Chapter 5 - 223

15th Mar 2007

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Reply Enkida, 15th Mar 2007

Human Banter Patterns As far as I can remember (and I haven't played the game in a while), the outside of the crater is brown, the first top half is mostly bluish-purple, midway through it gets brown-greenish, then depending what path you take, it either gets pinky-red and full of roots and water, or purply-blue and rocky. Then right at the bottom it gets daylight-coloured again for some reason.

In any case, it's fun to play with crater colours, because the only thing you can really say about the place is that it isn't *normal* - other than that, the background is pretty much a free for all. :-)

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Reply FusionDefiance, 15th Mar 2007

vincent's answer was hilarious XD

Reply Bluefishofchaos (Guest), 15th Mar 2007


Reply VV Lover (Guest), 15th Mar 2007

Vincent totally would be into stuff like that. Love the second panel, they both look adorable.

Reply andygoth, 16th Mar 2007

I always thought the concentrated Mako puddled in the crater shone like the sun.

Reply Akunen, 16th Mar 2007

xD Gotta love Yuffie. She just had to say that.

The wind effect was done well. :3 Good page.

Reply Shadow_13, 16th Mar 2007

I just have to say it again and again... I SO admire your work, Enkida. It is absolutely mind blowing to me how far you have come and how truly talented you are.

I have been loving every single bit of this comic and all your other works I have been lucky enough to come across and read (or see). It really has been a great source of joy and inspiration for me... as have you your self, btw. I have said it many times before.... it is funny what we pull happiness from when we truly need it. You helped me through a lot with this comic and your stories - and I thank you with all of my heart for that.

Keep up the amazing work, my dear!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 16th Mar 2007

Bummer! Those "crick & crack" sounds don't seem quite inviting -- what's next?

Reply Dark-Chaos, 16th Mar 2007

Well Vincent's predictible response of refusing to dignify such an asumption is probably going to make it worse. LEts face it, Yuffie would take any chance to tease him more.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 16th Mar 2007


Reply Servant of SHEVAL (Guest), 16th Mar 2007

Yum! S&M with Vincent...? ^-^
XD That was funny. Yuffie looks real good in the second panel, and woot for Nanaki's inner monologue!

Reply Neph (Guest), 16th Mar 2007

The dialogue between Vincent and Yuffie made me laugh..... it was just so typical of both of them. Especially Yuffie.

I also like Nanaki's little soliloquy. NO NANAKI, DON'T GO ANY FURTHER!!! *leaps in and drags him away from danger*

....I wish. Sometimes he just looks so... cuddly. Like my cats (who are pretty darn cuddly. When they feel like it, that is).

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 17th Mar 2007

I especially appreciate the fact that you're so regular in updating. Many webcomics that I know of - especially if they're doujinshi - end up being discontinued after a while because their author found something more interesting to do, or simply has no time anymore. But I think this won't be the case. So keep it up!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 18th Mar 2007

Like KoShiatar said, many dounjinshi go on indefinite hiatus... Like mine... :P I really admire your dedication and perseverence. I send you a big basket full of your favorite kinds of cookies, and a big porcelain pot full of fragrant, relaxing tea.

Reply Kitty Silver, 18th Mar 2007

Vincent Plushies > tea Or at least I think so. Seems that conversations between Vincent and Yuffie are always moving. XD Could be that Yuffie has always something to say.

Nanaki is very right. Beauty isn't everything. he's not shallow like that. :3

Reply Coco (Guest), 23rd Mar 2007

It seems to me that your art is getting kind of more... cartoony. It's cute! I love yuffie's face on this page.

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

Ah... If someone's going to make light of being in a coffin for 30 years, it'll be Yuffie~<3

Reply Tag_You're_Pregnant, 8th Jun 2007

"So you're into S&M? Kinky!" = Best line ever! xD

Reply harhar (Guest), 15th Apr 2008

:) I never knew he was into that stuff...Great art as always!

Reply Kuragari, 25th Mar 2010

"I refuse to dignify that with an answer."

Best line evar!

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