Chapter 5 - 233

15th Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 15th Apr 2007

Important! Read! Major bug-squashing request - if you can't see the comic image, you can create an account on SmackJeeves and 'log in.' I know it's a hassle, but so far that seems to be the only surefire way to get around this problem. I don't know how or why it's happening, but it's a site-wide SmackJeeves problem, not just for this comic alone. If you are one of the guest posters who cannot see the comic unless logged in, please leave a comment so I can pass it on to the site admin for troubleshooting. It might help if you state your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux), browser + version number, as well as time of day posting (don't forget to include your local timezone, as we have an international audience)!

If you find that this bug doesn't happen all the time or goes away after a few page loads, please note that here as well. Sorry for the inconvienience!

Incentive gallery has been updated, and 2 incentive requests are filled this week (V in Y's clothes, Y as Chaos), so be sure to go vote! Also the gift gallery has been updated with more great art from Shadow - the men of FF7 all posing shirtless for us. Remember not to lick your screen, ladies. ;) Thanks so much!

PS - the smoke effect was done in photoshop. ;*)

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User's Comments:

Reply tionnedawnstar, 15th Apr 2007

Awesome Page! Go kick butt Yuffie!

Though Vince is so awesomely sexy when he has to go save her! Well... even if the last time was from a drunk Cid! Awesome work!

Reply Rose (Guest), 15th Apr 2007

poor Red I just want to cuddle him in that last panel :(

Reply Akunen, 15th Apr 2007

I like Yuffie on this page. She's ready to fight, and kick that monster's butt! =3

Vincent in the first and third panel, and Yuffie in the fourth, are excellent. ^_^ I feel so bad for Red...

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 15th Apr 2007

c'mon! let's rip this monster apart!!

Reply esokleptica, 15th Apr 2007

Poor sad kitty! Bad choice...ya think?

I love the poses on this page. They're so fluid and full of life! I can barely wait for the next installment!

Reply Shadow_13, 16th Apr 2007

Me too Kirlaskia. BTW... I hope you like the new art E put up in her gallery... but I think you would like the actual picture mucccccch more! *wink* The un-edited/uncensored versions are in my gallery on DA. Welcome back!

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 16th Apr 2007

No problems at all viewing the (admittedly, awesome) page myself. Bit of an odd problem, that.

Anyways - impressive bit of drawing indeed :) Characters have a nice look to 'em.

Reply Kitty Silver, 16th Apr 2007

Woo! Action Lesse what buttkicking you can do now Yuffie! You aren't there to look cute.

Reply JaceTiger (Guest), 16th Apr 2007

I've had problems... OS: Windows XP
NET: Internet Explorer 7
TIME: 9am Central

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 16th Apr 2007

GAHAHAHAHAA!!! Red's line reminded me of the movie Anchorman where Ron Burgundy said, "Milk was a bad choice!"

Reply Dark-Chaos, 16th Apr 2007

Yuffie as Chaos looks better than I thought. I can't recall but did I mention the idea of her as Chaos first or not? Oh-well, it doesn't matter... great incentive.
Guess Vincent gets to see how much stronger she's become now.

Reply Phantom-XI, 16th Apr 2007

I am one of them maybe you know this already, but if not now you know and onto the comic which is awesome as always enikada

Reply Neph (Guest), 16th Apr 2007

Yeess... Yuffie in action now... Wheee. ^___^ *waits for super-uber double-bladed dragon take-down attack*

Second and third panels are awesome. Yuffie's pose and expression are done very well. :)

The incentive is great, too... Thanks, to whoever requested that! I got a laugh out of it. ^o^

I'm not having any trouble viewing the comic right now... I hope that problem goes away soon. I know I'd hate it if it were happening to me, too.

Reply andygoth, 16th Apr 2007

Amazing, I read this page several times and I never noticed the third panel until Neph mentioned it! That is weird! I now regret all the times I missed it.

Reply SmileZ (Guest), 17th Apr 2007

YAHHH I LOVE THIS COMIC LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Soooo COOL!!!! Imma dream about sexy read eyes tonight... Lol. Is this going to be a Yuffentine? AND I think I recall you saying it was supposed to be nine chapters long. UBER COOL! I SOOOOO WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK!!! ToodleZ! <3

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 17th Apr 2007

Hooray! Nanaki's alive! But I think Yuffie has officially been driven off the deep end. Going after a dragon with a sided blade thingy... crazy. And apparently smexy Vincent thinks so too.
And she can't cast either, so all she has is that thing, shuriken (no idea how to spell that) and the conformer thing if she'll use it. And I don't know if a dragon will react to a healing spell and attack with ultima again, will it? If it does, Nanaki's kind of screwed
(I'm optimistic, aren't I?).

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