Chapter 5 - 225

20th Mar 2007

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Reply Enkida, 20th Mar 2007

Rockslide! Fast reflexes on 'em both. But what happened to Nanaki... ? Very fun page to draw. :)

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Reply Enkida, 21st Mar 2007

Q & A "Battle Angel" actually is one of the biggest... if not THE biggest... influence on my style and overall enjoyment of manga. So if you see similarities in the way battles play out, it's not coincidental. Any other fan who's interested in "Sechs" wallpaper should check out the scraps in my DA account. :-)

As for physics and rock slicing... I know I'm not bold enough in drawing speed lines, however the idea is not so much Yu sliced through the rock, as Vincent spun them fast enough to slice through the rock. You know, straw through the tree trunk in a tornado physics. ^^; Thanks for the encouragement! :)

PS - new incentive today!

Reply Enkida, 21st Mar 2007

Redraw Page 109 got a quick redraw due to an error I (just) noticed.

User's Comments:

Reply Sarahyoyo (Guest), 20th Mar 2007

I like Yuffie's face in the last box...HAH HAH LOL Good job!

Reply Neph (Guest), 20th Mar 2007

Ummm... slicing through solid rock? >.>;; I know that on "the Planet" the concepts of physics are kind of shaky\totally non-existent, but still.... that kind of stuff always irks me, for some reason.

Oh well. It matters not... since we finally get to see some ACTION (however short-lived)!!! Wheeeee! What an awesome page! But what about poor Nanaki?!?!


Reply mel (Guest), 20th Mar 2007

cool i like it the speed of it reminds me of alita from battel angel, cool

Reply Kira (Guest), 20th Mar 2007

Your artwork has really improved during these last few pages! I've been a longtime reader, but I just wanted to let you know. Very impressive!

Reply Rose (Guest), 21st Mar 2007

a very action packed strip XD I love the poses in the last panel

Reply bob (Guest), 21st Mar 2007

Alita Fans Unite!! Hells yeah! Its always a good thing to find a fan of B.A. Alita, especially when they have the talent to ah, produce comparable action scenes. If anything, this makes me more anxious for the next battle scene. Good job Enkida!!

Reply Kitty Silver, 21st Mar 2007

o.o I'm unknowing of what this "BA Alita" is. Though the style on this page is loads of fun to look at.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 21st Mar 2007

Eye Candy Oooh, it's all so pretty... XD I don't know what specifically to pick out.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 22nd Mar 2007

Whoo! Go, us Battle Angel/GUNM fans! I also love Yukito's work; it's a big influence on me too. :D I cannot WAIT until Last Order 9 comes out! XD

Reply Sakuragirl2, 22nd Mar 2007

Good job as always!

Reply Dark-Chaos, 22nd Mar 2007

You're a Battle Angel fan? Thats great, I so rarely get to hear of Gunin/Alita these days. There's meant to be a live action/cgi film starting production this or next year (though some say 2009 :( )

Reply Akunen, 22nd Mar 2007

I've never read Battle Angel, but I have heard a few of my friends telling me about it. *shrug* I might check it out sometime.

Ooh, this page is great! I love the third/fourth panels a lot. :3

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 22nd Mar 2007

What strikes me as hilarious about the upcoming BA movie is that James Cameron's directing it. While I've no doubt it'll be great (that man has a wonderful eye for cinematography) I just keep thinking about Titanic. And Hugo and Alita. I'm sure you get the picture :P

Reply FusionDefiance, 22nd Mar 2007

the art was awesome, i don't know what i like more ^^

Reply mel (Guest), 24th Mar 2007

alita wow look what i stared saying it look's like alita , she is kick ass, but any way i hope to see more fighting scene's, if any one like alita, gunnm i have a site with ton's o pic's, at shareing is careing,,,

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