Cait versus any of the Tsviets and the Vince 4-on-1. This is the only place I had to use all of my items and considered Ice magic not cheap.

Reply saharasfury, 14th Feb 2007

Simply Beautiful!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 14th Feb 2007

DoC I finished that game with all but one memory capsule (cutscenes), it's the one in the Third Chapter, as stated from the following description:

Where you found a Shop Machine, this Shop Machine doesn't exist for English version, so just consider as the beginning of 'Warehouse on the Edge'. Go to the Eastern gate and aim through the gate can find another one behind the board.

-> Summarize: H-4 face E

Up to this day, that DAMNED capsule I still can't find!! Can anyone help this fool out? PWEEEZ?

Reply Shirox (Guest), 15th Feb 2007

Waaaaaah LOVE THIS page!!!!!! *____* And i love DoC :3 I haven't play yet but i will, i will!
And i really, really don't like Lucrecia >_> Damn b**** >.<

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 15th Feb 2007

*drools* This has got to be
1) my fave page so far
2) the best Valentines pic so far
and 3) the cutest yuffie/vincent pic i have ever seen. Love the expression on Yuffies face, and the little blush. Aaaawwww it's just soooooooooooooo cute. I love it.
Keep bringing on the great artwork.

Reply To M - SyXx (Guest), 15th Feb 2007

I think you have to be standing on the balcony crossing the big street in the segment you are talking about. You need sniper rifle with sniper scope on to see it, it is really tiny in the distance behind the fence! While on the walkway look over and to the left of the mako point, sort of near where the sniper you had to shoot down was standing before.

Reply Silverblood87401 (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

I envy Yuffie...

Reply Luna (Guest), 19th Aug 2007

*squees so loud that roomies start throwing things* It's too cute!!! I love the expressions! And the colouring!! And!And!And! Aaaaawwwww!!! I envy her...

Reply Guest, 8th Aug 2008

DoC I would agree with you about your qualms with Lucrecia and Yuffie, but I really didn't see the reasons for Square doing what they did in quite the same way. Lucrecia was stupid from the beginning. That's how the whole conflict with Sephiroth even came about. I really wasn't expecting that much from her since she was like that in the rpg. Now, if she was a solid character in the first place and turned stupid, I'd be a lot more inclined to agree. I hate what they did to Yuna. She was such a nice, solid character in FFX, but they turned her into a wishy-washy girly character in FFX-2. I really dislike her X-2 version. As far as I've gotten in X-2, Paine was the most solid female character and the one that should have been the narrator from the beginning. She was strong and the least girly female character. Serious and on-track. And has that butt-kicking look and attitude when she wants to. I kinda think of her as a female version of the sane Sephiroth as he was hinted at in the FF7 rpg.

But I'm digressing here.

Yuffie's one of the least popular FF7 characters. Like you said, she comes off annoying. I think they were poking fun at her because of that, not to make fun of strong female characters. I laughed at some of the scenes she was in until I've seen them so much that the humor was no longer there in them. I don't care much for Yuffie's character, actually. I don't care much for YuffiexVincent, too. You do such a nice job on both that I love reading this comic despite that. You took Yuffie's development into an adult a lot more seriously than Square, and it pulls the pairing together quite nicely.

The game isn't just weak females, either. Both sides have both male and female soldiers. Both male and female WRO need to get their butts saved way too many times. lol Shelke and Shalua aren't that weak of characters either. Sure, they have their weaknesses, but what human doesn't? Even Vincent and Reeve have their weak moments in the game. Shalua and Shelke just don't come off being as stupid as Lucrecia, even if Shelke has to relearn what it means to be human. (And there's also Rosso but I don't need to go into that.) There's some kind of balance in there, but if you focus on Lucrecia too much like Vincent does, you'll probably miss it.

I agree that Azul and Weiss are underdeveloped. Hojo kinda doesn't follow from his rpg self. But I liked Nero. He was quite eccentric. I also liked Rosso, too.

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