Chapter 5 - 250

27th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 21st May 2007

Canon Breaks 2 Here are a few more of Growth's canon breaks:

- Vincent's brown eyes and darker skin are natural. He was a normal guy once! Vincent died at 27; according to the original game he was in the coffin for 30 years before Cloud found him. According to my increasingly questionable DoC guide, he was only in the coffin for 23 years. 5 years have passed in the comic since the end of the game, that would make Vincent either 62 by FF7 logic or 55 by DoC logic. Either way, his body is trapped at 27, which is lucky for all of us.

Yuffie is 21, and Nanaki is 53, which is still something like 16 or 17 in human years.

The big Sephiroth debate will happen on Wednesday, so save your ammunition. :-)

Incentive gallery updated, there's a new incentive this week so go vote! Also, please visit the new Growth Forums at TWC.

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User's Comments:

Reply Reno's Stalker, 27th May 2007

Awesome, Turk Vinny! =D

Reply andygoth, 27th May 2007

TIME WARP! Beautiful stuff...

What's that on Vincent's lapel?

Reply thinkergal (Guest), 27th May 2007

actually... Actually, the DoC guide does make some sense...though by my logic, he's still 62. Check it out:

First of all, after he died at 27, he didn't magically and instantaniously become the immortal we all know and worship. Hojo had to experiment on him first. Therefore: the seven year difference could be accounted for by saying that for those seven years he was in the lab, not the coffin.


Think about it.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 27th May 2007

What the...? i hate tonberrys >.<

Reply Akunen, 27th May 2007

Thinkergal does have a pretty good point, though normally I just go against my DoC guide... xD

>w< Turk Vincent is love! Lovely page, Enkida. I like the background colours a lot.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 27th May 2007

gasp! Now I officially have to play the game! *runs to the nearest blockbuster*
me: do you have FF VII?
nerdy blockbuster guy: Nope. But we have Dirge of Cerberus.
Me: ... that has no USE to me without FF VII and Advent children! VERY ANGRY!!!
TTT.TTT looked for it, but I didn't find it... I'll probably just go buy the games and movies and stuff. Payday is soon, YAY!!!
Oh yeah: DROOL!!! But I think he looks better dead. Dunno why...

Reply misuzu, 27th May 2007

I can't decide if I like Turks Vin, or red cloak Vin... Either way, they're both pretty great.

And a Seph debate? I'll save my ammunition then!

Reply CyberJarl (Guest), 27th May 2007

Ooo, we get a glimpse of what's into Vincent's head...

I'm also a bit confused about the difference in the timeline between FFVII and FFVII:DoC. Almost as confused as during the first scene in Advent Children when Reno goes down into the crater with the Shinra-copter and a subtitle says "300 years ago" or something o.O

Anyways ^_^ nice page.

Oh, and Strawberry, good luck finding a copy of the original FFVII game... I looked for a replacement for my broken one forever and I could only find it on Ebay, and the auctions always end at around 200$ for the game. Even more when it's new. :(

Reply Luke da Puke (Guest), 28th May 2007

O.k, I'll save my 5.5's til wed.
Loving the comic so far, your 'dead' Vincent is the greatest image online!
Vincent Rules!!!!

Reply Arianna, 28th May 2007

Another Great Page! ~ The comic: I'm not sure if I'm really too fond of Turk!Vincent or not... I can - would it make sense if I said 'It's before my time.' :P lol But, the comic page is beautiful, as always! And I think you did an excellent job on Turk!Vincent.

~ The pin: It's Shinra's logo, I'm guessing - but a square with a diamond shape inside: Shinra, to me.

