Chapter 5 - 219

27th Feb 2007

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Author's Comments:

Reply Enkida, 26th Feb 2007

Page will be coloured later, sorry for the delay. ^^;

Memento Vivere has been updated with chapter 13.

Reply Advertisement, 25th May 2019

Reply Enkida, 27th Feb 2007

Colored! Yes, that's something like a smile on Vincent's face in the first panel. :-)

M SyxX - try I really don't know how to describe where you have to go without making screenshots, and I don't have a setup that allows me to make game screenshots. Just... you have to be on the catwalk using your sniper scope to see the capsule!

User's Comments:

Reply Tassrus (Guest), 26th Feb 2007

Beautiful.. I can't wait for the color. I love your work!

Reply Gining (Guest), 26th Feb 2007

Can't wait to see this in color, but it's great the way it is too. I love Nanaki in the last panel. Seeing his tounge sticking out is too cute.

Reply Rose (Guest), 26th Feb 2007

*grins* I love Vince's expression in the first panel

Reply wombat (Guest), 26th Feb 2007

happy? is that something of a smile on vince's face I see in panel 1?

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 26th Feb 2007

Trails Reminds me of Hansel & Gretel with the breadcrumbs thing...

...and I still CAN'T find teh DAMNED memort capsule -- HALP!!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 26th Feb 2007

Y'know, I've had cats who've made Nanaki's face from time to time.

Reply andygoth, 26th Feb 2007

Dragon tastes like chicken.

Reply Caz Teh Frog, 27th Feb 2007

Her new outfit is classy : D

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 2nd Mar 2007

Lol Red look's cute in last pannel. :3

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

Something makes me think she doesn't see the bottom of her foot too often. o.O

Reply Tag_You're_Pregnant, 8th Jun 2007

Woah! Nana has an eye in that last panel!

And I'm lovin' this comic like crazy!

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