Chapter 5 - 241

4th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 3rd May 2007

Majority has spoken! This layout stays, thanks very much for the input folks!

As you can see, I ran short of time again. I did get the page inked, but once again colour will happen on the weekend. Sorry (again)! ^^;

In good news, Ikebana should be updating again fairly soon.

Thanks again all for your lovely comments. Next week's incentive is Cloud and Vincent doing KISS karaoke. Don't say I didn't warn ya guys. ;-)

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User's Comments:

Reply bluefish (Guest), 3rd May 2007

Ah, Vincent and his creepy, creepy stares.

Reply Shadow_13, 3rd May 2007

OMG!!! What I wouldn't give for him to stare at ME that way!! *swoons*
...Heckfire!! I would give just about anything to be in the same vicinity to see him stare at ANYone that way.... or not even stare!! Just be observing him... or stalking, as it would seem... er... *blushes*
Last panel - TOTAL heart palpitations!! He's too HOT!!!

Reply andygoth, 3rd May 2007

I don't believe that I ever will understand women.

Reply misuzu, 3rd May 2007

Well, of course. Vincent is the master of creepy.

Reply Neph (Guest), 3rd May 2007

But it's a GOOD kind of creepy... ^___^;;

And speaking of which... "Stop staring at me, it's creepy"?! Oh, she's definitely one to talk!

*"accidentally" shoves Shadow into a ditch, thus ensuring a totally clear staring view for herself*

Whoo! My request is finally cometh! *waits eagerly* Well... not the KISS part, but... When it's Cloud and Vincent, who can complain?


Reply Rose (Guest), 3rd May 2007

*giggles at the page* love Vince's expressions!

Reply wombat (Guest), 3rd May 2007

woah! never seen Vincent without a hat before...or have i seen it and just don't remember it?

also, the top-down angle is a little awkward, I had a bit of a time telling which character is which, and whats on th 4th side of the fire...(what IS on the 4th side of the fire??)

Reply Xi3, 3rd May 2007

Hey look, a hypocrite... She's calling him creepy for looking at her? Then what should we call going completely off-the-edge-tihstab-crazy? (BTW, read the third word backwards, iono if im allowed to say it normally...) I think what Yuffie did goes far beyond creepy, and if she doesn't know what she did, it just makes it worse... Amazing art as always *shakes fist* Damn you artists with your talent, I have none... T.T

Cant wait to see the colored form, till then, tchau ^.^

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 3rd May 2007

TT.TT I want to be stared at too. But not like that. That's the look my boyfriend gives me when I help my friend stalk this guy that likes her, who has a twin that my other friend likes. So I throw random things and poke the back of his head. Hard. This weeks random item... Applesauce! Next is yougurt pretzels (snack foods are the only thing I can sneak out of the house). But as I was saying, most any other stare by Vincent is fine by me.
BTW... I have no clue... Is this set after FF VII, advent children, or that one that came after that whose name escapes me? I just want to know since I haven't played any Final Fantasy whatsoever cuz the Mini spell is ebil in FF III and I'm stuck (Go ahead and yell at me for not playing, I'm a Kingdom hearts person, so all I know is Rikuu as a flying chibi person, Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Cloud, Leon, Yuffie, Cid, Aerith (Aeris?), 2 more chibi persons, and Sephiroth (did I spell it right? I never get it right).

Reply Shadow_13, 4th May 2007

*brings Tauntaun, her faithful and trusty steed, and conveniently "urges" Neph out of the way. Tauntaun sits on her anyway, clearing the view-path for continued observation opportunities* Bad Tauntaun!!

And Strawberrylemonade~ if you like KH... I just sent Enkida some new fan art that I hope you will like! My first in a new series devoted to KH2 eye candy!

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 4th May 2007

sorry i'm late I was gonna comment earlyer today but i forgot. >.<

Seriously, what is he looking at?!

Reply Kitty Silver, 4th May 2007

I think he's staring at the weapon. Wondering why that one and not the Conformer. :3 He looks so much better without that bandana thing and that shirt unzipped. Yummy.

Reply Amarou, 4th May 2007

O-o Vincent looks wonderfully great in these panels! brava!

He looks angry,emo and appeal all going for him.

Reply andygoth, 4th May 2007

COLOR!! Gorgeous!

Hmm, does anyone else think it's redundant for Nanaki to be lying next to a campfire?

Regarding the new gallery arrangement: the <li> for "Banners" is missing. Also a couple things from "Others" belong under "Icons".

Reply Marie-Chan, 4th May 2007

Nice page.. But! Where's the "snap" sound effect?! <_< There's "Pop", "Crackle", but absolutly no "Snap". XD I want my rice crispies sound effect!!

Reply Enkida, 4th May 2007

Gallery Overhaul Hey everyone! The Gallery has been overhauled, and things are sorted much better now.

If you are the artist of <a href="">this </a>, <a href="">this </a> or <a href="">this </a> picture, please leave a comment or send me a mail with your name so I can archive/credit your work appropriately!

You can find some beautiful new KH Axel giftart from Shadow <a href=""&g t;right here</a>, and some not-so-new giftart from Aim2 right <a href=""> here</a>.

I made some new giftart of Yuffie for my sister <a href=" g">here</a>.

Last but not least, there is a brand new <a href="">Banner& lt;/a> and <a href="">Icon< ;/a> gallery.

Also, you guys might noticed I deleted all of the fillers on the site. That's because fillers will now be organized in the appropriate galleries. You can find all the old fillers that were once up on the comic site in either the Gift or the Other galleries for now.


Reply bread4311, 4th May 2007

New Banner is quite enjoyable!

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 4th May 2007


I luv it!! okay, can i say something...?

POKEMON STOLE NANAKI'S TAIL!!! there, i said it. haha...

Reply Neo_Rising, 4th May 2007

wewt New banner pwns.

Reply Darius Blackthorne (Guest), 5th May 2007

Well Drawn.
And Funny.

Reply Nix (Guest), 5th May 2007

Loving it~ He does have a creepy stare.

BtB "Yuffie" (=D) - I'm not too entirely sure but FFVII came out in '97 while 3 years before... ya know... I dunno.

ANYHOO- loving this comic XD

Reply Neph (Guest), 5th May 2007

*somehow gets a wedge under Tauntaun and flings him off into the distance*

Whoa... Colored page rules.... Gawd, is Vincent delicious or what? *buries his bandanna so he can never wear it again* I never thought I'd say this, but he looks way better without....

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 6th May 2007

Squee!! Who did Axel? was it you,Kirlaskia? I just got Kingdom Hearts II and I was confused and mad 'cuz everyone kept coming back, THEN I got to the part where the Red headed Organization XIII member's (I coded it 4 the KH peoples) untimely death thing, I was sad. Then I found that! That fits under the catagory of eye candy for sure!

Yay! Colors! I was gone from my computer for the whole day, so I'm looking at it at 12:40. XD I just noticed Vincent likes X-Mas colors. Red and Green! *Weird mental image of him as a smexy elf* yeah... and he keeps staring...

Reply Shadow_13, 6th May 2007

Strawberrylemonade~ I did the picture of Axel that is in Enkida's gallery. The uncensored/unedited version is in my gallery on DA!

Reply mel (Guest), 31st May 2007

nice page i like the way its layed out you can realy get a feel for the mood

Reply Professor_Hojo, 7th Nov 2007

Mmm.. stare..

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