Chapter 5 - 226

31st Mar 2007

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Reply Enkida, 26th Mar 2007

Not coloured... ... but I didn't want to force you guys to look at Michael Jackson'd Barret for the entire week. ;-)

There's some beautiful new Cloud fanart in the gallery from Shadow, so take a look!

Also, HNtDB Chapter 7 has been posted (finally, after all these months) - phew!

Last but not least, I want to say, even if Michael Jackson's face really freaks me out, I do actually think he's (still) an excellent musician. One that needs therapy and a whole lot less plastic surgery, maybe, but a good musician nonetheless. ;-) Now, if you really want to have nightmares, though, watch the Indian MJ wannabe doing his version of 'Thriller'...

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User's Comments:

Reply bread4311, 26th Mar 2007

Yeah, the Barret MJ was most defiantly the scariest things I've ever seen...

Reply Neph (Guest), 26th Mar 2007

Oh dear. I'm guessing this is one of those "I wish I had hands" moments for Nanaki, huh?

What is he going to do now? The suspense!

Reply Kitty Silver, 26th Mar 2007

Guess "full cure" or "cure" materia has its limits. Likely Nanaki will meet up with the other tribe before Vince and Yuffie do.

Reply misuzu, 26th Mar 2007

Yup, here come those nightmares...

Reply Shadow_13, 26th Mar 2007

Kirlaskia~Thanks, luv! :o)x)

...and I just want to cuddle the fluff off of Nanaki!!!!! *squeals*

*tries to cuddle Grumpy cat... Gets slashed for the effort*

*sigh* ....*tries to cuddle Westies instead... and gets pummeled by stinky breath and loads of wet licks in substitution*

*gives up and goes off to color in naked FFVII guys in latest drawing instead*

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 26th Mar 2007

OMG! He's alive! I got worried that he wasn't going to make it when it took a little longer than usual to get a new post.

On a slightly random note: OMG!! He has disgraced the vampire race! My eyes! They burn! ~~Tsu~~

Reply Shadow_13, 26th Mar 2007

Wha???? Strawberrylemonade.... Did I miss something?? Who disgraced the vampire race???? Who "he?? Surely not our beloved Vincent!!!????!?!?!??? How?????

Reply supercalisto (Guest), 26th Mar 2007

Poor red! Man your works so good i only found it the other day and i'm hooked.

Reply esokleptica, 27th Mar 2007

::GASP!:: Poor Red! I'd set the bone for him... And it would even be within my scope of practice too! :P

(and for anyone who cares, this is klepto-maniac0. For some reason I registered under SmackJeeves with this name... Silly me.)

Reply Rose (Guest), 27th Mar 2007

aww poor Red

Reply andygoth, 27th Mar 2007

Klepto, you're a veterinarian? Nifty.

Reply Akunen, 27th Mar 2007

Aw, hope Red gets better soon. =o

Shadow: *swoon* Your art is fantastic! Cloud looks WONDERFUL! <3

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 27th Mar 2007

Not good! More trouble is a-poppin' for's either Vinnie & Yuf's can get to him in time or Red's gonna have to fend himself for the meantime!

Reply esokleptica, 27th Mar 2007

I am not a vet but... BUT bonesetting is within my scope of practice, if I get certified in Chinese massage overseas :P

Reply Shadow_13, 27th Mar 2007

Thanks Akunen! *blush* I think Cloud, Sephy, and Rude are turning out to be my fave men to draw. They are the only ones I feel turn out half decent.... I WISH I could draw Vincent (and Reno)like Enkida though. I have yet to draw them and be happy with the results. *sigh*

....Except Reno in my group picture..... THAT is the hottest Reno I have done yet... but we shall see if I muck it up in the coloring process!!

blah blah balh... *rolls eyes*

Reply Enkida, 27th Mar 2007

Dear Andygoth: You win! Check your challenge page to see what your prize is. :)

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 28th Mar 2007

oh thank god!! yey! XD Nanaki's alive!!

Reply wombat (Guest), 30th Mar 2007

awww poowwww widdw puddy tat

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 1st Apr 2007

Yay!!!! Now in colour, i love it!!!!

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