Chapter 5 - 215

15th Feb 2007

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Reply Enkida, 15th Feb 2007

Blaarg! Hey, I got the page done in time. I hope you all don't want to beat me senseless now, heh heh. ;-)

I wanted to thank everyone who took part in the DoC discussion on the last page. It's really interesting to me to see how other people saw the game, what they liked and disliked about it. Please feel free to continue to post about it if you wish. :-)

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User's Comments:

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 15th Feb 2007

"Blaarg!" Oh man, Yuffie looked so funny puking! And Vincent's expression in EVERY pannel was sooooo funny! ^___^;; Nanaki was sooooo chibi! ^___^;;

Reply Reno's Stalker, 15th Feb 2007

XD Third-Fifth last panel are PURE lol material! Yuffie's hand seems a bit out of proportion in the last panel.

Reply Guest, 15th Feb 2007

XD Eeeh Nanaki looks so cute in the last panel! XD Great as usual

Reply saharasfury, 15th Feb 2007

Vincent looks pissed in the last panel! Great job!

Reply Nix (Guest), 16th Feb 2007

Best barf-sound ever. I never thought of using "BLAARG" as a vomit-sound. It's just an awesome random word. Love the third panel XD

Reply Shadow_13, 16th Feb 2007

Enkida... you are just simply amazing! There isn't a single thing I don't absolutely adore on this entire page!

I wish I had your talent.

Reply Asiorek (Guest), 16th Feb 2007

I love Vincent's expression on the first panel.So cute ^^
Growth is the best FF7 doujin I've read so far. Keep up the great work, Enkida! :D

P.S.: What about "How not to date blondes"? I'm soooo looking forward to next chapter *_*

Reply Xi3, 16th Feb 2007

Sweet! A comic pissed off look for both Nanaki & Vince? Excellent 5th pannel. Very well done. Nice follow-up to the Valentines Day page as well. If anyone doesnt get where that relationship is going at this point, I have nothing to say to them, except "SHUNNAGE!!!!"

Reply Shidohari (Guest), 16th Feb 2007

Yuffie, You fragged up You the third panel yuffie even knew she fragged up this scene. I love the way vincent and nanaki just pretend they don't know cid and yuffie in the last panel. And everyone else is right...i don't think Vince is going to forgive yuffie for a couple days (or longer) given that it's vincent for that , considering it was such a romantic moment she just destroyed.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 16th Feb 2007

OMG!!! I love Vincent's face on third panel!!!!! XDDDDD

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 16th Feb 2007

AW GEEZ!! Well, whatta way to go...

Reply JaceTiger (Guest), 16th Feb 2007

Enkida stole my sound effect :*( true for a different purpose, but still -I- use blargh a lot... oh well still very funny and random. and i agree with Asiorek: this IS the best one I have found (mostly due to the fact that the others are, shall we say, "adult" in nature. Its so HARD to find a decent doujin of FFVII XO) btw yes a MALE has just said he rejects hentai FFVII doujins.

Reply Eumary, 16th Feb 2007

I love vinnie's face in the first panel :3

On the other hand, I really liked DoC, but I have to agree with the opinion that it's kinda repetitive. But I loved the story, overall. I remember many people criticized me because I liked the game in some oekaki board, and besides because I posted a yuffentine oekaki.

EDIT: now that I think about it....I think it was really sudden that thign about vincent's father. He just, liked, popped out of the nothing. And that stupid apologizing lucrecia does during all of the game is, like, unnecessary. It would be enough if she just said it twice.

I liked the character developing, specially reeve, yuffie, and a more in-depth look in vincent's past.
But the game was short. Too short for my taste.

Reply Neph (Guest), 16th Feb 2007

Forget being Yuffie right now.... ...From this point on, I wanna be her PERMANENTLY. ^o^;

LOVE this page!!! Everything about it is awesome. Especially Vincent's expressions.... but particularly the very first one. *melts into a little fangirling puddle*

I also loved Nanaki. Especially his chibi eye! ^o^ But Cid's nose looks a little weird in the fourth panel... not that I'm being critical or anything. I hate drawing people sideways, I just can't make them look right! O_O

Hmm.... I just realized something... I think I've been doodling a lot more when I started reading this. ^o^

Reply Arianna, 17th Feb 2007

Great work! Cid's smug, Vincent's exasperated, Nanaki's (Red's) ignoring it all... And, Yuffie's barfing as well as totally out of it. :D Who could ask for more!

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 18th Feb 2007

Can't decide I honestly can't decide which is my fave panel. The first one is too cute to handle, as is the second one. And the rest of the panels are hilarious, it's Vincent's expressions, priceless.

Reply Kitty Silver, 18th Feb 2007

??? Are we ever going to see Yuffie in her DoC outfit?

Reply Luns (Guest), 19th Aug 2007

aw... So cute! And what an awful moment to get sick.

Reply arrrriba (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

^_^ make me laugh so much!

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