Chapter 5 - 254

5th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 24th May 2007

Canon Breaks 5 Though summoners don't share bodies with their summons in AC, it's not really clear what is happening in the original game. They DO share bodies in this comic.

Yes, the Tonberry killed Vincent (again). The specific method it used I leave to your imagination. Vincent first died when Hojo shot him in the stomach, and was brought back with science. According to the original game, Vincent met Lucrecia one final time in the Waterfall Cavern before going off to fight Sephiroth - and Chaos and the Death Penalty were Lucrecia's last gifts to him. DoC directly contradicts the original game in this regard. This story was completed 2 years before AC and DoC came out, so it goes by original canon.

Characters can be K.O.'d - almost killed, but usually other party members on hand are quick enough to give life-saving magic or phoenix downs before the state becomes permanent. If a character is not brought back immediately, though, they die permanently a la Aeris (or even Turk Vincent).

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Reply Akunen, 5th Jun 2007

=o I've gotta say, that Vincent/Phoenix mix looks pretty darn cool. xD Good job with the page. <3

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 5th Jun 2007

whoa, that is messed up O.O

Reply bhlarg (Guest), 5th Jun 2007

bhlarg bhlarg

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 5th Jun 2007

OMGWTFBBQ?! He enjoy dying, doesn't he? Like Frodo keeps being stabbed...alot...
But he's so ssshhhiiinnnyyy!
bhlarg: O.o... WTH? Although I feel the same way righ now considering the fact that I jsut ate a 3 year old crunch bar. Don't do it people. No matter HOW much you love chocolate.

Reply andygoth, 5th Jun 2007

Wow, Growth is really having to fight for rank in TWC. I bet things'll settle down as the month progresses.

Reply supercalisto (Guest), 5th Jun 2007

Phoenix final attack! Yay kinda sexy phoenix there!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 5th Jun 2007

Now that's a thought! I find this very interesting since the summon Phoenix fused with ol' Vinnie -- if future Final Fantasy games were to come up with an innovative twist to the summons, it would be to have them fuse with the character their assigned to...

Reply Freelance (Guest), 5th Jun 2007

Game Summoning I've always been of the opinon that the party is moved out of the area--be it sub dimensional, switching places with the summons, or just shoved out of the way--because otherwise they would be obliterated with the summons' powers along with their enemies.

Reply Rachey (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

Phoenix Vincent Phoenix Vinnie is so darned hot on this page. I love your drawings. *runs off to vote again*

Reply Guest, 6th Jun 2007

Phoenix is hot... so punny! XD

Reply Rose (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

oooh I love the coloring of and around the eyes of phoenix/vincent

Reply CorstrikeFX (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

Wow... That's just wicked cool.

Reply Arianna, 6th Jun 2007

Agreed! Phoenix-Vincent is cool on this page. I like the facial design! *nod* Also, Vincent's got to stop getting swooned... :P lol

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

Gorgeous colours This page is amazing, such vibrant colurs, and the lineart is fantastic.
Love it!!!

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

Pretty colors... Vincent/Phoenix is AWESOME... I love the markings around the eyes especially. What a great idea to have them combine, I figured that phoenix would just pop up all by itself, but this is way cooler.

Reply Akunen, 6th Jun 2007

FF10 kinda fixed the idea into my mind that the characters are moved out of the way, since Yuna was always standing next to her Aeons and stuff instead of disappearing or fusing or anything else. =P

Reply Super2Goten (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

Yeah, FFXII did too, with the summon running around and stuff. FF8 looked like a morphish thing.

Reply Neph (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

Whoa.... ^____^ Vincent with feathers and face paint! I like this page. Very cool idea.

Reply Foxy, random fox (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

OMGWTFBBQ INDEED. He looks, uhmm... Not as smexy as I'd expect, like that. Weird.

Reply Valentine, 6th Jun 2007

Symbolism I kind of see the combined form of Vincent and Phoenix as being symbolic of them temporarily sharing the same life-force, though technically the Phoenix never actually ressurected anyone - it simply woke them up from being knocked out...

Incidently, I wonder if Phoenix materia can be used to wake people if they're just sleeping...

That aside, I've never actually used the Phoenix/Final Attack combination, not even when I defeated the Weapons, so I've never seen it in action myself...

Reply Pow, 6th Jun 2007

Daym Pheonix/Vinny is so kick-ass wickidly COOL.....

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 6th Jun 2007

Shiny! Now that is PRETTY. Reminds me of like an Aztec type of god. Sometimes I got surprised at a last minute summon of FinalAttack+Phoenix. Now if that happens with other characters of the game...think of the combinations! Somehow I think of a Yuffie blended with the ChocoMog summon or a more reasonable one of Leviathan. Or Cloud having more of a Chocobo hairdo with ChocoMog or Hades. Be kind of weird in the world if one of the characters other than Cid summon Ramuh and be an old man.

Reply andygoth, 6th Jun 2007

Phoenix Valentine: In FF6, Phoenix resurrected Rachel for a short time. Rachel had been dead for years, but her body was protected from decay by herbs.

Reply Freelance (Guest), 7th Jun 2007

More summoning trivia In FF8, we get evidenceof them not norphing together by way of Carbuncle, who uses its ruby light to bathe the party. They also had their own hit points which could cause them to KO if they took too much damage before the summoning finished.

Reply WolfGrrl (Guest), 7th Jun 2007

Oooo! I think I have an idea for your next incentive request or three: character/summon fusions! Not limited to FF7, of course. ;) :D

Reply NameIsZ (Guest), 7th Jun 2007

blah?....Phoenix??????? O___o....

Reply Akunen, 7th Jun 2007

I agree on the FF8 summons. Since they're called 'Guardian Forces', that kinda gives the idea they're guarding the character. =o

Reply Valentine, 7th Jun 2007

Poor Tonberry... I can't remember what happened in the novel this comic is based on, but I assume the Tonberry gets what's coming to him and I pity it.

The Tonberry didn't start the fight, nor did it really attack in any way (it didn't even use its chef's knife) - it just used Vincent's own bad karma to give him what he, as cool as he is, had coming to him.

I find that the Tonberry is quite peaceful really....

For a start its equipment gives the impression of some innocent being defending its abode. The first two things anyone would pick up if their home was being invaded in the night is probably a flashlight (or lamp) and a makeshift weapon (or chef's knife).

Also, the fact that the Tonberry only counter-attacks with karma (which only deals out what you deserve), marches towards you so slowly and is so easilly escapable all point to the fact that it's not looking to hurt you unless you hurt it, or don't get off its property.

So next time you're wandering the Northern Crater... Please, think of the Tonberry.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 7th Jun 2007

Valentine Dang. Now I will think of the Tonberries and no longer take joy in whacking them. Grrr.

But they are cute, seriously. And I never thought of them as defending against home invaders before.

I like the Phoenix mix as well. Very original!

Reply Akunen, 7th Jun 2007

I was always nice to the Tonberries until the hit me. Then I beat the crap out of them. =P

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