Chapter 5 - 220

9th Mar 2007

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Reply Enkida, 9th Mar 2007

Back to comic :-) Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I also apologize for the lack of new incentives, but they're on the absolute bottom of my priority list at the moment. I figure you would all rather see comic than incentives anyhow. I have also been debating switching this comic back to black and white for faster production, but I sort of don't want to switch styles (again). Leave feedback if you have an opinion though. :-)

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Reply TionneDawnstar (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

Yay! Yay comic! I love the background on the bottom panel, so forboding! And I have to say again, Yuffie's new outfit is so awesome!

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

Yay Update! This abut makes my week. Vincent's cloak has BUTTONS! Sweet!

Reply of-the-sheikas, 9th Mar 2007

Keep it color Personaly, I love the color pages, and would love it if you kept doing the comic in color.

Reply Sketchy (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

Colour! I did like your comics in BW, too, but I have to say that colour adds edge and depth to them. Besides, you're pretty good with creating moods and impressions with hues, and it'd be a shame to see the full spectrum go now that we've grown used to getting it. :)

Reply jarnold (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

artyness thanks for bringing the comic back, as for the art styles they are both great and who said that if you switch you have to stay with one, if you feel that black and white would do better for a page then do that, if another one needs color then go with it, its your comic so do what ya want

Reply Kitty Silver, 9th Mar 2007

Bwee I love how we can now see what Yuffie's outfit looks like from behind and that there are buttons on Vincent's cloak. It adds a nice touch to it. >> Hmm I don't I noticed that there was a zipper on Yuffie, I thought it was a one piece shirt. She's being all fashionable by layering. XD With allt hat darkenss inside the Crater having that red really gives more color to break up the dreary.

Reply Akunen, 9th Mar 2007

Yuffie looks really good at the top of the page. >w< Like, super well drawn.

As for the art style... I love the colour, but I understand it can be time consuming. Just go with what suits your schedule more. :3

Reply Asis (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

A__A Nice update! Gotta love Yuffie's face on the first panel :3
Vincent's eyes look a bit weird though.

Reply Chelle (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

Color Please I've been really enjoying your comic ever since I first saw it. But I must say I like it a little better in color. Not that I'd stop reading if it wasn't, but I really do like it in color... I had totally forgotten what mako poisoning looked like untill you started coloring it. But thank you THANK YOU for all your hard work, whichever way you decide to go.

Reply Sally (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

I normally lurk but don't comment, but I had to say that Yuffie looks amazing in the first panel!

Reply Lizz (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

my two cents B&W or color, I'll still love this comic. Both have their own charms.

Yuffie look amazingly well done in the first panel of this page. Vincent looks a little off. I think his eye on the right side is too low and left. Love Yuffie's weapon.

Reply Neph (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

I'd say something, but.... everyone else already stole it. XD

So I guess all I can do here is volunteer my own opinion.... I love the comic in color. I think you really have skill in this area and it adds so much more depth to the story, really bringing out the characters' emotions, the mood of the scenes, etc. But I also understand that if it becomes too much of a hassle for you, in the end it's ultimately your choice whether to revert back to BW or not.... I'm pretty sure the comic would remain spectacular either way. :)

Reply Bluefishofchaos (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

Colors! Nuuuuuu! Don't take away the pretty colors!

Reply Jae (Guest), 9th Mar 2007

wow Yuffie looks amazing in the first panel - her face is so expressive. Excellent job!

Reply bob (Guest), 10th Mar 2007

weapons... Forgive my ignorance, but does anyone know the stats of Yuffie's weapon there??

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 10th Mar 2007

Woot! A new comic, and nice work as always! ;3

Reply Sisshi (Guest), 11th Mar 2007

Re to Bob It's the twin viper...Atk:36 A%108 Un:4 Mg:2

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 11th Mar 2007

That's nice to see! Good thing not all of Vincent is covered up -- other than his head, we get to see his fingers, aheh!! SAaayyy...NEW GLOVE!!?

Reply Enkida, 11th Mar 2007

Yep, Vincent got a new glove, to go with his new shirt and new pants and new boots and if you want to nitpick, new cloak. It all looks almost basically the same as his old digs, though - I guess he's just not the fashion freak Yuffie is. ;-)

Reply bob (Guest), 12th Mar 2007

Nice... Thanks Sisshi. Seems pretty badass. =D

Reply Sisshi (Guest), 14th Mar 2007

eh no problem. Twin Viper is actually one of the first weapons you get for Yuffie...but it's better for close combat.

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

...I want mako enchancments... ;o

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