Chapter 5 - 229

5th Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 4th Apr 2007

Ice "Freeze" is one of the four spells of the "Contain" materia, and really can paralyse enemies for a short period of time. Nanaki isn't completely clueless here, even if he is injured. :-)

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Reply andygoth, 5th Apr 2007

Brr! That ice sure looks... icy.

Reply Blue (Guest), 5th Apr 2007

Chilling Very nice ice. The eye of the critter is all angry-tastic. Oh, landed on this strip by voting on Lowroad75. Read through the archives already, love it lots. <3

Reply misuzu, 5th Apr 2007

This page makes me feel so cold. That ice is awesomely drawn.

Reply Neph (Guest), 5th Apr 2007

Whoa. I agree, kudos on the ice. REALLY cool (pardon the pun).

Nanaki kicks butt here... although it kind of looks like he's STANDING on the growing ice... ^___^;;

Reply esokleptica, 5th Apr 2007

Whoadang. That is GREAT ice. I have never been able to draw ice or anything remotely crystalline. I love the use of color and white lines. Very nice! I am in love.

Reply Ruins (Guest), 5th Apr 2007

Whoa I think this is my favorite page yet if only because of the fanastic coloring. The ice, and the dragon, especially the eye... it's amazing, I love it! =D

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 6th Apr 2007

He may not have been completely clueless, but it was still risky :P. Paralysation isn't guaranteed with Freeze, and if that'd failed, he'd be... well, in a great deal of trouble? :P

Oh well, let's hear it for luck :)

Reply wombat (Guest), 6th Apr 2007

huh nice ice

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 6th Apr 2007

Ha ha! That dragon looks just plain PO'ed. Awesome page! I really admire your work.Especially since I can't draw any animals whatsoever, mythical creatures, greenery, or any elemental things whatsoever. I can draw potatoes though...

Oh, Happy Easter btw to anyone who celebrates it!!!

Oh yeah! Can't draw people either.
How do you make ice so shiny?

Reply Jae (Guest), 6th Apr 2007

That ice looks *amazing* and Red's pose is fantastic!

Reply Darius Blackthorne (Guest), 7th Apr 2007


freeze looks awesome! I wonder what Ultima'll look like....?

Hopefully more than a green wave....

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 7th Apr 2007


Reply Lasharus (Guest), 7th Apr 2007

To be quite honest, Cosmo Memory wasn't really all THAT good :P. It never dealt more than 9999 dmg, I could deal quite a bit more with other limit breaks. I'd advise him to go for some nasty summons. Say, Knights of the Round :P

Apart from that - yes, the ice looks absolutely AWESOME. Keep it up :D

Reply Dark-Chaos, 7th Apr 2007

Good ol' Contain. Ice, Earth, Wind and Fire magic all in one Materia. Plus they were moderatly strong with a decent effect for the first three.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 8th Apr 2007

Um, FYI to M - SyxX and Lasharus:
Not a good Idea to cast on a dragon... thing... whatever that is. Unless I'm just being stupid and considering summons as casting in Lasharus' case.

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 15th Apr 2007

Bit of a late response, but i only read Strawberrylemonade┬┤s response today

But I've done a bit of checking (I still have all my old saves :P) and no, Summoning does not trigger Ultima. I believe it's only magic from the contain materia that trigger it even.

Reply Enkida, 20th Apr 2007

Naw, I can tell you from painful experience that casting *anything* *at* the drag will get you eating an ultima every time. Not a flare, he goes straight to the ultima, the bastard. ;P

reflect ring also doesn't block it. you can cast cure on yourself though, and he won't mind. Anything else, however, and LOOK OUT! :)

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 22nd Apr 2007

Must've been a relatively low chance on returning of ultima then, I only ever got it with contain. Coincidence? who knows.

Oh, as a small addendum to what i said earlier about summons - i usually used Knights of the Round. that one deals 13 times 6000 dmg. The dragon has about 14000 hlth. Not much chance of a retaliation :P.

Reply Enkida, 22nd Apr 2007

True, but... I think of using KotR and/or the HP/MP absorb + damage chain something like cheating. Well, it's not, really, but it just makes everything too easy. Kinda like quickenings in FF12, heh. ;)

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 23rd Apr 2007

Point taken and noted :P

To be quite honest, after a while, I didn't use KotR anymore, mainly because it took ages and i could do far more damage myself in the same amount of time :P

Oh, and the FF12 quickenings? use 'em only on the marks. They can be hell to beat without :P

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