Chapter 5 - 237

24th Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 21st Apr 2007

Don't mind all that blood there. For those of you with questions, just keep reading (or guessing, if you want) - things will be explained. Poor Nanaki is not a happy camper right now!

Friday's page might be a tad late, I did the last two pages well in advance because I had some web design work which needed to get done. And, uh, it's not done yet. I will try my best to get everything up in time, though!

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Reply Teron, 24th Apr 2007

Pozzitiveleh Skandallous.

Reply Komi Y. Tsuku (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

Umm... Is that a happy "I did good!" smile or a "Look at me, I'm going crazy!" smile...Hmmm...The blood seems to direct my thoughts in a certain direction.

Reply misuzu, 24th Apr 2007

Yuffie is rather... scary here. The covering of the eyes add to the effect.

Reply Neph (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

Understatement of the week... ^___^;;

Mako is looking scarier by the moment... Eeep. O__O;;; I would daresay it's progressed WAY "worse than they thought" (or whatever they say when Yuffie's mako poisoning comes up... "It's worse than I thought."). Quick! To the psychiatrist!... And the hair salon... and the dry cleaners... and the pet grooming parlor.

And... would full cure HURT? I always got the feeling that healing spells were all... nice and glowy and gave you that "ahhh" feeling of relief until you could up and at 'em again! That's why I've always wondered what a healing spell felt like... ^___^;; Even potions.

Reply Guyome (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

Yuffie's evil... 0_0...

Reply Damarik Laizare (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

Erm...Postal Much? Yeah...I'd definitely say that she's gone postal on the Mako energy...whether or not it's affecting her for the good or bad. It's definitely an overdose.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

Snap-ola! Whoa! Yuffie totally snapped! Loved it! And I'm sure Mr. Vincent 'Vampire' Valentine loves a blood covered Yuffie too1 *snickers*

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

Holy hell! I burst out laughing as soon as I saw blood-covered Yuffie. I don't know why. Really, I love this page on so many levels.

And for some reason, I really like Nanaki hissing too. It reminds me of soaked kitties.

Reply SmileZ (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

whoa Bold colors. It actually looks good, just a bit homocidal for my tastes... but there's something about red that's totally captivating. Especially blood. Lol okay. That was creepy. Haha. Anyways. Keep it up. Looking really good. By the way, when are you going to update Memento Vivere? I really really really really really reallllllllllly wish the next chapter was up already cuz I'm absolutely addicted!

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 24th Apr 2007

O___O .. .. .. .. .. ... ... ... ... i will never look at her the same way again ... she is not only cute and violent and in your face ... she's cute, violent, in your face AND BAD ASS!!! XD WOOOT!!! *huggles her* my kind of girl >:D

Reply andygoth, 24th Apr 2007

Holy *!$%, what a mess. That is awesome and disgusting at the same time.

Neph: I imagine healing spells are excruciatingly painful, but only for an instant, and then there's a dull ache and the memory of pain. Think about the agony of surgery without anesthesia, and then compress it into a few seconds. It. Will. Hurt. Bad.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

mwahahaha! I am pure evil!! XD

Reply Jans (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Maybe full cure resets the bone forcibly unlike a regular cure. >_> Or something.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

That's hot I believe the title says it all... XD

Reply Kitty Silver, 25th Apr 2007

I'd have to agree I always thought that healing spells are speeding up the process of healing and with bones snapping back into place it sounds like a lot of pain with tissue regrowing forcefully. Though maybe spells don't have a numbing effect or drug like say a hi potion or elixer would.

Reply Shidohari (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Yuffie bloodfest 2007 I'm not a fan of horror movies, never will be. but doesn't yuffie remind you of Carrie at this point? She reminds me of her i know that much.

Reply Katharos Drakkina (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Hi, I only found this webcomic yesterday, but I have thoughly enjoyed reading it! I didn't think your 'art sucked' in the beginning, although I do think it has got better. I love the use of colour in the later comics too...

