Chapter 5 - 244

13th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 13th May 2007

WARNING: Lengthy post! New incentive - Kuja and Seymour in Tifa's bar. It won't hurt your eyes any more than a canon Kuja already might, so please vote! Incentive requests ARE officially open again.

Ikebana really did get its new pages, so check it out!

FF8 Seifer story is done, new FF12 Fran story too, but the editor hates me so I won't link until they're polished.

The incentive gallery should be updated; also, Shadow sent more KH artwork in. it's almost enough to make me want to play Kingdom Hearts! When it costs less than 20 euros. (Anyone wants to sell me KH for less...) We also acquired an Xbox (not the 360) so if anyone is interested in selling me old PAL games, especially 'Fable: The Lost Chapters' ...

To answer a question, most of my ideas come directly from my gameplay. Anyone who has played FF7 before knows making MASTER (not 'mastered') materia takes forever, so my party looked like this:

Cloud with Apocalypse (triple growth)
Yuffie with Twin Viper (double)
Vincent with Buntline (double)
and later on,
Cid with Scimitar (triple)

I never stole the Rising Sun, and all wore wizard bracelets. All those weapons/armour suck when you have useless materia in them. So my parties spent a lot of time dying until I came up with ways of keeping them alive. I also wrote the only min-max guide I know of on getting the most bang for your AP buck when facing the Emerald and Ruby weapons. Using KotR for everything is 'cheating' even if it does need the longest time to master. :)

Really good support sites: FF Online, FF7 Citadel, Wikipedia, GameFAQs.

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Reply andygoth, 13th May 2007

Eighth note I completely don't remember the Oritsuru from the game. Guess I need to play it again. :^)

Speaking of "playing it again", I just restarted FF6. My dog ate my other copy, along with my saved games and, well, my DS.

Reply Akunen, 13th May 2007

andygoth: I don't remember the Oritsuru either. I'd replay it if my game wasn't stolen. xD

My DS kinda died too. The clasps on it snapped so I have two separate screens. >>;

Reply Dan191 (Guest), 14th May 2007

Oritsuru The Oritsuru is one of the best weapons, I always call it the 'Paper cutter' since its origami (I think, Yuffies profile says she uses origami and Shuriken as weapons xD) you can get it in the Da Cho Statue where all the flames are (Need Leviathan's Scale to get past it though ^^;; )

I like the top panel on this page, Vincent is just like "Don't get me involved" *boink*

Reply Ciercies (Guest), 14th May 2007

Confusing The physics of Oritsuru always confused me.
Extremely high attack... but it's made of paper.
Lots of linked materia slots... but there's no actual... slots.

I never used the thing because I agree with yuffie on this one. Her limit breaks look dorky with this thing.

(P.S.: I was wrong before. The Twin Viper is found on the second disk, in the mansion where Vincent is added to the party. It's the weapon she has when they first meet.)

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 14th May 2007

how to fight uhm....make the Oritsuru into a paper airplane and fly it at the enemy?

Reply Katharos (Guest), 14th May 2007

I think the Oritsuru is cute! ^^

I haven't played FF in years, and when I did I never really had the Yuffster in my party, so I totally don't remember it at all ;;;

Vin looks great in the first panel!

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 14th May 2007

*snort* "Manliest in the bar"

I would have to agree!

:X we can make vote incentive requests?

Well, since I've started playing KH2 and I see Seifer is there. I keep imagining that KH Seifer will try to fight KH Leon even though Leon is like... 5 years older and Yuffie is there telling Leon to grow up and not pick fights with kids anymore. (First Sora then Seifer?)

Reply Firionia (Guest), 14th May 2007

"how to fight - uhm....make the Oritsuru into a paper airplane and fly it at the enemy?"
Haha. I can picture the enemy getting hit in the eye with it "AAH IM BLIND!"

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 14th May 2007

Awesome panel The second panel on this page has got to be one of my fave panels of the whole comic. The look on all their faces is just priceless. Great work!

Reply Akunen, 14th May 2007

x3 I totally love the incentive.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 14th May 2007

Squee! I love how Vincent looks in the second panel, giving Yuffie the "Your an idiot" stare and bonking her ont the head with the stick!
But she has a pretty good argument. It DOES look stupid. But then again I haven't played the game. All I knew before this were the characters except Vincent and Red, and that Aerith (Aeris? cuz it's Aerith in KH) DIES! Muahahahaha!!!

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 14th May 2007

Kitty Silver: I love KH2! but if you played the first, be prepared to hate that game to bits in the begining cuz it's confusing and LOTS of things happent that got me really mad.

Reply Neph (Guest), 14th May 2007


Vincent... is eating something! I don't know why, but for some reason I thought, "Hey... Vincent can eat?" @.@

I love the incentive... it's hilarious. ^___^

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 14th May 2007

--;; Yeah started playing and now into the meat of the game. But man having to collect those balls to raise moral/stuff is annoying. At least they made the game user friendlier. I now realize the adorability and fanclub of Axel. I must sign up

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 15th May 2007

>.< Sorry, for a while there i thought you stopped making comics!! so i stopped looking to see if there were any new pages.... SORRY I DIDN'T COMMENT EARLYER!!!

Paper birds can kick people's butts if you use them right, right?? XD

Reply O'Doogan (Guest), 15th May 2007

I like the colors! Looks even better now than in b/w when you draw it last sunday :) I'd like to see more of Vincent, he is such a cool character ;)

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 15th May 2007

Memories... Seems only yesterday when I finally obtained all the weapons & materias of the FF VII game without the aid of a GameShark CD -- funny how certain weapons looked awfully out of place in an RPG...I mean a boxing glove for Barrett, a baseball bat for Cloud?! Gotta love those guys from Squaresoft (at the time).


About Yuffie's Oritsuru, I would have to say...BEWARE OF PAPERCUTS!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Reply flare346, 15th May 2007

Oritsuru OH! I remember Oritsuru! I never used it tho. Great Comic btw

Reply theman (Guest), 14th Jan 2008

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