Chapter 5 - 231

10th Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 10th Apr 2007

Ultima! Big site cleanup went on a few days ago!

The incentive, gift and other galleries have all been updated, and Zephie-chan's work 'Tainted Trials' has been updated, along with Andy's FF9 essay. The link page has been pruned, cleaned, and properly adjusted. If anyone wants to do a link exchange with me, all ya gotta do is ask. :-) Finally, the FAQ has also been updated. Anyone who wants to see a return of the old "character" page should let me know.

New incentives will continue to happen on Wednesdays until mid-May, but incentive requests are still closed since I still don't have a lot of spare time. ^^;

And I forgot to say this before, but a big happy WELCOME to anyone who's coming in here on a whim from the TWC site! :D

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User's Comments:

Reply Ninja (Guest), 10th Apr 2007

Great Wow, I only recently started reading, but you are really good! If the improvement I see through the first pages continues, you'll go pro in no time (if there are comic "pros").

Reply andygoth, 10th Apr 2007

When Ninja says "you'll go pro in no time," I'm sure he means you're already there. At the risk of repeating myself and everyone else here: your art is FANTASTIC.

The sweat and tears in the second-to-last panel add a lot to the page; they really show the heat and pain in the air.

I find it interesting how in the previous page Vincent was miffed that Yuffie knocked him down to protect him, but once he knew the danger he immediately rolled on top of Yuffie to protect her.

From the look in her eyes in panel two, it seems Yuffie is quite surprised and interested as well. But of course she has to squeeze them shut again right away...

Reply wombat (Guest), 10th Apr 2007

HAHAHA funny shit...

Reply Guyome (Guest), 10th Apr 2007

Booya! OMG!!! ULTIMA!!!

And Yuffie's cryin... Why, eh?

Reply misuzu, 10th Apr 2007

Ultima always made me think of a nuke. Not so bad as a large scale detonation, though. At least a nuclear meltdown. They don't really 'splode so much as release tons of radiation. There can be steam fires, though. Sorry, I get rambly at times. I'm gonna shut up about this now.

But, yeah, your art IS awesome and it's gettting lots better as you continue. I especially like how Mr.Dark Dragon there casts Ultima.

Reply Rose (Guest), 10th Apr 2007

mmm to be under Vinnie.. *grins* lucky Yuff *coughs*

great looking colors and art on the ultima spell there ^^

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 11th Apr 2007

ULTIMA!? DAMN! This spell is the reason why I started using a GameShark for my FF VII playthrough...

Reply Enkida, 11th Apr 2007

New banners I made <a href="">3 new 88x31 'banners'</a> if anyone wants to use them to link back. So now you can have Yuffie, Nanaki, Vincent, or Vincent and Yuffie banner to chose from. I think I covered all my bases there. Yay. :)

Reply Kitty Silver, 11th Apr 2007

o.o I'm a bit confused. the sourceo f light is from the dragon and Yuffie and vincent have their heads toawrd the dragon in the first panel then in the second the light is at their feet instead. :o

Reply Enkida, 11th Apr 2007

Kitty - Vincent flipped Yuffie over to block the spell. :-)

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 11th Apr 2007

Didn't realise Yay Vinnie's shoes are a helluva lot less pointy than in the game and Advent Children.
I really think they shouldv'e changed his shoes in Advent Children, they looked kinda silly in movie form.
So i would like to say great work on Vinnie's shoes.
The emotions on their faces in the 3rd panel are brilliant, great work as usual.

Reply ElfGrove (Guest), 11th Apr 2007

You are totally playing to fangirl-ism here. Completely. That said... SQUEE!

Reply Naz Valentine (Guest), 11th Apr 2007

Whoa.. Nice effects! =O
Lucky yuffie >=3..You are the best! It's liek some1 said..You allready are 'pro'!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 11th Apr 2007

Hey, at least we know Nanaki can't die!

Nanaki is too awesome to be taken down by ultima.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 11th Apr 2007

Wow! This looks great! As a bunch of other people said before, Yuffie's lucky... I love the expression Yuffie has in the second panel cuz you can just see her thinking "Blue eyes, blond hair! Blue eyes, blond hair!"
ZOMG!! What happende to Nanaki?!?!?!?

Oh, and Kuba, In books/comics/video games/movies/ any other story thing-a-ma-jig... EVERYONE IS FAIR GAME. It's the sad, sad, truth.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 12th Apr 2007

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH Oh my gawd!!! i need to know if they live!!!

Reply kruss625, 12th Apr 2007

heaven's child Poor vincent... hi's sacrifice his life for that lil'woman..

Reply Machelle (Guest), 12th Apr 2007

Oof Ugh poor roleplaying characters. can you immagine having something like ultima thrown in your face? I'd cry too, not to mention the screaming like a little girl part. OWIE

The art is wonderful the story is fun, this is absolutly a guilty addiction for me, and if you ever quit, i'd have to cry. And you don't want that on your consience do you? ;p

Reply Akunen, 12th Apr 2007

Woah. Vincent's shoes are round. xD I didn't notice that til now.

Reply FusionDefiance, 12th Apr 2007

wow... i know it's a serious situation, but that was cute. their expressions were wow

Reply Foxy (Guest), 19th Apr 2007

Eee! Wait, I thought Vincent had POINTY shoes... I saw a joke about them in an off-character comic, where Vincent was drunk... *giggles* >.<

Reply Luna (Guest), 19th Aug 2007

You know, taken out of context, the second panel could look very wrong... But oh, so adorable!

Reply Samson (Guest), 21st Nov 2007

I see Vincent had his Cover materia equipped too...

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