Chapter 5 - 251

29th May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2007

Canon Breaks 3 My Sephiroth is definitely not canon. Hojo, not Vincent, is Sephiroth's canon genetic father, Lucrecia is his mother, and the alien Jenova is his mac daddy/sugar momma/genetic manipulator. I mean, the whole story of DoC is Vincent apologizing to Lucrecia for NOT pursuing her hard enough! But for this comic, Sephiroth is Vincent's son. It's plain old not canon, but it's an important part of the story. This Vincent emo angsts because Lucrecia mutated and he killed their own son. Comic Vincent and Lucrecia are vying for 3rd place in the 'worst damn parents in the whole wide world' award, beat only by Hojo and Jenova. ;-)

This Lucrecia did NOT accidentally kill Vincent's father nor spread her consciousness over the internet. She's just a scientist who got knocked up. Also, her green eyes are natural. (Sephiroth had to get them from somewhere...)

Incidentally, there's no grounds for a romance between Vincent and Yuffie in FF7, though Yuffie liberally hinted at having a crush on him in DoC. There IS evidence for Yuffie's crush on Cloud in the original game, though!

Maria sent in a beautiful new picture of Yuffie, so be sure to check it out!

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Reply fuujin neberrie (Guest), 29th May 2007

Awesome Page ! Your art gets more beautiful all the time!Keep up the good work!

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 29th May 2007

wow, you did Lucrecia really well ^_^ just like DoC

Reply andygoth, 29th May 2007

Resist the succubus!!!

Heh, actually I'm curious what it would look like for Vincent to kiss a tonberry.

Reply Midaki (Guest), 29th May 2007

Looks beautiful... But did Vincent's skin just get lighter? Or is that just because he's being bathed in light? Actually, in that front shot, everything about him is lighter (coat, tie), so I'm guessing the latter.

Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 29th May 2007

don't touch her! Remember? You hate her? Have a crush on Yuffie (lucky person TT^TT)? NUUU!! When you touch her, something bad's gonna happen! It always does.
And how can u participate in forums? I don't know how.
andygoth: a random Sam's games or something was nezt to HEB. FYE... there's one in La Cantera in San Antonio, and in North Star Mall (I think) in SA. So... yeah. I want to get in the forums. That's practically the only thing I can never get done on a computer. I'm the comp. genius in the family XD. Do I have to be a member?
And your right about FF 3. I am now on the Dwarf Island and the fire crystal is in danger! NUUU!

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 30th May 2007


one oh my best friends....apparently she isn't a ghost. O.o

Reply Guest, 30th May 2007

Oh mah gahd!! Its a tonberry! Peace= Doink! (Tonberry attack!)
Vince: Lucrecia?
Lucrecia: come to me and i will give you piece
(Doink! Vince takes 9999 damage!)

Reply Enkida, 30th May 2007

Growth forums. I thought guest posting was available on the forums, but in case it's not, here's the faq on how to register and stuff:

<a href="">Forum FAQ</a>

Hope this helps!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 30th May 2007

Great Lucrecia. The attention to detail on that damn skirt of hers is very nice, though for a second I thought she only had one leg. She somehow looks evil in this page, which I totally approve of. I was really hoping she'd be some crazy manipulator totally deserving of Hojo, but nooooo, she was a whiny middle-school girl with angst about Vincent's daddy, who was a throwaway for her "character development". Ugh.


I'm sorry, but when I saw the line "come to me" I just sort of stared and nearly burst out laughing because of this one Indian hip-hop song I've been listening to--it's part of the chorus, but in a seductive hip-hop R&B way, and the singer even looks kinda like Lucrecia... Except Indian. The song is "Right Here, Right Now" by Abhishek Bachchan and Sunidi Chauhan, from "Bluffmaster". Good listen, but... Yeah. I'm never going to be able to say that phrase or read it or write it without laughing. Not that it's really important, but...

I'm gonna stop talking now. And actually go to school.

Reply CyberJarl (Guest), 30th May 2007

Sephiroth Gotcha :)

It actually does makes alot of sense. So Lucrecia is the bad girl there and Vincent the one who crawls before her. Sounds like me ^_^;

I have to say that despite my comments about Sephiroth's canon heritage, I love your version of the story so far. Great storytelling AND art.

Reply Shadow_13, 30th May 2007

YE GODS!!! I just want to smack the HELL out of Vincent for being SO BLOODY STUPID!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

And I just want to flog LewdCretion (my new name for her)the hell out of her to no end for being SUCH a daft, cruel, and criminally idiotic *#%^#&. I HATE her to bits!!!