I shall be following this from now on, for sure! ^^

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

WTF!!!!! She's......she's.....EVIL!!!!
Blood and, guts and, gore everywhere....... I like it! *grins*

Reply Drunken (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Yuffie-chan Well...
That's it...
Yuffie beats all other FF girls at being my fav character ( can't picture Quistis in this position... )
Ah! The smile is best picture of Yuffie in this comic...

Reply Dark-Chaos, 25th Apr 2007

Somethings out of place... I think I am now a bigger Yuffie fan than ever before thanks to you.
Oh, did anyone notice something wierd with this scene?
Vincent, is using Full CURE!!

Reply ZeroHazard (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Sooooo..... Role Reversal? Looks kina amusing that Vince is gonna be the stable one on this trek. Nanaki's obviously rusty and/or completely off his game over the Gi tribe thing, and Yuffie's sanity is going bye-bye.

Reply Monica (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

O_O i know brunettes look good in red, but thats excessive....

Reply Ruins (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

XD hehe, Monica's post just made my day.

That one panel does remind me of Carrie, now that someone mentioned it, though the only difference with Carrie is that she'd be sans smile. That smile just adds to the creepiness, which just adds to the overall awesomeness.

Favorite thing on this page: Yuffie's eyes in that last panel. Something draws me to them and I like that vibe around her, even with its dark feel.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Nanaki says, "Pssh, I could do that...I just don't want to."

Reply Kuba (Guest), 25th Apr 2007


Please tell me Nanaki gets to do something that cool!

Reply willy (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

0_o I always kinda lookes at yuffie as a sort of...princess-y diva wannabe person....

that's dope

love panel 5, hair, blood etc

that's teh dopest

Reply Seraphim (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Was she on berserk or something?

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

i AM SO CONFUSED ON SO MANY LEVELS. 1: That's the dragon's blood, right? If so, I kinda missed the part where Yuffie stabbed it to the point where it bled so much.
2:If it isn't, then why is she still standing?!?!
3: Did she have a f***ing awesome defense or what? Caught the full blast of the Ultima and still standing? Geez, that's crazy.
4: Ummm... Is Vincent not creeped out by all of this at all?
5: Why didn't they just run away? Faster, easier, far less bloody.
But I was cracking up when I saw this page. Some because Yuffie looks so funny covered in blood like that and I can just imagine Cid's reaction to all of this if they come back all blood covered like that.
Right! Yuffien reminds me of Selphie in a FF/KH Sprite spread sheet someone did on Drunk Duck. She was being weird and wrote things like Cloud: Scary Rawr guy "RAWR! Nuff said." & For Selphie she wrote Selphie: Creepy little girl "Barney is dead! I killed Barney! Bye Barney!"
The first thing that popped into my head was that Selphie had mutilated Barney and his blood was falling all over them. I know that Selphie won't come up, but Whatever.

Reply torbrillord, Yuffie Fan FOREVER (Guest), 25th Apr 2007

Bloodbath not just for The Brood anymore

sorry, a (bad) wrestling refferance

i love Yuffie's expression in the last panel, acting like she was just doing somekind of routine for a friend ^_^

Reply Rice :D (Guest), 26th Apr 2007

wooooow Ehehe, I like the smiling panel, buen trabajo :D

Reply Neo_Rising, 26th Apr 2007

Wewt! I have loved every moment of this. Can't wait for more.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 26th Apr 2007

gee, your taking a lot longer to get a new page....meh, it's summer, i can't blame you.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 26th Apr 2007

*shudder* ...the madness!!

Reply andygoth, 26th Apr 2007

Yuffie: it's summer and nobody told me!?

Reply Fenyxx (Guest), 26th Apr 2007

Well Done the art just keeps getting better and better the story is great and getting quite interesting i maay actually have to stop by your other projects

Reply Guardian (Guest), 26th Apr 2007

The Awesomeness That's just friggin cool. I love Yuffie's expression on the last panel.

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