~ Sephiroth debate: Eh - sorry, I didn't mean to start anything (regarding comments on last comic page and comment above). I came into the comic late, and still have yet to back track and read up to the present. :P This is your story, and if in it, Vincent is Sephiroth's father, then so be it. I just needed to be cleared on that fact for the storyline. :)

Reply Arianna, 28th May 2007

62 I go with 62 for Vincent as well - 3 years after the events of the original game, 30 years in a sleep within the Shinra Mansion's basement, and then 27 when he was shot and killed by Hojo... (We are 3 years after the game right? If I'm wrong, forgive me with my time line for your story - comment above explains why. :P)

Reply andygoth, 28th May 2007

strawberrylemonade: Tonight I was at a Blockbuster trying to buy Dr. Strangelove, and they said they don't stock it. SUCK! They didn't have Blade 1 either, nor any PS1 games at all. Where do I go for classics, anyway?

You might have better luck with the PC version of FF7. I have a copy installed on this computer right now. It seems to be missing some swears and the Honeybee Manor segment, but to tell the truth I like the game better without them. Oh, and you'll probably want to play it with a Gravis Gamepad Pro, preferably USB. I, uhm, bought the last one at a Circuit City for $2.

Reply Enkida, 28th May 2007

Yep, that pin is the Shinra company logo, Vincent wears it in DoC when he's in his Turk getup, if you look close enough.

FF7 is that expensive in the US? In Europe it was released as a 'Platinum Edition' PS1/X game, and you might still find it on the shelves here for 10-20 euros if you look hard enough. Of course, it's PAL and in German though.

Like Andy said, if it's really that rare in the US, stay away from original copies on Ebay. Cult status of the game will make it way too expensive. Look for the PC version, even if it is censored. (Censored!!! No brothel, no swearing? That sucks!)

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 28th May 2007

Where do you live in the US that makes FFVII so rare? I still see it in EB Games and stuff for $20 or less.

I like Vincent's caramel coloring in this page. It really makes a nice contrast between original and "normal" Vincent :P

Reply Rose (Guest), 28th May 2007

Turk!Vinnie~ *loves*

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 28th May 2007

Squee! Wohoo! Turk Vincent is so pretty!! XD I'm such a bad fangirl...

Reply Monica (Guest), 28th May 2007

Well, thinkergal has a good way of accounting for those seven years, especially once you consider that any lab of Hojo's might as well be a coffin.

Reply Maria (Guest), 28th May 2007

OOOOOOHHHH! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! I'm so loving your young Vincent! He is sooooooooo good looking. I love Vincent :P !!!!!! You are doing such a good job. Great artwork on Vinnie :).

Reply andygoth, 28th May 2007

Censored? Enkida: Don Corneo's still there, and good thing--- for some reason I really, really like his theme music. :^) And Cloud still dresses up for him, which is funny.

(Hmm, checks gamefaqs...) Hey, Honeybee Inn (I got the name wrong) is there after all; I just forgot how to get in. It still sounds disturbing; I'm not sure I want to go back and check it out.

Reply CyberJarl (Guest), 28th May 2007

FFVII I live in Canada, actually, but we have EBGames and BestBuys as well, but I never saw an original copy of FFVII there.

Ah well, I guess I live at the wrong place >.<

Reply Katharos (Guest), 28th May 2007

OOoooooh crap!!

Reply Person (Guest), 28th May 2007

Umm... He looks black... o.O

Reply Person Again (Guest), 28th May 2007

$200 dollars for a copy of FF7? I'm glad I (my brother, same diffrence) have one already... Not scratched or anything, thankfully, too (unlike another FF game my brother had)... It wasn't very good when I played Final Fantasy games a few years back, as I just got stuck on an easy boss, and left would forget to put the game away (Sometimes putting the CD in danger).
But now that I'm 12, bosses like the Lost Number are easy. =P
Oh, and I'm also Canadian, and the only old games I see in stores are sport games for the N64...

Reply CorstrikeFX (Guest), 28th May 2007

PS/1 FFVII In the U.S., you can still get the original PS1 version of FFVII at places like EB or McVan's Game Trader for less than 30 bucks...'Tis where I got mine. (All the good swears are still censored, though ><

Reply Jae (Guest), 28th May 2007

buying FF7 I live in the US, and I bought my copy of FFVII used at EBGames - cost me a couple of bucks. Granted I bought mine years ago (2000 or so), so maybe the demand for the game has gone up since then, but I find it hard to believe that it's really that expensive.

