Chapter 5 - 252

31st May 2007

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2007

Canon Breaks 4 This canon break is full of spoilers. Don't read it if you haven't finished the game and don't want to spoil the ending of FF7.

AC and DoC assumes that when Meteor fell, Aeris saved the day by invoking Holy. FF7's ending was not so clear; Meteor fell and Holy rose up to meet it, but we don't really know that was what actually stopped Meteor. For some reason, the lifestream erupted from the ground and protected the city. We're led to believe this was through the intervention of Aeris, since we see a glimpse of her. The only thing we really know after that is that Nanaki survived it, because we see him 500 years later.

Holy was created by the Cetra to "protect the planet." The Cetra died out, and the humans who replaced them drained the planet of mako, thereby killing it. That IS game canon - Bugenhagen tells us it's too late for the planet to ever recover from Shinra's exploitation - the best AVALANCHE can hope to do is slow down the inevitable.

For the comic, this means that Holy was trying to protect the planet by destroying the humans - Meteor was not the real 'threat.' The Planet itself is not a friendly place, remember - it created the 5 Weapons specifically to lay waste to humanity, after all. In this story, it was Aeris, with the help of the souls of the other Cetra, who stopped Meteor. That's why Holy magic has 'made things angry' in the Northern Crater, according to Yuffie.

Incidentally, this does not make Aeris' death in vain - she still had to die in order to convince the other Cetra that humanity was worth saving.

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Reply eloc-freidon (Guest), 31st May 2007

Cetra And the greatest thing about the Cetra is that they changed into beasts, according to the findings of Professor Gast. This leads me to believe that the Gi Nattak and Nanaki's tribe are descendents of the Cetra.

Reply Dani (Guest), 31st May 2007

woah! Succubus I knew it she's a succubus xD. Coming back to take care what was finished.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 31st May 2007


I love it!

This whole page is just awesome.

Reply andygoth, 31st May 2007

"Forgive me..." Who said this? I assume Vincent, since the Lucrecia-doppelgänger-tonberry-thing speaks in ghostly script.

But then, who is he saying it to? "Lucrecia" is the obvious answer, but how has he wronged her? I like to think that he's secretly addressing Yuffie.

He could be asking Yuffie to forgive him for being so rash and hasty in taking on the tonberry, or, even more interesting, he could be asking to be forgiven for wanting to give his love to another woman. Steamy!

Or maybe my imagination is just going out of control again. :^)

Reply Monica (Guest), 31st May 2007

andygoth, i think vincent is asking forgiveness for their relationship going wrong. i think...

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 31st May 2007

Why do I have a feeling that this is going to induce a Chaos rage against the tonberry when he wakes up?

Reply andygoth, 31st May 2007

Monica: Again, why should he be the one asking for forgiveness? It bothers me when people accept blame for the failings of the other in a relationship. I imagine Vincent is too strong a person to have this problem. Or maybe Lucrecia has some power over him that turns him into a spineless codependent wimp.

Kirlaskia: Vincent and the Lucreciaberry would have frightfully bizarre kids. One part Sephiroth, one part Chaos, and one part tonberry!! Mwahaha! I bet Gregor Mendel never saw this coming.

And yeah, sweet tonberry love is pretty much what I predicted yesterday...

Oh, one more thing. Does Vincent's lighter skin tone in the last panel indicate that he woke up?

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 31st May 2007



Reply strawberrylemonade (Guest), 31st May 2007

he's dying! his eyes are turning red and he can once again hear that stupid tonberry. But she's a vampire... or a succubus. I figured that, but I refuse to check the spoilers!
NameIsZ: Holy water does not work on vampires, because technically they're not evil. *looks around, snatches the holy water from Name and chucks it at her anyway* Vampires aren't evil, but she is for... having something to do with Vincent's death.
Hoe the flipping heck do you get the shading like that?! On the computer or what? And what do you use? Pens? Colored Pencils? Water color?! I have seen it done. It looked awesome. But the site died somehow. TT.TT
'K... It could be Vincent saying that, or (this is a shot in the dark since I have no clue about Tonyberries) the imang and stuff concerning Lucrieta somehow led her spirit there or something and it's Lucrieta apologizing for her part in Vincent's death. That is probably wrong, but whatever. Or someone on the outside thinking he's dead. Because after that he hears the Tonberry and turns back to normal.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 31st May 2007

Andygoth Oooo, I didn't notice the skin color change there. His eyes changed too. He's even got the "Waaaaaitaminnit" spark by his head! Good eyes! :D I do wonder what the chittering is.

