Chapter 5 - 217

20th Feb 2007

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Reply Enkida, 19th Feb 2007

Question & Answer Someone asked if we will see Yuffie's DoC outfit. If I draw Yuffie in her DoC digs, it won't be until the 8th, 9th or 10th chapter, so no, for not a while.

When is the action / fight scenes? : I like to let the story develop at its own pace. However, there is actually a fight scene coming up in this chapter later on. I've already scripted it for the comic and personally can't wait to draw it. :-)

- Vincent's outfit is new. You can't see much of it yet, but it is black. It's not the same as his original one, though. You might not see much of it, actually, unless he ever takes off his cloak. And yes, he really did change out of his clown boots. ;-)

- Why is the northern crater so light? Because they're still outside. ^__^;

- DoC has a secret ending which I haven't found yet! Gawddammit! *kicks at wall*

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Reply Eumary, 20th Feb 2007

I like Vincent's face in the first panel.
yuffie's outfit is pretty original too.

And I haven't even finished DoC! D:

Reply misuzu, 20th Feb 2007

Yuffie is priceless. :) I have yet to check out DoC.

Reply Neph (Guest), 20th Feb 2007

I'm pretty sure that the secret ending is obtained by finding all these hidden documents planted throughout the game. I haven't gotten that far in the game yet, though..... ^___^;; Maybe it's like those capsules you have to shoot to get the "extras".

Ahh, Nanaki looks awesome in this scene! ^o^ Most excellent! I'm glad he'll be getting more screen-time now.

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! ^o^ It is now the Year of the Boar! Hooray all boars!

Because "boar" sounds cooler than "pig".

Reply wombat (Guest), 20th Feb 2007

yeah! Cid is such a jerk! I can' believe he used the rockets!

(that was sarcasm, I don't know what she means, I've never played final fantasy)

Reply andygoth, 20th Feb 2007

If you look too quickly, you might think the flaming tail belongs to Yuffie.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 20th Feb 2007

0_0 What the heck is that huge thing she's carrying on her back? I like how she's dressed to match, though. I can't wait to see the action scenes! Not that this page isn't nice, though.

DoC is so unintentionally funny to me. Mostly because of something a friend of mine wrote, aka "The Ending That Should Have Been." Basically it involves Sephiroth and Vincent having a knock-down, drag-out fight like preteen schoolgirls. And Cait Sith going "Och snap!"

And is it just me, or did anyone else find the floating rocks in the Northern Crater creepy?

Reply VV_lover (Guest), 20th Feb 2007

DoC Yo! Beat DoC. Rawked it's sox. Cause, mine has sox. Lolz. Also, got the secret ending. And ALL the mem caps. which basically means I can watch every cutscene in the game without doing anything. So I watched em all in a row. It was like... a big movie of hotness. :D

Reply Nix (Guest), 21st Feb 2007

D: ... ... I want Yuffie's boots.

Reply Enkida, 21st Feb 2007

What Rockets? Cid's original airship, the Highwind, has propellers, but can on occasion <a href="">break out jets</a> for faster travel. Yuffie, of course, hates 'the rockets' because they make her even more violently airsick.

What is on Yuffie's back is a part of the story. But pretty basically, it's a weapon.

Reply Kitty Silver, 21st Feb 2007

XD Oh thanks for answering the questions.

That weapon of Yuffie's is AMAZING. I'm 'meh' on Yuffie's boots since they remind me of Ugg boots and I'm not a fan of those. Bleh.

I didn't bother to get the secret ending in DoC and only watched it on

I just remembered something about DoC that I hated alot about. Cait Sith's voice. It sounded so absurd to me.

Reply SE Leine (Guest), 21st Feb 2007

Gung Hei Fat Choy! Ah! Well I haven't commented on anything at all yet so this is my time to comment!

DOC Secret ending: All Omega reports and all of the G reports. Enough said. Bonus ending: The Dirge of Cerberus ending in English, German, and Dutch is screwed over. Watch the Japanese one, Gackt rules, enough said. I watched all the cut scenes in a row too. It was a big movie of hotness. Yum, Vinne. Cait Sith was all right. But he would have been better if it was Reeve's voice!(Squee! Reeve)I hated that Nanaki got five freaking seconds of screan time in the movie and DOC. Please Square Enix, give the cat a bigger role. I hate them Rocks. I thought DOC was funny too, because of something that someone wrote about it.

Yuffie's outfit is amazing! I love her weapon but her boots remind me of skiing. Ouches. I could sorta tell that the boots where changed and the shirt had been changed from his pose in the page before this! I can't wait for the fighting!

Can't wait!

SE Leine

Reply Tishannia (Guest), 21st Feb 2007

Beautiful work on this page! I love how Nanaki looks in this page ~ ¢¾

lol @ Yuffie, too.

XD I beat DoC without getting the secret ending. But once I realized what it was and watched it, well, I didn't even wish to strive for it. Damn.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 21st Feb 2007

At last...and still! It's about time they finally arrived at the Northern Crater. Seeing as how the fun's about to begin, I'll be at the edge of my seat...

But alas, I still CAN'T find that damned memory capsule!! That previous tip I got from this site still left me in a knot! I really neeed a more specific location, like where should I position Vincent or should I aim low or high...HALP!!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 22nd Feb 2007

I agree...fantastic work on Nanaki and this page.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 22nd Feb 2007

Wow... Love Yuffie's outfit, really original. Love the body work on Nanaki, nice job.

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