Chapter 5 - 256

10th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 25th May 2007

That's a wrap I am going on "vacation" for about 3 weeks starting today, meaning I won't be working on the comic. Don't panic, by the time you guys read this, I should have a backlog of pages long enough to cover my hiatus.

In other words, you won't even notice I'm gone. ;-) See you in 3 weeks, and please keep voting in the meanwhile! There's a new incentive this week. You guys asked for it...

Also, I *finally* started playing FFIV, so here's a picture of young Rydia.

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Reply andygoth, 10th Jun 2007

You mean, this is your first time playing FF4? Enjoy it. And wow, that's a nice picture. In the game, young Rydia is so lost and angry about the death of her mother and the eradication of her village and tribe; it's nice to see her carefree.

To avoid spoiling any surprises for you, I was going to hold my incentive request until you said you were done with FF4, but you obviously already know that Rydia grows up over the course of the game. Grown-up Rydia is what I want to see. :^)

There are two ways to read Nanaki's last statement. Obviously you intend for him to say that Yuffie's ability to handle the tonberry exceeds Vincent's ability to handle the tonberry. But you can also read it that Yuffie's ability to handle the tonberry exceeds Yuffie's ability to handle Vincent. Hehehe! (I'm such a nerd.)

Vincent must really be having emotional problems. I've never known anyone to be so disappointed that he didn't die.

Oh, one more thing. This is comic #100, in hexadecimal. :^)

Reply Arianna, 11th Jun 2007

Beautiful work, as always! :) As well, I too give my hopes and wishes for a good vacation! *waves*

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 11th Jun 2007



whatever. lol

Reply Hazard (Guest), 11th Jun 2007

FF4 has to be my fave of the entire series of games. Rydia v.2 is teh hawt. ;)

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 11th Jun 2007

Vincent looked so sad and disheartened in that first pannel. *sniffs*

Anywho, I hope you enjoy your vacation! ^___^;; Have a good one!

Reply Valentine, 11th Jun 2007

Yuffie Is All Grown Up... I love the way this comic perfectly captures Yuffie's character, even after the evolution of her newfound wisdom.

Although it sounds geeky, it was was always Yuffie's wild and impetuous persona that I found alluring, even more so that Aeris' innocence and Tifa's... er... you know whats.

I find it deeply moving how she and Vincent are changing each other...

On an unrelated note: I answered the question as to why Aeris was unrevivable on the thread of the previous page. Incidently, it's not a plot hole and makes perfect sense.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 11th Jun 2007

It's that point of phase that we go through... knoww that stage in every story where the main character has the potential to win but lacks the fortitude to carry out the task? This is where Vincent is at right now...he has what it takes to finish off the enemy but seems to have yet to find the burning desire to act on it.

Weaknesses be damned, this reminds of how main characters are usually stumped & they're left with the cliche' "watch it all happen coz I'm too afraid/weak" & it's elements like these which really make me wanna shout to the main character "SUCK IT UP & WIN!!"

Oi! I feel like a soccer mom right now. But I'm just taking the chance on waiting for Vincent to evolve his inner "hero", if you will, & take a cue from Cloud, which is to bid farewell to the past & take into account the present.

Reply Neph (Guest), 11th Jun 2007

All right.... By the quotation marks, I'm assuming that the vacation doesn't involve joy-tripping off to Disneyworld or the Bahamas or Tokyo or whatnot. Shame. Well, whatever you do, have a good one all the same. ;)

I really like your picture of Rydia. ^___^ Unfortunately, my game's glitchy and doesn't save, so unless I leave my GBA on a charger all the time and play continuously with no breaks, except to defecate and eat, I'll never get to where she grows up. V__V I like Vincent's expressions on this page, too.... He looks totally out of it (as is to be expected from someone who was just resurrected).

Oddly enough, now that I've seen the bottom of his shoes for the first time.... They're made out of metal, right? Aren't they... slippery? It doesn't seem like they would grip stuff well, or get enough traction. Hmm. I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to the FF world's total disregard of the laws of physics. :P

Reply andygoth, 11th Jun 2007

Neph, you just reminded me of Link's Iron Boots from Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. Hehehe, imagine Vincent clanging around in those things! Vincent's boots are made of brass not iron, but what difference does that make?

[edit] I don't know if anyone cares, but I just gave my web site a big face lift: . You might find some interesting files, artwork, or music there. I dunno.

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