Chapter 5 - 239

29th Apr 2007

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Reply Enkida, 29th Apr 2007

That's not mud... Hey everyone! There's a new vote incentive up this week, so remember to go vote to see it! :)

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Reply Enkida, 30th Apr 2007

Bonus Treat for Tuesday! Chapter 8 of How Not To Date Blondes has been posted, so go have a read if you follow it! :)

User's Comments:

Reply Peppo, 29th Apr 2007

ahahaa. Definately not mud. and i must say that the fifth panel is absolutely drool worthy

Reply Naya, 29th Apr 2007

That look on Vinny's face in the fourth panel has got me swooning XD

Reply Akunen, 29th Apr 2007

Last panel's kinda creepy. xD Man, they could use a shower.

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 29th Apr 2007

cute...yet... she really is cute in the last panel if it wasnt for the blood

but her crazy look is just...*shudders* O_o

Reply Annoyed (Guest), 29th Apr 2007

Hey, people! How come no one seems to notice how serious this is getting? Yuffie is acting on/off like a kid, then a psycho. She is obviously messed up in the head (like anyone in Avalanch wouldn't be?), but still!

She went nutso on that dragon (probably because of her mako poisoning, boy is she far-gone), and now she's whip-lashed into an innocent facade where you could almost forget that she's covered in blood. Creepy.

Keep up the good work ~<3

Reply andygoth, 29th Apr 2007

It rhymes with mud. Annoyed: I don't know where my head is at; when I read "mako poisoning", for some reason I saw it as "lipstick poisoning".

Kela (below): it's her gums, visible because of her curled upper lip.

Reply Kela (Guest), 29th Apr 2007

Thanks for the quick update - I seem to remember you posting the last coloured page up about a day ago. I love the last panel, by the way. One thing though.. in the image of Yuffie at the very end, her teeth seem to be slightly disconnected with regard to her upper lip. Is this intentional? I guess it could be her gum. The overall image is stunning, though.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 29th Apr 2007

This is weird.... I can hear Vinnie's thoughts. XD

Keep up the good work!!!! I luv your comics!

Reply Midaki (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

Kinda Surprised I mean, neither of them have yet said, "So, Yuffie... completely lost it, huh?" I mean, VINCENT is the one who's acting surprised. Not the faithful wise guardian, the shapeshifting immortal ex hitman.

And he doesn't even seem all that taken aback. I mean, she was totally laughing like a complete psycho. I dunno, it just seems weird.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

He's been gone for too long... Seeing as how Vincent has been away from the gang, he finds it odd on what Yuffie has become -- but to the likes of Red & Cid, it's just Yuffie bein' herself...her psychotic, mako-overdosed self, that is.

Reply Rose (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

I love this page, the blood splatter and coloring on Vincent is just perfect and the contrasts of the before and after of Yuffie is pretty. ^_^

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

I agree, the fifth panel is drool-worthy! And poor Yuffie, she's probably extremely shaken. I near cried when she hugged Nanaki. ^____^;;

Reply Lucca (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

I don't think the 'craziness' or whatever you guys are referring to in Yuffie has much to do with mako poisoning at all..... I think that it's just simply life all alone in that dark crater which caused it. That reasoning makes much more sense, in my opinion. Sure, other people who had mako poisoning were a little crazy at some points, like Cloud, for example. But, think of the way that he got it. It's a different mako poisoning than Yuffie has. Well, at least she has a different cause for the poisoning, anyway.

BTW, Enkida, I don't post her often, but I think you are doing a wonderful job with this comic. I read it every day!

Reply Tassrus (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

Not to be rude... But Vin cent's face in this page looks strikingly similar to Micheal Jacksons... ~Shudders~

Anywho, this page looks great even With that little 'Thriller' known as Vincent!


Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

Yeowch... Yuffie seems ok now but what if that happens again? poor yuffie, and poor vinnie hows he gonna help her out of this one? Anywho great work as always, i love the 4th panel so cute. I'm sure Nanaki and Vincent will have this little problem of hers all sorted by the end, well let's hope so.
Keep bringing on the great art work. *loves*

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

Awww... Yuffie looks so innocent and sad that you almost forget that she had a dragon bloodbath. *takes a sip of coffee and looks at the last panel, which I didn't see when I opened the page. Spit take!* OMGWTFBBQ! The psyco Yuffie face is back!
Tassrus:.... How DARE you compare Michael Jackson with Vincent! Since when does he, anyway?
P.S. That is bunny.
(\ /)
( . .)

Reply Neph (Guest), 30th Apr 2007

OMG, Tassrus, WHY?!?! Why did you have to SAY that?!

Thank you for ruining this otherwise super page. Thank you very much.

*closes her eyes and thinks happy thoughts, then opens them and stares at the page again*

....Noooo... he's still there... T___T

*steals the bunny and cuddles it to cheer herself up*

Reply andygoth, 30th Apr 2007

Eiko! Yay yay yay! Thanks for the incentive image. :^)


Now I feel like a jerk for not being able to remember her guardian Moogle's name. I mean, I wish to express condolence (she does look quite sad and lonely), but I'd come off as a phony if I don't even know the name of her loved one! She's going to hurt a long time; she's lost so much for one so young. (Just don't tell her that she's young!)


(Now I'm crying too... that didn't work out at all, did it?)

Heh, guess what just started playing right this instant:
I think she'd appreciate it. :^)

Reply Ruins (Guest), 1st May 2007

HEY! (\/)
(. .)

=-O ^my bunny! No stealing!

Seriously though, that's weird, I've been drawing that bunny for ages and have never seen anyone else use it before. Oh well, everyone could use some bunny love.

Just so that this comment isn't completely random: Don't you love how everyone is so nonchalant about being covered head-to-toe in blood? XD gotta love it. I mourn the loss of Yuffie's outfit if she can't get those bloodstains out.

Reply bluefish (Guest), 1st May 2007

I really like that last frame. The whole page is well done, though.

Reply Darius Blackthorne (Guest), 4th May 2007

...o.0'' Why is it that women always seem to look cuter when they're drenched in the blood of their enemies...
Damn... I sound like a fetishist...

Reply DC (Guest), 2nd Feb 2008

time to quit reading this nonsense What is it about geekish cartoonist and their dragon slaying fantasies. Like it wold really be possible to kill such a creature. What a dumb comic,unbelievable fit only for adolescents.

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