Chapter 5 - 247

20th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 19th May 2007

Hello everyone! I am sick. In fact, over the weekend I even had a little fever. As of now Wednesday's page is drawn but not coloured. Whether it gets up on time depends on how many fingers I see when I hold them up before my face, heh. I think it will be up on time, though. I'm a little like the US postal system, only more reliable. ;-)

New incentive, please vote, thanks for doing so (!!! 36 !!! You guys rock!), galleries will be updated later this week.

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Reply Enkida, 21st May 2007

Thanks a bunch guys! Q&A: Yes, they're supposed to be purple AND disturbing - both of them.

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 20th May 2007

Are they supposed to be purple? That's disturbing!

I'm asking both about tonberries and Yuffie's eyes.

Regarding your TWC rank: you've more than earned it. We're just helping you to get the credit you deserve.

Reply wombat (Guest), 20th May 2007


Tonberries are scarrrryyyyyyy

OMFG it's like a turtle with no shell and a knife!!

Reply Akunen, 20th May 2007

xD I said Tonberries remind me of turtles last time. I'm not alone!

Get better soon Enkida! Being sick is no fun. =o

Reply misuzu, 20th May 2007

Hope you get well soon. I've been ill myself, but I'll be fine with rest. As always, great page. Can't wait to see the next.

Still voting everyday,

Reply SmileZ (Guest), 20th May 2007

Is it just me, or did Vinny get hotter!? God. (DROOL) This is sooo cool!

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 20th May 2007

Get Well Soon, Enkida! Yuffie's eyes are super freaky! Man, I want whatever she's on. ^___^;; ((joke))

And Enkida, I hope you get better. I was seriously sick all day yesterday, so I seriously sympathize. Get well soon! *hugs*

Reply Nix (Guest), 20th May 2007

Woo~! looks like a Tonberry king!

Get well soons, hun *hughug* chickensoup!

Reply Sakuragirl2, 20th May 2007

The Master Tonberry looks like the Tonberry's from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Reply Xuthltan (Guest), 20th May 2007

-_- F**king tonberries


Reply Shadow (Guest), 21st May 2007

>.> ok if i recall from like the old final fantasys..if its like an alternate color like purple...its like 5x more powerful.

Reply Freelance (Guest), 21st May 2007

Purple tonberries Ah, that would be the master tonberry; they're the blue/purple type. Got the star abnd everything. When I see them, I really don't think of turtles, though. I thing of them as tadploes with shoes.

Reply Onikage (Guest), 21st May 2007

Tadpoles, huh? When I saw MT's I always thought either "Oh crap oh crap oh crap" or "Hey, Free EXP!", depending on how high my levels were. Something tells me, however, that the Heroic Trio are gonna have a tricky time...

Reply Naz Valentine (Guest), 21st May 2007

Hope you feel better soon! Vinnie looks very sexy in this one =3
Muahaha! to the tonberries XD!
Get well soon enkidna!

Reply Rose (Guest), 21st May 2007

woah that is one weird tonberry *shudders*

the incentive pic is even weirder though XD

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 21st May 2007

It'd be kind of funny if this was a special money collecting tonberry that was collecting on any of Yuffie's outstanding debts. Heh heh.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 21st May 2007

huh whoa, it's perple!!

Reply bread4311, 21st May 2007

wow, purple.

must either be really nice, or a complete pain the god damn backside...or anyother side...of any part of your anatomy...

Reply Shadow_13, 21st May 2007

Another Shadow??? Well I guess it was inevitable eventually.... What with the constant growing popularity of this comic!

Pretty soon there will be duplicate names of everyone on here and Enkida will rule the world!!

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 21st May 2007

has an idea of what may happen Vincent: its harmless -__-
Makoed Tonberry: . . . .
everyone: . . . .
Tonberry: *pwns everyone*
*everyoe whines, then kick its ass*

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 21st May 2007

Purple People Eater! That is a damn creepy Tonberry! They're supposed to be cute!

