Chapter 5 - 232

12th Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 12th Apr 2007

It's not fun and games until someone loses an eye Vincent's just saving the day all over the place, ain't he? :)

Wow, thanks for all the great comments on Wednesday's page! The title quote today comes from the comic "Acid Reflux" which is, after a long while going missing, back online. It can be found on the link page if anyone is interested.

If anyone thinks today's page deserves a mature content warning, please let me know.

Last but not least, I want to mention that Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday at the age of 84. If you haven't read any of his works, I highly recommend you make an effort to; a good place to start is with Slaughterhouse 5. I ingested many of his novels while I was in high school voluntarily, and I think they greatly influenced my writing style.

Edit: Wow, I hadn't realized I uploaded such a low-res version of the finished comic. Fixed.

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User's Comments:

Reply wombat (Guest), 12th Apr 2007


great page, I never really got why vincent's gunhas three barrels, though...why not just carry around a very small shotgun instead?

Reply andygoth, 12th Apr 2007

wombat: Who says he isn't?

Amazing shot, Vincent! +10 points!

Looks like Nanaki needs a bit of Cure magic.

And Enkida, great title quote. Another variation I heard was "it's all fun and games until X; then it's freakin' hilarious."

Reply Huntergamma (Guest), 12th Apr 2007

>.> i think its broken ummm...yea i cant see da web comic here. >.> dun know if its jus meh or if its everyone but lettin ya know k?

Reply The Laughing Man (Guest), 12th Apr 2007

Kablamo! Awesome page! I rather like the last shot with the gun smoking :D

Reply Dark-Chaos, 13th Apr 2007

Good to know he still has a weapon. When was the last time we saw it? Back at the start or so? ','

Reply Rose (Guest), 13th Apr 2007

Damn I love Vince in that last panel XD and that 'hiss' is great too

Reply Kitty Silver, 13th Apr 2007

Loooove it~! Drawing the smoke from a gun isn't an easy thing to do. >< This doesn't deserve a Mature warning. It would if there was a severed arm perhaps or chunks of flesh.

Reply andygoth, 13th Apr 2007

Gibs I think Kitty Silver just made a request. :^)

Reply Enkida, 13th Apr 2007

I found some time to do incentive requests again. So, starting on Monday, I'm going to be drawing the backlog of incentive requests again. That means be sure to go vote if you want to see Vincent and Yuffie crossdressing next week. You should vote even if you don't want to see Vincent in drag because Yuffie in drag is hot. :)

Reply Darius Blackthorne (Guest), 13th Apr 2007

BAM! Headshot! That smoke effect looks like it was done in photoshop. Still, Vincent definitely gets a +10 to badass marksmanship.

Reply Ruins (Guest), 13th Apr 2007

hehehe who needs blind spells when we got Vince here? ^_~

More wonderful drawings of the dragon, yay! I don't know why I love it so much... XD

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 14th Apr 2007

ooooh, i gotta see what happens next...!!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 14th Apr 2007

DAMN RIGHT!! About time Vincent whipped out the Cerberus...

Reply Akunen, 14th Apr 2007

First panel is great. =3 The dragon and Red are drawn so well.

As for the three barrels... Uh, triple the fire power? xD Takes up lotsa bullets in DoC though.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 14th Apr 2007

(insert Darth Vader "NOOOOOOO!!" here)
Nanaki! He didn't have an awesom defense like Vincent! Is he dead? *pokes with a stick* NOOO!! How could I be so heartless and poke him with a stick?!?!? But he looks so cute...
Yeah, no mature content thing. This really isn't bad at all. Mature content concerning blood is like a murder scene with blood al over the walls and stuff with dismembered limbs like if the body was put into a giant blender with the lid off. Like sometimes in HANL (go read it if you don't mind some pages with that on it :>)
Hooray for smexy Vincent and his triple barrel gun thing!Kill the dragon for hurting Nanaki!! In the last panel he looks just so mad!! (drools over his smexiness) I know I'm obsessed.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 14th Apr 2007

Nice shot Vincent!!!! Poor Nanaki it just goes from bad to worse.
Vincent looks so cool in that last panel.
Don't die Nanaki.....Wow this was a short comment.

Reply Neph (Guest), 14th Apr 2007

Eeep.... Nanaki... don't die... O___O;; *whips strawberry's stick away and snaps it over her knee* How could you be so cruel when the poor... erm... fire... cougar... lion... thing... Is lying there in pain and suffering?!

....But I have to agree... He does look cute like that. O__O Or at least, he would, were it not for the little rivulet of blood running down his muzzle... *hops to and administers first aid*

And... I don't think that's the Cerberus. ^___^;; It does look cool though... Go, Vincent! WHOOO!!! That part brings on de ja vu, from the very beginning of the comic... ^__^ Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

And I agree, no mature content. You don't have everyone and everything covered in blood and guts and gore and nobody is shrieking in agony, clutching their bloody stump of what was once a leg or an arm, and etc....

I could go on, but for the sake of the general public (and innocent lil' young 'uns and their sweet old grandmas), I shall refrain. :P

Reply andygoth, 14th Apr 2007

At the beginning of the comic he shot a frog.

You may recall that frogs are smaller than dark dragons.

But yes, similar pose.

Reply Phantom-XI, 15th Apr 2007

umm why is it I can only see the comic after I'm logged in?

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