Reply Person (Guest), 30th May 2007

I'd be wondering if I was dead at this point...

Reply Naz Valentine (Guest), 30th May 2007

damn you lucretcia ..this page looks awsome!
BUT..Lucrectia really p*ss*s me off! She sorta ruined vinnie's life! [and death..^^'] sorry people..but i had to say it..[hides from lucretcia lovers XD]

Reply Neph (Guest), 30th May 2007

Noooo!! Vincent, don't- AUGH! >.<;; They never listen!!

Wow... creepy how this and the incentive coincide, huh? ^___^;; And kudos on Lucretia's hair... it's always irritated me, for some reason.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 30th May 2007

NOOOOOO!!!!!! You've drawn lucrecia really well, even though i really really do hate the beatch with avengance. Stupid women i hope she's in a lot of pain right now, cow. OK my rants over now, keep up the great work.
Don't go to her Vinnie don't do it!!!

Reply Jae (Guest), 30th May 2007

I really love your interpretation of Lucrecia - much better than the DoC version!

Excellent job, as per usual!

Reply Akunen, 30th May 2007

Lucrecia could have been a fine character, but they completely ruined her in DoC. It was disappointing. =/

Wonderful page. =3 I like how the last panel was drawn.

Reply Luke da Puke (Guest), 31st May 2007

Shoot her!! Blow her brains out you lovestruken foo'!
(Mr T throws snikerers bar at vincent for his tank)

Reply redlei (Guest), 31st May 2007

awesomeness! wow you draw very well! i love the fanfiction for this and its sequel.
you drew lucrecia well even though (*&^$#(*$ dislike her 50/50... *sigh*
i'm just glad they were able to resolve their issues in DOC.. so Yuffie better make her move in the next ffvii installments and shelke needs to )*&@#$^&*)*&^ stay away! xD

Reply Midaki (Guest), 31st May 2007

^^; This Lucretia fan is suddenly feeling very, very outnumbered. Maybe I still like her because I have yet to play DoC. Stupid sister stealing my copy... seriously, that's why. Grrr....

Reply Enkida, 31st May 2007

I don't actually dislike Lucrecia's character, you know - at least, not her original FF7 one. Her DoC character is something of a wet noodle, though. I would call her a prime example of 'potential ruined' - they really made her quite a weak, tearful (and seriously accident-prone) woman in DoC.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 31st May 2007

HHnneehhh... It's her again...some people just can't let go!

Reply Neph (Guest), 31st May 2007

You're not alone, Midaki! >.<;; Non-Lucretia haters, unite!!!

I mean, seriously... it's not like she was all, "Go for it, Hojo, my manic sweetie pie who's in desperate need of being entered into an asylum. Oh, your gun? It's right here, shall I shoot the prick for you? NO?! Oh, you never let me have any fun! Well, whatever, as long as he is out of my hair for good, I don't care. Bye-bye, Valentine, and good riddance!"

She didn't WANT him to die, or get hurt... though the latter was inevitable, and the former kinda happened anyway. I mean, do you think that Vincent would be stupid and low enough to fall for someone that shallow and... well, Hojo-like? ^___^;;; Yeah. Lucretia was a good person. And she was ripped up about it and tried to bring him back.... I have yet to FULLY play DoC (it's a bro, in my case), but I went ahead and hunted down spoilers anyway (I know, what's wrong with me? Normally I avoid spoilers like they're going to leap out and rip my head off and slurp out my brains), so I kind of know what's going on with her. ^___^;;

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 31st May 2007

My beef with Lucrecia is that she's weak and immature, at least the way she was portrayed in DoC. She's not evil, just wishy-washy, and for someone who claims to be a scientist she sure lets her emotions push her around a whole lot. Apparently she subscribes to the "you get over a man by getting under another" school of thought, as that's the only way I can think of Hojo being the father. As for the relationship between her and Vincent, she's got some guilt issues but no real affection, and she pretty much led him on to make herself feel better about...a thing...of which I cannot speak because of DoC spoilers. -_- Anyway. That's my deal.

Plus, she wrote about DOOM as her thesis. Of course people were going to laugh at her. And she gets mad about it and sets out to prove it? How the natural end of the world is going to happen? Oy vey, woman. She's obviously intelligent but not terribly smart.

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