Chapter 5 - 228

3rd Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 3rd Apr 2007

Freeze! You know, I forgot what this thing Nanaki is fighting is called. It is a dragon, though. Maybe it's a "blue dragon" - I don't remember anymore. ^^;

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Reply misuzu, 3rd Apr 2007

Great page! Very colorful. I love Nanaki's casting. As for the monster... I can't remember either!*runs to find ff7 disc 3*

Edit: Actually, I think it's the Dark dragon.

Reply Rose (Guest), 3rd Apr 2007

I think I remember Yuffie saying something about not casting on dragons >.>;
And yeah it's a Dark Dragon ^^

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 3rd Apr 2007

Aye, if I recall correctly, Dark Dragons could counter with a very nasty Ultima if spells are used against them. It rather hurt the first time i found that out, mainly as i was about to cure myself...

Game over in one blow :P
Oh well

Reply esokleptica, 4th Apr 2007

Oooo, shineh... I looooove the casting effects! Mine are lame because I cheat with Photoshop. Yours are awesome because they are all manual. Many kudos.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 4th Apr 2007

Glowing.... Love the glowing effect when Nanaki's casting freeze.
Good use of colours
*thumbs up*

Reply Shidohari (Guest), 4th Apr 2007

Freeze? Do you really want to do this? I do believe nanaki may have hit his head when he landed if he forgot what Yuffie said about casting on dragons...So it's not really his fault. Unfortunately if it DOES counter with Ultima...he may be more than a little bloody, unless vincent and Yuffie get to him in time.

Reply Nazareth Valentine (Guest), 4th Apr 2007

Go Nanaki! I love the colours! The whole doujinshi has brightened up lately, whats gonna happen next?!?! Cant wait! ^_^ Your drawing skills get better every page!

Reply Kitty Silver, 4th Apr 2007

Reflect Ring? I thought there was a reflect ring equiped. Wouldn't that help against the spell from the Dragon?

Anyways that last cool. It gives a great effect and its interesting to see his yellow eye turn like a green color as well.

Reply Xi3, 4th Apr 2007

Breaker-type spells Unfortunately, a reflect ring wouldnt help against ultima. It's one of those spells that ignores defenses like that.

Other than that (and the fact that Nanaki is basically screwed if the dragon uses flare or ultima), amazing job. The casting scene is amazing, along with the second panel. Just the right amount of detail in the dragon to make it seem supremely imposing. ^.^

Reply Neph (Guest), 4th Apr 2007

Aaaah!! *is now gravely concerned for Nanaki's life after reading all those comments, even though Enkida will most likely not kill him off... but still...*

The tension!! >.< Nooo, Nanaki! Remember! REMEMBER!!!

Reply lasharus (Guest), 4th Apr 2007

Aye, ultima is un-blockable, so even if Nanaki had a Reflect Ring with him, it'd fail.
By the way, he's using a ribbon :P.

Still, there's always a small chance for luck (the dragons didn't ALWAYS use ultima.)

Nearly always though... ow :P

Reply Shidohari (Guest), 4th Apr 2007

It can't be that easy You know he's going to use flare or Ultima...the dragon NOT using flare or ultima would make it too easy...and for nanaki i'm sure it can never be THAT easy.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 4th Apr 2007

Holy Cow! I never noticed those crystal things before this bit... I just sometimes never notice details like that. But yeah, that was sort of a bad idea. Apparently falling off a cliff+dark dragon= not very good ideas.
"Just don't cast if you see a dragon, alright?"
"Yes mother."
This further proves the fact that any person who is nagging and/or a mother figure, IS NOT LISTNED TO!!!
GO NANAKI!!! (even though you do oddly idiotic things that tips the scale towards the dragon and lessenes your chance for surival) I'm rooting for you!!

Reply mel (Guest), 31st May 2007

good spell the casting is drawn so very good looks marvaouls ,lol

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