Chapter 5 - 253

3rd Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 22nd May 2007

Canon Breaks Break I figured you guys wouldn't be in the mood to discuss canon breaks today, what with me killing off Vincent right now.

Incidentally, people who don't own the original game, but want to see all the original FF7 cutscenes just need to go to Square-Enix's official DoC site and do the 'extra features' quiz. It's rather long, but between each silly little game they make you play, they show one of the FF7 cutscenes. Of course... I think you miss out on a lot of the original if you watch *only* the cutscenes... so much of the game story was plain old rendered with polygons.

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Reply andygoth, 3rd Jun 2007


Also colorful. :^)

I wonder how Vincent gets himself out of this one... or maybe it's time for his marvelous friends to help him out. Or maybe he dies, but it wouldn't be the first time.

"This journey is not unwelcome." Hmm!

Hey Enkida, how come "22nd May 2007" is next to your name in the top comment for page 249 and 251 onward?

Reply Akunen, 3rd Jun 2007

Let's not forget he has Phoenix, so says Yuffie. :3

That's one ugly lady right there. Well, not lady, but... Blah, you should know what I mean. xD

Vincent's hair colouring looks really good on this page. x3

Reply Peppo, 3rd Jun 2007

now vincent understands to ph34r teh tonberries!

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 3rd Jun 2007


Reply SmileZ (Guest), 3rd Jun 2007

I'm glad you're feeling better now. And as for this new scene.... NO VINNY MY LOVE DON'T DIE! Lol. So very colorful and pretty and Gosh. I never thought Vince would still look sexy freaked out. LOL! Only gorgeous people can pull that off eh? Well... Just a question. Are you ever going to update your Rikku/Auron FIC. Cuz I'm crying blood out just waiting for the next scene... (sniffles) Anyways KEEP IT UP!

Reply Monica (Guest), 3rd Jun 2007

Not possible! he's already died before, and look how permanent that was.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 3rd Jun 2007

*snifflecry* My favorite characters ALWAYS bite the dust! XP
But at least he does so prettily! I love the pose, it's absolutely wonderful... as is the hair flying in the wind. ^-^ fwee.

Reply Shadow_13, 3rd Jun 2007

LOVE the new incentive!! Too cute!!!

Love how Yummy Vincent is as of late (as if he ever was anything but!!!)!

And I love the way Lucretianberry is FINALLY looking like how I perceive her to be in MY mind!!!! :op

Reply Guest, 4th Jun 2007

He's lost the will to live! It's sorta worth it!!!

Reply Azrael (Guest), 4th Jun 2007

another cool page but i was wondering is it just me or does vincent usually have pointy boots?

Reply Enkida, 4th Jun 2007

Q&A There's a new incentive, so please go vote!

When I was sick, there wasn't a lot I could do besides drink tea and move my fingers, so I did a lot of drawing. A. Lot. Of. Drawing. That should explain the dates.

The "Memento Vivere" story will be updated after "How Not To Date Blondes" is done and finished. I have a co-author for HNtDB so I feel it's necessary to finish that work first for everyone's sake. I will get back to MV eventually, though.

I think a tonberry would make Hojo see Cloud asking Hojo to give him a number, from that time when Cloud was all loose screws. Cloud was Hojo's only 'unsuccessful' experiment after all, at least in his own mind.

Yes, Vincent has pointed clown boots. I hate those boots. They can poke eyes out. Hence why he wears normal boots here. :)

Reply Rachey (Guest), 4th Jun 2007

Yuffie It's time for Yuffie to get her a$$ in there and save Vinnie!!!

I love the drawing on this page.

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 4th Jun 2007

only one solution now *hands Vincent the Death Penalty (DoC version)*


Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 4th Jun 2007

OOM! Hallucinogenic Tonberry powers--very nice, very nice.

Does Karma literally bite Vincent in the ass now? Or just make him bite it?

