Chapter 5 - 240

1st May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 1st May 2007

Mako Mask Whew, I literally got this posted about 10 minutes before my Wednesday deadline. ^__^;;;

I'd like to ask people to take a quick look at this comic. You don't have to read it or anything, I just want feedback on the overall design. Basically, who wants to see Growth stick with this current page design, and who would prefer to see it switch over to that other one? The only big difference will be, read your comments to the left of the comic or read your comments underneath it. So readers, please tell me what you want! :)

Not much other news, besides that tomorrow is Seventhe's birthday. Sev is the co-author of "How Not To Date Blondes" (which, incidentally, was updated with Chapter 8, for those of you who missed the announcement yesterday.) So be sure to pop by and wish her a happy b-day if you read that fic! :-)

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Reply jarnold (Guest), 1st May 2007

stay keep with the current page design, it works well and being able to see what other people say about everything is nice, keep up the good work on your comics, and on a side note. Are they gonna try and rinse off all the blood ?¿?0_o

Reply Enkida, 1st May 2007

Yes The quick answer is yes, they're going to rinse off all that blood, and by the next page, too. Sorry, blood lovers out there, but A) it's smelly and attracts monsters and B) it's really hard to colour consistently, hehehe

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 1st May 2007

I love how you did the mako-eyes! Good work!!!

to tell you the truth i hate monsters. HATE 'EM.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 1st May 2007

Oh! Vincent looks so awesome! I just really noticed his new outfit. But poor Yuffie, getting all emo. ;____;

Edit: I like this layout alot better than the other comic's layout. ^_____^;;

Reply andygoth, 1st May 2007

Being able to read all comments without having to scroll the comic off-screen is important. Also the white/black/blue color scheme is easier on the eyes than olive tones.

I really dig the coloring in the left center panel. All the panels are extremely good, but the contrast of glowing purple eyes against a shaded face is extra great. It gives a spooky, dramatic effect, quite appropriate for Vincent's introspection.

And in the first panel, is that a spark I see where Vincent is touching Yuffie? It's probably making her nervous, as in "blondes! blondes!". Also think back to how uncomfortable Vincent looked on page 230 when Yuffie grabbed *his* shoulder.

Very cool.

Reply Neph (Guest), 1st May 2007

I think that thing is just there to emphasize the weight of his hand on her shoulder... like "pat" or whatever. Although it could be in surprise, too...

I say keep the current format. It is SO convenient, I would cry to see it go.

And the plot thickens! I like the text in the black box... it's out of place in this text-box-less (for the most part) comic, so it has that much more emphasis. I agree... the shadowy effect sheds some light (or, um, doesn't) on the grim reality of what Yuffie must be going through down there... She was so flippant about it before, but now that Vincent's seen it first hand...

Reply bigfan (Guest), 1st May 2007

New Style I love the new page design! Go with it.

Reply Rose (Guest), 2nd May 2007

I like the page design as it is at the moment.

Love that close up shot of Yuffie.. sad and yet serious, beautiful.

Reply KrystaTRose, 2nd May 2007

Page design I hate to waste my first-ever comment on Growth on something as trivial as the page design, but I felt it was important. I like the new design, but I love the current one because the comments are seperated from the comic. The colour scheme is a lot easier on the eyes too, even though green is nice. I'd say stick with the layout you have because it definitely works.

Beautiful comic, by the way.

Reply Kitty Silver, 2nd May 2007

*patpat* Yuffie looks more like disappointed in the pat than annoyed to me. She could be following that Japanese culture of where a person places a hand relates to their relationship. The place where Vincent has it shows one of friends, but if it were lower then it would remark a "I like you more than friend" way.

I totally didn't notice the Mako eyes until Yuffie(Guest) pointed them out. Good job.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 2nd May 2007

Keep the current page layout. That way one can read the gossip--I mean, er--comments as well as the page, and not miss a beat. The reason I signed onto SmackJeeves in the first place was because I liked your layout so much. DO NOT CHANGE!

And I'm gonna jump on the "OMG Mako eyes!" train here, because...omg. Very nice. The brightness emphasizes the darkness very nicely.

Reply Pow, 2nd May 2007

i've been reading this webcomic for about 3 months, and have "broken the silence" (i might even post here again!) to say that i prefer this layout to the other one.... but it's your comic so draw it how YOU want to

i know i'll still read it, no matter what you do

now for the fan to take over...

*droolz while re-reading the archive*

Reply ElfGrove (Guest), 3rd May 2007

Page Layout I much prefer Growth's current page layout style. The panel placement is generaly more creative/professional-looking, and thusly more eye-pleasing.

But in the end, final say is, as always, the artist's.

Reply Darius Blackthorne (Guest), 5th May 2007

Poor Vincent.

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