Reply Pow, 28th May 2007

woah, ff7 is going on ebay for $200!?.... maybe i should start putting some of my copies on there....

hell, i could use my employee discount and buy the copies my work has ($10 canadian, without the discount) and put those on ebay too.....

wheres the Sephiroth debate going to be held?

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 28th May 2007

Rant about not finding FF 7 Ja. It is expensive. I went to Best Buy, EB Games, F.Y.E.(For your entertainment), Gamestop, some random place next to an HEB (supermarket in TX. They have POCKY there, which is a miracle. And it stands for Herbert E. Butt, the founder. Buahahaha!!!) Searched ebay and found a probably pirated copy for $225, hollywood video, all 3 blockbusters in town, and Target. All I found that was related was FF 1,2,3,4,5,,9,10,10x(or 11x, don't remember), and Crystal Chronicles. All for systems I don't have and the FF 3 was for the DS. Have it and Cid's airship blew up so I can't get anywhere, I keep getting killed by a dragon, the Vikings are midgets, white mages suck, and my red mages can't use level 2 magic, I'm stuck between mountains and ocean, and Tozus: Village of the gnomes is nowhere to be found... and I wouldn't be able to get in in the first place without using Mini anyway. And there are NO monsters or anyhting that I can use to level up. FF hates me TTT.TTT

Reply andygoth, 28th May 2007

Heh, I live within fifteen minutes of a Texas HEB, but I've never heard of FYE. But I do have an FF7 PC and a CD burner. :^)

Maybe this discussion (Quest for FF7) should be moved to the forum. And here comes some more off-topic stuff, FF3:

Technically, you have to blow up your airship in order to get anywhere (you ram it into a big rock blocking a pass). The dragon will kill you, so RUN! (It's a legitimate strategy, I swear!) Then you'll meet Desch who has a Mini scroll for you, which eventually leads to you getting the Viking's ship so you can go lots of places. And in time you will get another airship, actually several more. :^)

Reply Enkida, 29th May 2007

Where can I buy FF7? That's what the forums are for. Feel free to *start new threads* there yourself if you want.

As for the 'where to get FF7' debate, I made one to facilitate the discussion for FF7 searchers unwilling to dish out 200 bucks for an unreasonably priced copy of FF7. If you want to help out, <a href="">visit this thread</a>. Good luck with your hunt!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 29th May 2007

PSOne FF VII I'm jjust lucky to get an original copy (Greatest Hits, mind you) of mine here in the Philippines for just 3000 Pesos (too lazy to calculate how much in U.S. Dollars) -- the only hassle for me is to find the place to buy 'em...but then again, once I live on my own & done with school, I'll finally have the time to search & destroy -- I mean, purchase :}

Reply Person again again (Guest), 29th May 2007

ff3 I have FF3 for the DS, but I only played it for a few hours... >.<
I plan to pick it up one day, when I feel like it...

Reply Neph (Guest), 29th May 2007

Yes! I was right! Let the angsty mind-picking commence!! And... this is the first time I've ever thought, "Hey, he's cute as a Turk, too!" Before it was all, "Hurry it up with the boring flashbacks so I can have the COOL Vincent back!"


I also love the incentive.... It's great that Growth's gotten a kick up to 34. Hopefully it will keep going up. ^__^

Reply Shadow_13, 29th May 2007

Turk Vinny Personally I miss the lonnnngggggg hair! *sobs*

... and the pale skin and red eyes, come to think of it. But mostly the long hair.

*is obsessed with long hair on men* As if you couldn't tell by my fan art (save for the Rude stuff I draw just for Enkida!!) :op

Reply Professor_Hojo, 7th Nov 2007

he always had red eyes, ive always been strong on that, but even so !LOVE! <3<3,
just soooo good!\\

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