Chapter 5 - 257

12th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 25th May 2007

Yuffie's darker skin is normal here, too. Until recently, Yuffie was also a normal person, after all. Well... as normal as Yuffie can get. :)

There's a new chapter of How Not To Date Blondes posted, and it's a long one!

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Reply Sexy_Reno, 12th Jun 2007

I hope your having fun on your vacation, thanks for keeping updates. ^____^

Reply tail_vilios (Guest), 12th Jun 2007

nice its realy nice to see Yuffi in a new outfit it looks good to.

but i thought that reds right eye was scared over??? why is it open in frame one?

also why didnt vincent just put a bullet into the tommies lanteren of doom?

Reply andygoth, 12th Jun 2007

tail_vilios: Nanaki's eye may be open, but it's blind.

Yuffie looks very eager to take on the tonberry. What a psycho.

Strawberrylemonade: (or is it lemonde?) I sent you a private message a week ago in the Smack Jeeves forums. Please go check.

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 13th Jun 2007 real surprise, she's going on head-on...

*waves "GO YUFFIE" banner* ^_^

Reply Valentine, 13th Jun 2007

Yuffie's Clothing... I never really noticed it so much before, but Yuffie's clothing has changed much more than I had first realised.

She has lost her ninja gear, worn only as a teenage girl can, and opted for an odd Santa Clause meets the Russian Red Army getup.

I can't really criticise though, because I can't think of the kind of thing Yuffie, especially this new and wisened Yuffie, would wear that's any better than Enkida's choice and her's had a function to it when they were climbing down the cliff into the crater.

I'd love to see Yuffie in Goth or Emo style clothing.

Again, I pity the Tonberry. You don't get much experiance for beating them, and it makes more sense to leave it be.

For some reason the Everybody's Grudge attack (or whatever it's called) that Master Tonberry does never did that much damage to my characters...

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 13th Jun 2007

Eh... So much for the email... Yea, I tried to send ya a fanmail two days ago. Didn't exactly work very well, huh? XP Oh well, you may get in the next three days if it's nice.
Anywho, love your comic! I like your depiction of Yuffie. She's definitely taken a more matured personality, but you keep it under wraps, best way to do it. Sometimes I wonder if she enjoys the bloodbath though. XD

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 13th Jun 2007

heh. Sorry bout that Andygoth Yeah... It sometimes takes me a while for that sort of stuff. But thanks SOOO much! Are you sure you won't miss it? Or do you have another copy? But I'll tell you when I get it (if u send it) but probaably a little late cuz A: I'm lazy B: I'm forgetfull about that stuff and C: I'm going to visit my grandmother in Puerto Rico cuz we found out she has cancer TT.TT But thanks SOOO much!
But I can't wait for the next few pages. Yuffie is always so freaking happy. I want to see what it takes to get her to feel like dying.

Reply flare346, 13th Jun 2007

Yuffie noooooooo! Hey... Normal Yuffie!

Reply Neph (Guest), 13th Jun 2007

It looks like Vincent and Nanaki have bad neck cricks or something... ^___^;; Is Nanaki going to be next, or will Yuffie\they be able to put a stop to it?

Um... leave the tonberry alone? O____O;;; NOT such a good idea... It'd just come after them anyway, wouldn't it? Besides, it wouldn't make for much of a plot. :P

Strawberrylemonade, I hope your grandmother recovers!

Reply andygoth, 13th Jun 2007

Strawberrylemonade "I want to see what it takes to get her to feel like dying."

Hey, thanks for the insight! The tonberry "attacks your mind" thing wasn't really making sense to me. At first I thought it lured its victims into a life-sucking embrace, but then it looked like it let Vincent go without gobbling up his soul or anything like that.

(By the way, despite what Vincent may think about himself, I'm sure the tonberry would have easily found Vincent's soul if it could see such things.)

So you're saying it demoralizes its victim to the point of death then moves in for a more traditional kill, and its chef's knife isn't just for show.

Maybe someone should just use a Hyper or two on Vincent! :^)

Reply Chellby (Guest), 14th Jun 2007

Ooooh I can't wait to see what yuffie sees. -grabs the popcorn and settles down-

Reply Valentine, 14th Jun 2007

Yuffie's Vision I've read the novel, so I know what she's going to see...

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 23rd Jun 2007

how long has it been? sorry i haven't checked out Growth in weeks!! KEEP UP TEH GOOD WORK!

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