Chapter 5 - 242

6th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 6th May 2007

There's a new vote incentive up, so be sure to vote to see it!

Whew, I didn't have time for my usual commentary yesterday, I was too busy getting my butt kicked at an archery competition. ;)

Shadow drew that pic of Axel in the gallery, wonderful isn't it? Also, Ikebana should be updated with 4 new pages later today!

There's a new banner featuring Yuffie now, you can see it in the banner gallery. Last but not least, thanks for the input in the gallery section; bugs have hopefully been fixed. If something is NOT specifically in the icon gallery, please don't take it for yourself as an icon though.

Last but not least, yes, we'll find out the beef with the TwinV next page.

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Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 6th May 2007

*steals comment virginity* First comment of the page! Oh yeah!

What can I say? Vincent's especially hot in this one... and Yuffie's cute in all her not-innocence. *goes off to vote*

Reply Ruins (Guest), 6th May 2007

hehe, I love Yuffie in the second panel. She's got the whole, "ooh, shiny!" thing going on.

...Forgive me, but it's been forever since I played the game. Is the twin viper a name I'm suppose to recognize? oh well, I will probably find out in the next page anyway. =)

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 6th May 2007


Reply Reno's Stalker, 6th May 2007

Uh-oh, Yuffie's in trouble again. XD

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 6th May 2007

Can't remember what the twin viper is... I really need to play the game again. It's been too long.

Remember folks. Never anger big red kitties. Can't wait to see where this leads. XD

Reply Jarin Arenos (Guest), 7th May 2007

Twin Viper Went and looked it up. The twin viper is a double-materia-growth weapon. Makes sense with what she's been doing in the crater. But what VINCE is probably all ticked about is that the weapon is absurdly weak compared to her later-game arsenal.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 7th May 2007

The plot thickens even more... From how things are turning out, I wouldn't be surprised if Yuffie gone overly beserk & it would have to take Red & Vincent to take her down...which would lead to more plots, but of course, that's jsut me thinkin'!

Reply shidohari (Guest), 7th May 2007

vote incentive and comic Great comic as always. LOVED the vote incentive with vincent and Yuffie dressed up as KISS members. so cool.

Reply Raz X (Guest), 7th May 2007

Wow, that is funny as hell.. Take that Yuffie!!!!

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 7th May 2007

Aaaawwwww Yuffie looks mesmerised by Vincent in the first panel, bless her she's is smitten.
Love the look an Vinnie's face in the first panel, lookin' good. And the angry face of Nanaki in the last panel. Great job.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 7th May 2007

Ummm... O.K. I have never played the game so... why exactly did Red react to the fact that it was old than that it was the twin viper? If it was this big thing then wouldn't he react to the name? That's just me being stupid since I don't play any FF. Tried FF III and sucked at it so it's under my bed with my DS...

Reply andygoth, 7th May 2007

Heh, I keep my DS in the same place. Well, not quite. I keep my DS under my own bed.

FF3 and FF7 are very different games, and neither should be used to judge the other. You might want to try FF6; its mechanics are quite similar to those of FF7. Here's a brief comparison:

FF6 espers are like FF7 materia, except that learned magic sticks with the characters instead of the espers. Also all espers have built-in summon capability. Some FF6 relics grant abilities, similar to some FF7 materia.

And that's pretty much it. Can anyone else think of anything worth adding that would help bridge between FF6 to FF7?

Reply Neph (Guest), 7th May 2007

What is the beef, indeed. ^___^;; *wishes she had the game so that she'd actually know what they were talking about*

You've got some explaining to do, young lady. And fast. I wouldn't want to be the one Nanaki was freaking out at. Lookit all those sharp, shiny teeth.

Also, I love the vote incentive, Enkida. ^__^ It was not at all what I was expecting.... which is why I got a good laugh out of it.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 8th May 2007

Because it is so OLD... I can't tell you how much I laughed when i read that line. And the expressions on this page are just GREAT. I can't wait to see what Yuffie has to say for herself.

Reply tionnedawnstar, 8th May 2007

Vinnie is Sexy! He looks so hot on this page, I think we should all burn that darn bandana thing! And yes, Twin Viper is old, but if my memory doesn't fail me, it's a double growth weapon... so it makes sense she'd use it to finish off the materia collection. Besides, grumpy Vincent is a Hot Vincent!

Reply Sniper at work (Guest), 8th May 2007

So What ok Twin Viper bad but
Wind Slash worse
Twin Viper has
4 slots where
as Wind Slash
has 3

Reply Ciercies (Guest), 8th May 2007

If you don't remember... The Twin Viper (While one of my personal favorite weapons) is picked up way back on Disc I. In other words, it's essentially one of the starting weapons the only benefit of which is good materia growth. It has only 4 unlinked materia slots and bad damage. A VERY bad choice for crater hopping.

And if that wasn't reckless enough there's a MUCH stronger weapon with the exact same materia growth and slots, the Rising Sun. However, even the Rising Sun would be a poor choice for combat given it only has 2 linked materia pairs.

Reply Ruins (Guest), 8th May 2007

Yay! Thanks for the lesson, Ciercies. ::takes notes::

Reply Sepha (Guest), 8th May 2007

Twin Viper... ...I bet Red is actually really pissed not only because it's super weak (which means super reckless), but double materia growth means double materia poisoning! O:

Reply andygoth, 8th May 2007

Slicy It didn't seem all that weak when she cut that Dark Dragon in half.

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