Nice layout on this page, I really like how everything's set up. The colors and type are just perfect.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 4th Jun 2007

THAT"S HOW IT OUGHTA BE!! I know that Vincent is at a crossroads between a bare opportunity for escape & an impending doom but all that aside, I just wanna comment on Vincent's attire -- DAMN RIGHT!! This is the proper attire for Vincet & not the "overly leather covering all but his head"! I don't give a hoot how long he slept in that coffin, wearin' full-leather is terribly binding & at this look, we can see that Vincent has skin on his arm & neck line -- KUDO'S!!

Reply Neph (Guest), 4th Jun 2007

*screams shrilly*


Don't die! >.<;;;;;;

Well.... obviously, he's not going to die... permanently, at least. But still. THE HORROR!!

Fight it, Vincent! Fight it! Turn away from the light!!

So... Let me get this straight. That tonberry's about to do a number on him through his mind? What does it do? Make his brain explode or something (I'm sorry, that's the only thing I could think of. I'm so imaginative)?

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 4th Jun 2007

Okaaaay... So since Enkida says Vincent is being killed off right now... Is he pretty much saying "Hey, I really didn't expect to die right now but... whatever. I really don't mind"? It seemes he's not really phased about dying. And for him to die because of a TONBERRY after helping to take down a dragon is kind of embarrasing, don't you think?
On a different note: NUUUU!! I know he really can't die since he was killed before, but what's with zombies and stuff being able to be killed anyway?! Same basic principle! So he can die technically...
I FOUND FF 7! WOOT! But I had no money so I reserved it! Online... And I didn't write down the URL... and my computer died because of a storm so the places I've been were erased from the history... crud. FF hates me... TT.TT

Reply jack (Guest), 4th Jun 2007

FF7 Didn't they stop making ff7? i just got a new greatest hits version and it cost me like 80 bucks

Reply Akunen, 4th Jun 2007

Someone I know had told me it was banned from the US somewhere down the line. There used to be a bunch of Greatist Hits copies on the shelves at all these different stores I went to... Now there's none. =o I've been scrounging around on eBay.

Reply Sexy_Reno, 5th Jun 2007

Nooooooo! *huggles Vincent*
Don't die!!!

Oh and the art is AWESOME like usual. ^___^

Reply spiderflower (Guest), 5th Jun 2007

Dear crazyface Lucrecia,

Thank you for giving me nightmares for the rest of my life.


Reply tionnedawnstar, 5th Jun 2007

Don't Die Vincent! I already know it's going to be alright in the end... but still... *sniff* Awesome last few pages though!

I did want to say something about the whole undead/alive thing with Vincent... he's not a vampire or a zombie, Chaos didn't just animate his body when it was infused, that sorta defeats the purpose of Lucrecia ducking her guilt for getting him killed in the first place... he doesn't age because of Chaos (hence the reason in DOC he's still refered to as 27) but he is alive... so he can die! You will notice that when the Deepground Soldiers look at him through their goggles, he shows up as a mako tainted person, but if he was dead, he shouldn't show up as alive! Just because he's demonic, doesn't mean he's undead... yes he was dead, but really, in FF people come back from the dead all the time! I don't know how many times Yuffie died while I was using that darn Twin Viper, trying to level materia... and Cloud just brought her back! I even had the Mystile on her *grumble*

Reply Shadow_13, 5th Jun 2007

I can't tell you how many times I have had an "Is he, or isn't he a vampire?" debate...... Nothing is set in writing either way... but to me the implications lean towards he IS supposed to be perceived as a vampire - though I don't believe any of the official SE guides come right out and say that (as they LOVE to keep us hanging by a mere thread, don't they?). Now if ya want the debate points... I will just go and sift through all me former notes... though if memory serves me - it's been done here before.

Reply Akunen, 5th Jun 2007

Eh... I don't really believe Vincent is a vampire. Out of all the comparisons I've seen with him and the average vampire, Vincent's had plenty of facts to different himself from the blood-sucking beasts. =3

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 5th Jun 2007

Kirlaskia You get SO MANY POINTS for that comment. :D

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