Reply Enkida, 1st Jun 2007

"Lucreciaberry" ! That made me laugh. Anyway, please go vote, as you can see the voting got reset, so Growth dropped from 34 to 347! :P

To answer questions: Yes, that is Vincent apologizing to Lucrecia. He feels guilty over everything that happened between them, but most of all for killing Sephiroth. If you remember, in the game one of the last things ghost-Lucrecia asked Vincent was if her son was still alive. He was... sort of... until your party went out and killed him. Besides which, in this story it was Vincent's mistake which got Lucrecia pregnant and ruined her life, so to speak. And everyone elses' life, if you want to consider that Sephiroth tried to destroy the world, heh. Vincent seems like the kind of person who'd find it necessary to feel guilty for all of that, I think.

Incidentally, yes, that is him on the bottom in what is now his 'natural' colours.

Those colours, I think I've told people before, are watercolour pencil which I then go over with a brush. I think I'll put that in the FAQ, actually, since a couple of people have asked. I don't think it looks too great, but it's faster and easier for me than CG'ing, and if you guys like it, that makes me happy. :)

And finally, that's a really interesting theory on the Cetra I never considered before! :)

Reply Rose (Guest), 1st Jun 2007

I love the coloring style like this *nodnod* of course I'd love this if it was in black and white as well XD

Reply bob (Guest), 1st Jun 2007

Beasts... If you're correct eloc, then this means that ultimately, the Cetra won back the planet, as evidenced by the scene of Nanaki 500 yrs. later. And that? That is AWESOME.

Reply Rachey (Guest), 1st Jun 2007

Awww It always makes me sad to read Vinnie/Lucrecia. Anywhom, excellent job and I voted. ^___^ #38

Reply Akunen, 1st Jun 2007

But the Weapons were only made to destroy the problem that was killing the planet, right? If it was to just kill off humanity, they would have risen a long time ago.

I need to find a new copy of FF7 and replay it. xD It's been a couple years, so my memory could be a bit foggy.

Reply Guest, 1st Jun 2007

Akunen - I think the game story is, the Weapons were always there, just held in reserve for the worst-case scenario for the planet. They came out in full force because Sephiroth needled them into action. But they were made to destroy anything that harmed the planet, and in this case, they targeted humanity.

Reply Fox Person Person Fox (Guest), 1st Jun 2007

He still looks a little too dark skinned, for his turk self. =/

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 1st Jun 2007

Get it off, get it off!!! Get off him you silly women, you deserved a horribly painful death. Why can't you just stay dead, get your claws off Vincent, or Yuffie will be forced to kick your ass. And if she doesn't i WILL!!!
Anywho another great page, hope Vincent comes to his senses.

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 1st Jun 2007

Statute of Limitations I haven't commented in a while, but I still think your web-comic is fantastic! Great work! By the way, I don't think you should worry about spoilers to FF7. The game is TEN YEARS OLD! (wow, I'm starting to feel old....) There's a statute of limitations on this sort of thing, you know? :D

Reply Neph (Guest), 1st Jun 2007

Vincent's eyes in the last panel are awesome... they're all opaque and blank and totally out of it. I like the little "startle" flash, too.

Watercolor pencils! So that's it. Yes, I was wondering about that.... I was thinking it would be hard to watercolor inside the lines, but now it makes sense. Previously I'd been skeptical about the practicality and effectiveness of watercolor pencils... but seeing this has put my doubts to rest. ^___^

EDIT: I had to add, the incentive is ADORABLE. It's almost too cute for me to handle... and that's saying something!

Reply Shadow_13, 2nd Jun 2007

*uses watercolor pencils as well for her fan art* And I might add Enkida was an inspiration for it!! She gave wonderful advice on techniques I had lonnnnnnng since forgotten (if ever indeed I knew!)

*bows to the WCP queen*

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 2nd Jun 2007


Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 2nd Jun 2007

Of Cetra's & such... I dunno about you, but all this talk about mythical beasts & theories on magic is givin' me the lumps -- I'm stickin' with the business at hand & that's Vincent about to be chomped off by some unknown beast!! Oi! Vinnie!!! Get your head outta the gutter & shoot, cowboy!!!

Reply andygoth, 3rd Jun 2007

"Cuddles" Beautiful incentive. Hey, did Yuffie steal that star from a tonberry?

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