Chapter 5 - 245

15th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 15th May 2007

There's a new chapter of HNtDB up, for those who follow it. It's a big one, too. If you like Quistis, Zell, Seifer or heck, even Fujin, you'll enjoy this update. If you like Squinty, you'll be in for a big disappointment, though. ;-)

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Reply Enkida, 16th May 2007

This is a King Tonberry. I fought K Tonberries all the time - I love them ribbons, after all. One for everyone and a pink one for Aeris! XD

But yes, to answer the question. Tonberries *are* that bad. They have a karma attack whose damage is based directly on how much damage your own characters have meted out. If you spent time levelling up materia like I did, that always meant insta-KO when one attacked.

Let's face it. Cuteness kills! Just look at Yuffie! XD

User's Comments:

Reply misuzu, 15th May 2007

Tonberrys are the epitome of scary. Maybe its just me.

Congrats on rank 39 at TWC!

Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 15th May 2007

Owwww... I still have nightmares about tonberrys from FF7. If I faced one in the battle arena, I considered it a loss right away.

They might get lucky. It might also use a butter knife instead of a chef's knife.

Reply Peppo, 15th May 2007

gah! tonberries are satan! whenever i meet one i jsut restart rather than try and waste time

Reply andygoth, 15th May 2007

Sniff What does a tonberry smell like? I imagine it would be mildly fishy.

Reply Akunen, 15th May 2007

Middle panel is excellent! I love their alerted faces. :3 Makes them look like they're ready.

The scent of a Tonberry? That's a good question. xD I'd say it'd be kinda odd. Fishy sounds about right, cause they kinda remind me of walking turtles without shells. xD

Reply wombat (Guest), 15th May 2007

whats a tonberry?

Reply tionnedawnstar, 15th May 2007

Seriously? Man I liked fighting Tonberries... Ribbons! They were easy... then this is from the girl that was completely let down by Sephiroth after whooping the WEAPONS in one try... Dragons were easy too...

I always wondered where one would put materia in a paper crane...

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 16th May 2007

oh, crap... a TONBERRY?!?! we're all gonna dieee~ee.......

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 16th May 2007

ZOMG!!! Okk... everyone is freaking out so I was like shiznit! It's gunna be like a weird Orochimaru or something! *Googles it* awwww!!! Wow uber cute!! Youtubes a fighting scene with one. *spit take!* I don't know if the person sucked or if the Tonberry is that bad, but if Red is afraid of it and not so much a dragon... run like hell.
wait... saw another & it got it's but kicked an dit joined the party! Wtf? A cheat or somehting because the guy managed to KILL his other party members with Leon... odd... Tonberry's r still cute though! ^^

Reply andygoth, 16th May 2007

*snicker* "tonberrylemonade"

Reply tonberrylemonade (Guest), 16th May 2007

Thanks for that, andygoth I knew someone was going to do that as soon as Kirlaskia mentioned it might smell like strawberries.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 16th May 2007

kitty silver- no morale things once u get rid of Roxas but there's alot like it.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 16th May 2007

You think one is bad... ...try gettin' in a room full of 'em.

I just got around to finishing the 100 Levels of the Bevelle Dungeon & I must say, those Tonberries at the lower levels were chaotic nightmares compared to the lone tonberry I encountered in the Crater in FF VII -- seriously though, two types of them, one is the small fry & the other is the giant who starts the battle by instantly KO'ing one party member. And this was just a random battle 0__o

Reply Eloc Freidon (Guest), 16th May 2007

There is one sure fire way to resist a Tonberry attack. Master Added-Effect and Master Death materia linked on your Armor. It ends up showing that it misses every time it attacks.

Reply Katharos (Guest), 16th May 2007

AH! Tonberry!

Reply Nix (Guest), 16th May 2007

I love Tonberry.

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 16th May 2007

Tonberry's are cool. Anyway, they were susceptible to stop. So, one casting of Stop, and you've pretty much won the fight, just deal enough damage and recast it if needed :P

Got a lot of ribbons that way... :P

Reply Filthy (Guest), 16th May 2007

Eh, Tonberrier weren't that bad. Just cast haste on the team, stop on the Tonberry and start throwing everything you have at it.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 16th May 2007

Wait, the Tonberries Karma attack counts as Death? Thats certainly an interesting thing. I'm going to have to try it out sometime.

Reply Pow, 16th May 2007

i hate Tonberries... especially since i have the worst luck on spells and my Stop never worked :(

my whole strat on fighting them was keep my people alive untill Hades stopped them or turned them into a frog

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 16th May 2007

Another clarity...'s not that I find dealing with Tonberries in FF X-2 a gruesome burden, it's just that by the time you reach the 80th Floor in the Bevelle Dungeon, most of your steps constitutes in a random battle with the two types of Tonberries. And if that wasn't enough, there are passageways blocked by Giant Tonberries, which require you to battle with it just to proceed. And about the room full of Tonberries -- yes! There ARE rooms in those lower floors which have Tonberries of ALL SIZES residing in them, so the tactic to get past them was to go Solid Snake & be discreet...lest you want another random battle with those two-type uglies again!

And yeah, I shoul point out another Tonberry tidbit -- anyone remembered the King Tonberry sidequest in FF VIII?

[cue in creepy music] O.O

Reply Laih (Guest), 16th May 2007

Tonberry Strategies! What I found worked was equipping the Enemy Skills materia and casting "Prevent Death" (or whatever that particular skill was called, it's been a while since I played FF7), then just keep hammering away at the Tonberry. Even at insanely high levels, you won't die when he hits you! I think it was the only time I used that enemy skill; I always thought it was a bit useless otherwise.

Reply Akunen, 16th May 2007

Dx I was just thinking about the FF8 Tonberry King! I actually went to acquire him recently, but I got wiped out... xD

Reply Mitsukai (Guest), 17th May 2007

sigh What is wrong with yar guys parties? Tonberries are easy to take down. In ff8 ya just need to cast Demi and Diablos on them and use Irvines shot with AP ammo. They'll die quickly. Tonberry King was a bit harder, but with casting protect and haste on yar party and then just beat him out he should be easy too.
Tonberrys at ff7 are even easier. Ya just need to press attack and they die pretty fast...

Reply Akunen, 17th May 2007

I... Never got Diablos in FF8. xD Selphie never got the right limit break when I needed it.

I don't think I ever encountered more than one or two Tonberries in FF7. =/ So I never tried a lot of strategies.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 17th May 2007

VIII Tonberries are pretty easy to whack. Especially by the time you get to Centra, since your main party's already pretty strong and have those nifty strength-boosting junctions and whatevers.

VII Tonberries, on the other hand, are walking bits of death. Seeing as they mete out damage proportionate to the hits you've been dealing the whole game, in addtion to getting bonuses for being in the game's final dungeon, they are pretty nasty creatures. Unless you feel like maxing out your people before going to the crater (I never did...Probably that's why I died so much) the Tonberries will kill you hardcore.

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