Chapter 5 - 249

24th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2007

Canon Breaks 1 For the next few days, my usual commentary is going to be replaced by a series of hopefully useful 'Canon Break' articles which compare where the comic diverges from the original game. I hope it's interesting for people who have actually played FF7 to debate about, and also that it helps familiarize readers who haven't played the game with some of the background of the original story.

Let's start with the current star of the show:

FF7 master tonberries do not wear laurels on their head. FFX tonberries, however, do! Special Tonberries from almost all the FF games usually wear something over their head - stars, crowns, chef hats, anything to distinguish them from their ordinary little brothers.

Also, DoC has *hinted that yes, Vincent actually was an assassin during his time as a Turk. Up until then, that was just an assumption!

* info gleaned from DoC strategy guide

If TWC doesn't come back by Monday, I'll switch over to Buzzcomix; there actually is a new incentive for next week, just nowhere to display it right now...

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Reply Komi Y Tsuku (Guest), 24th May 2007

A rather cute, if rather angry, tonberry. RUN!

Reply andygoth, 24th May 2007

"Don't shoot him. You'll only make him mad."

That last panel is frightening. There's no better word for it.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 24th May 2007

Hm? Not disagreeing with you here... but when did DOC confirm that? I don't remember that part... XP

Also... Vincent has pretty hair. X3

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 24th May 2007

o.k. I clicked opn the link and remembered that those pages had alot of Vincent in them... OMFG!!! Vincent had a son?! and it was Sephiroth?! I thought Sephiroth was pretty much Cloud's evil side in human form!!! But NUUUU!!! He has no ears!!!! (Loveless-thing. I'you don't read the manga, U stink! read it! 'Cuz I'm not explaining what the ears are for. HINT: Your biological parents would NOT have ears right now. >.<)

Reply Arianna, 24th May 2007

Assassin??? Beautiful comic - agreed, the angry Master Tonberry in panel 3 is cute, but I wouldn't wish to run into him/her...

When was it officially decreed Vincent was an assassin? Hmmmm... Also agreed with above, I don't recall that being officially stated. He was a Turk, he was assigned to protect the scientists at Nibelheim, but... His prior work as a Turk is not revealed.

Please tell what we don't know! :)

Reply Enkida, 25th May 2007

Hmm, I suppose I could be wrong; I got this info from the DoC strategy guide, part of Vincent's extended bio in that is "charged with protecting the company's executives, scouting for potential SOLDIER candidates, and carrying out espionage and assassinations." Then again, on closer inspection I'm not seeing an 'officially sanctioned by Square-Enix' stamp on this guide anywhere, either!

Reply Rose (Guest), 25th May 2007

XD that third panel is so evilly cute!

Reply Guest, 25th May 2007

"Unemployed", huh? I hear being dead can do that to you. XD

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 25th May 2007

...i'm now reminded of a type of Genjutsu from Naruto with the Tonberry going mad on Vince

Reply Pow, 25th May 2007

maybe Vincent wasn't fired or laid off at all.... he just slept in!

Reply andygoth, 25th May 2007

Unusually long lunch break?

Reply Neph (Guest), 25th May 2007

*gets a huge paper fan and thwacks Vincent*

STUPID VINCENT!!! >.<;; Men! They never listen!

I love this page... the tonberry is great. ^____^ Is it going to start attacking Vincent's mind, or whatever? If it is, then I am really looking forwards to the pages ahead. ^___^

Reply CyberJarl (Guest), 25th May 2007

Lurking == false Hey there :)

I've been reading Growth and lurking for a while, so I thought I should say hello :)

Awesome page, as always. Vincent may be going for a unpleasant ride ^_^;

I'll concur with a comment from some time ago: your art is getting better and better with every page, Enkida!

