Chapter 5 - 230

8th Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 8th Apr 2007

No more 503 errors! Hey all, that was a bit of semi-unexpected downtime, but hopefully the new servers mean easier browsing and no more page load errors. Yay!

There's some new fanart by Shadow in the gallery, as well as a nice piece of writing about FF9 from Andy. I'll be posting them later today, so please enjoy!

Ah, and I hope everyone had a good holiday, and enjoyed the little Easter card that was posted. Check out the 'Fillers' if you didn't manage to see it because of the downtime. :-)

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Reply wolfloner, 8th Apr 2007

awww, poor Nanaki. He's about to get own'd. :(

Reply Guest, 8th Apr 2007

Ahhh, glad to see SJ up and running and Growth along with it.

*cue feeling of impending doom.*

Reply misuzu, 8th Apr 2007

Niffty page! I'm glad to see SJ up too, even if it's not all functional. I can continue grow with Growth ;).

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 8th Apr 2007

"Leviathan's butt!" That just cracked me up.
I luv the third panel cuz you can just hear Vincent thinking "your touching me, Yuffie..." Yeah, I'm hyper cuz I ate about half of my easter candy in about an hour.
I have a hunc about what Yuffie might do but I have no idea what it's called and I'm probably wrong anyway...
Great job on this page BTW! I just love how you do expressions and poses. Like I said before, all I can draw are potatoes.

Reply esokleptica, 8th Apr 2007

Leviathan's butt, Leviathan's ass... Yeah, the first one sounds better. :D Yay action! And Vincent's completely unamused face in the last panel. We likes it.

Reply Kitty Silver, 9th Apr 2007

Now that just looks kinky Am I the only one that seems to take the tousling wrong? XD Or at least it'd look wrong if Nanaki kills off the dragon and it doesn't cast Ultima on him.

Reply JaceTiger (Guest), 9th Apr 2007

um... anyone notice the title is "Chatper 5- 230" with the t and p reversed... no? guess I just notice somethings too easily... and/or im used to dyslexia on internet games...

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 9th Apr 2007

Anatomy o_o Leviathan is a big snake thing... XD Does it even have a butt?

Plus Vincent = uber sexy.

Reply Shadow_13, 9th Apr 2007

Servant of SHEVAL... WAhahHAHAhaHAHAhaHAHahAhaHAHAHahahaHAhaHahAHHAha!!!
I nearly tinkled myself when I read that!!

..And Enkida... I have said it about a thousand times as of late, but I can't say it enough - you are driving me (and my husband) quite insane with how talented you are! (Though for me I am also being driven mad with lust at how uber hot Vincent is being drawn... and therefore my hubby is being driven mad by how hot and bothered I get at a frickin drawing!!!)

Reply Akunen, 10th Apr 2007

xD Poor Vincent, he's all "wtf?" and then Yuffie looks so panicked.

Sheval, that is a very good question. =o I never thought of that.

Great page, Enkida! It looks wonderful. :3

Reply andygoth, 10th Apr 2007

Hooray, the 503 beast has been vanquished! [victory tune] Now let's see about that Dark Dragon.

Thanks for posting my little FF9 story. It's just the thousand words for your picture, so be sure to take some credit for it too.

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