Chapter 5 - 222

13th Mar 2007

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Reply Enkida, 12th Mar 2007

Blech Oh man, *landscapes.* Guess we'll be seeing a lot more of them now so I should get some practice drawing 'em. Thank you all for the encouraging comments you guys keep leaving on the comic, they really make my day. And, welcome to all new readers too! :-)

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Reply Enkida, 14th Mar 2007

There is actually a new incentive up, and there will be for the next few weeks. I thought those of you who have been kind enough to keep voting deserved a new image. They're not, however, incentive requests, simply character design sketches for another comic I am working on at the moment (not published online).

'Other' gallery has updated with a storyboard versus final image, as well as a few stray costume design things I found lying around. Incentive gallery also updated (finally). Remember also to visit the ARCHIVE pages if you want to see old filler, which is NOT posted in the galleries. :-)

User's Comments:

Reply Akunen, 13th Mar 2007

Mommy Dearest And it's usually the other way around with those two. Haha.

The landscapes are lookin really good. Vincent is gorgeous in the first panel. <3

"Actually, sometimes they DO spit fire... But at least it's not TOO hot!" NICE.

Reply misuzu, 13th Mar 2007

I don't like perpective or landscape much either. I also suck at hands. But, of course, practice makes perfect :).

Anywho, good page.

Reply Phoenix (Guest), 13th Mar 2007

Ha ha! Long time reader, first time commenter!
Red is hilarious! And your comic is absolutely beautiful, one of the only ones I look forward to on my daily checkings!

Reply Neph (Guest), 13th Mar 2007

"Mother may I?" "NO!!!!" Vincent looks totally vampiric in the first panel. O___O;; Either that, or he's so annoyed with Yuffie's talk that he's already in 3\4th's Chaos mode. :P Either way, the shading with his face there is good.

Ah, and Yuffie's being Yuffie as always... And Nanaki too. ^____^ The expressions are good.... and the landscape is so pretty! The last panel is especially cute. ^o^

Reply FusionDefiance, 13th Mar 2007

that was funny.. XD keep it up

Reply Rose (Guest), 14th Mar 2007

*giggles* love nanaki's expression in the last panel, and the landscaping is pretty too!

Reply Nix (Guest), 14th Mar 2007

Talk, talk, talk Does Yuffie ever shut up? XD

I like your simplistic landscaping, the perspective is lovely.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 14th Mar 2007

Crawlspace Aww, poor Vincent has to duck down in the caves... XD That's what he gets for being so tall. Love Yuffie's face in the first panel, she's so cheery looking for talking about something so serious, but that's Yuffie! XD

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 14th Mar 2007

You're undoubtedly getting better, especially in panel layout. I thought the Crater was a little bit greener though?

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 15th Mar 2007

Quite illuminating! I remembered that the Crater was awfully dark and damp but that would've probably been a nightmare to make -- and it's nice to see that there's barely a blizzard but that might have some interesting scenarios. Though that's neither here nor there, and with the continuing arguement going on, it'd be a sight to see for fists-a-flyin'...dig?

Reply Tim (Guest), 15th Mar 2007

Amazin' again! I love this comic, it's awesom and interestin'. I love how Nanaki said 'Yes, MOTHER.' It made me laugh XD

Keep up the good work!

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