In other news... Yuffie continues to be awesomely creepy, and Vincent continues to be awesomely hot.

Reply Akunen, 21st May 2007

Debt Collecting Tonberry. xD Yuffie would probably owe more than she has with her, haha.

Reply PrinceDarius (Guest), 21st May 2007

Oh look, free ribbon! xD

This is my first comment and I must say I really do enjoy this series so far. Nice work. ^_^

Reply Neph (Guest), 21st May 2007

Sure looks strange to me... ^____^;;

I would definitely be running the other way. Even if I had no idea what it was and what it could do.... I mean, LOOK at it!!

Vincent's expression is gold. ^o^ And... do Tonberries normally have stars floating over their heads?

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 21st May 2007

Oh noes! Yuffie has no pupils. She must be about to go Super-Saiyan!

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 21st May 2007

Heh, I was thinking purple people eater too...and somehow it looks familiar... No clue why since All I have is FF III for my DS & I'm stuck cuz there's a bunch of mountains, I don't have a mini spell, and my spell casting jobs have no experience, Refia is an idiot and keeps dying, and she's my white mage, and OMG! Yuffie has a great evil grin, and Vincent looks confused... But the tonyberry looks like those dolls where u squish it and its eyes bug out.

Reply torbrillord, Yuffie fan FOREVER (Guest), 21st May 2007

possibly a Master or Don Tonberry. King Tonberry have a crown floating over it's head, and is also green. don't think i've seen a Master or Don.

pure purple eyes on Yuffie... kinda freaky, kinda cute...

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 21st May 2007

Vincent's expression in the last panel is AWESOME. I want his face.

Reply Nova (Guest), 21st May 2007

>.> sry bout that Shads. I thought there were no other shadows :3 Ill jus stick wit my new name :p

also whats on top of the tornberrys head?? oO

Reply andygoth, 21st May 2007

FF3 strawberrylemonade: Desch has a Mini for you. Check your inventory. Also, feel free to change your characters' classes at any time.

By the way, my FF3 friend code is 300748129571.

Nova: that thing is a {5/2} polygram, better known as a star.

Enkida: thanks for filling my incentive request. Magic and monsters are fine, but I wanted to see Vincent do a normal human thing for a change. :^)

Reply Crazy_Fox, 21st May 2007

Must be one o them special Tonberries...normal ones are green. And they don't have those ferns on their heads. And their robes are brown.

Reply Freelance (Guest), 21st May 2007

Yeah, tadpoles It's the tail that trails out behind the cloak, I think. And to Crazy Fox, that's not a fern, that's a star. Neph -- The master Tonberries do have a star above their head. They also have a nasty random counter attack where they reply a hit on them by dealing damage based on the number of enemies that particular hero has defeated. If Yuffie's been in the crater racking up body counts as she says she's been, then she's goihng to be hit BAD by it if she's not careful.

Reply Onikage, 21st May 2007

Just thought of something... Vincent has Added Effect paired with Odin on his defensive item...
Instant death? What instant death??

Reply Pow, 22nd May 2007

I had a nightmare about tonberries last night :/ i think this is bringing up bad repressed memories.....

hope you get better soon Enkida

Reply Akunen, 22nd May 2007

I ran into three Tonberries at once while playing FF9 last night. Half my party got wiped out before Zidane could use Flee. =/ I blame the Tonberry on this page! xD

Reply Freelance (Guest), 22nd May 2007

Instant Death... means nothing if the damage is completely physical, which the MT's attack is, alas, Onikage.

Reply flare346, 22nd May 2007

O.O That's SUPER WEIRD looking

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 24th May 2007

I COULD JUST KISS YOU, ENKIDA!!! This has to be the most disturbing lookin' Tonberry I've seen thus far...the eyes just peirces through the soul

[cue in creepy music]


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