As for Sephiroth being Vincent's son, it's not quite true. While he may still beleive it until the end of DoC (I think), Sephiroth is actually Hojo's son, uberized with Genovah's genes. (EDIT : which is good, because when you look at Hojo, besides being creepy and all, he doesn't look quite as dangerous as Sephiroth was... o.O )

Reply Enkida, 25th May 2007

New Forum Growth now has a forum at TWC, which happens to be up. :-) Feel free to post anything you want there!

Posting bazillions of comments on the actual comic page helps boost this comic's popularity at SmackJeeves, but if you want to be able to follow and find lengthy discussions, the TWC forum is probably a better place to do it at. Go check it out while you're voting!

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Reply Hunter (Guest), 25th May 2007

>> Id like to be able to control the then I can dominate the world!!!! long as he doesnt walk a mile an hour like he does in the game --;

Reply Pow, 25th May 2007

i havent played DoC yet but as far as i know they dont straight out say who Sephiroths father really is, except when Hojo claim's he's the father. But Hojo might be wrong as while Lucrecia WAS married to him when she got preggers, she was cheating on him with Vincent at the time.....

my guess though is Vincent is the father, and thats where Sephiroth got his coolness from

Reply Arianna, 25th May 2007

Many Things... ~ Regarding Sephiroth's Father: They do officially say it's Hojo via the Ultimania Guide(s), I believe. True, the games are kind of vague on that point (with the emotions displayed, etc.)

~ Regarding Vincent as an assassin: True enough, that the Turks did some - to put it lightly - shady things. Of course, that may have been after Vincent's time, in that is seems he comes from a past generation of Turks (not saying that it couldn't still be true.) She's not sure, but a friend of mine was 'pretty sure' that she came across something that mentioned being a body guard as a Turk's first duty on the job - anyone else hear or read of this?

Reply Azrael (Guest), 25th May 2007

Booya! this is great... i would have reacted like vincent that much is for sure, damn annoying tonberries just refuse to die when you gut em

Reply Shadow_13, 25th May 2007

father issue Enkida did say a long lonnnnnng time ago that Sephiroth being the love child of Vincent and Lucretia was merely her interpretation and she made it so because it fit with where she wanted this story to go (paraphrased, of course). no it is not cannon... or even implied in anything official. Never will be since Hojo being sephys father is cannon as of DoC.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 25th May 2007

CRAP!!!!!! no, seriously, we're all gonna dieeeeeeee~!!!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 26th May 2007

Of What's Canon & Other Things... Hojo also explained in the FF VII game that HE is indeed that the genetic dad of Sepiroth before the showdown against him at the top of the tower -- so all that talk of Lucretia saying Vincent is the dad is pretty much just her own delusion of trying to forget what happened between her & Hojo. Really, though, any woman who did such a treacherous act for the sake of science (as well as for her griefe for being responsible in an accidental murder -- Vincent's old man) will cloud out all other thoughts due to the intense emotional scars...

If you ask me, the whole thing is just sad...

Moving on, I noticed how adoreable disturbing the Tonberry got shot & then suddenly pops back to life -- ooohhhheeeee!! I could just fall off my seat from tyhe shear horror 0.0

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 26th May 2007

Ooohhhh Vinnie looks yummy in that panel, errrmmmm yeah not much else to say. Keep up the great work.

Reply Zequr (Guest), 27th May 2007

That seph... I've always wanted to believe it's Vin's child. Hojo is kind of.. short and un-sephy...
The first time I played through the game I was to young to understand the English so I didn't get much of the story, but I did thought that Seph and Vin where a bit too alike so.. I can’t let the theory go away.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 28th May 2007

As much as it pains me to say it, according to pimped DoC graphics Vincent cannot really be Sephiroth's father. His forehead is too narrow, his nose is a little too soft and wide, and his shoulders are nonexistent. If we look at Hojo's frame and add more muscle, that's where Sephiroth got his genes.

But I'll deny it until I'm blue in the face when it comes to my fanworks. Otherwise I'd be admitting that crazy runs in families, and that's just not true. All the time, anyway. (Don't get me started on nature vs. nurture...)

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