Chapter 5 - 258

14th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 25th May 2007

Late Canon Break 7 One last important canon break to explain-

- Lady Kisaragi's life

There's actually no evidence anywhere in the game that Yuffie's mother was a warrior of any kind.

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Reply andygoth, 14th Jun 2007

I absolutely love the bright, exotic colors. So lush!

Hey, why do Yuffie and her mom have purple eyes? I thought that only came with Mako poisoning. If this is an error, please don't fix it--- they look fantastic! More likely I'm just misunderstanding something.

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 14th Jun 2007

MUAHAHA!! I DID IT! I FINALLY DID IT! I FOUND FF 7 AND ADVENT CHILDREN!! I just saw Advent Children and it was weird... but awesome! I haven't played the game yet because I want to finish Kingdom Hearts before I become obsessed with the game. But I clicked on the 'remenising FF 7' Icon and I started laughing as soon as I saw those chibi...whatevers. They looked SO funny! I was very,very confused during the entire movie, and all I could think about was how much Reno reminded me of Axel. Then... Vincent. Everytime I saw him I Squealed like the fangirl I am. It was fun. 'k, rant over. Love the shinyness of today's page BTW.

Reply Shadow_13, 14th Jun 2007

I can see hints of where Yuffie gets her... *ahem*... fashion sense.*eyeballs the fishnet stockings and top that are peeking out* I don't know why, but I find that both surprising as all hell, and rather tickling at the same time!!

I also find the similarities actually rather painful. I can see how greatly Yuffie would suffer from the absence of her mom in her life just by how much I can see how tremendously close they would have been.

Reply Neph (Guest), 14th Jun 2007

Ooh, what an awesome outfit! I like the pattern. ^o^ But now poor Yuffie has to fight her idolized, dead mother....

And fishnet whatevers are a requisite for being a ninja, it would seem. :P

Reply Arianna, 14th Jun 2007

Good page!

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 15th Jun 2007

like what you did on with Yuffie okaa-san ^_^

Reply Hazard (Guest), 15th Jun 2007

I thought Yuffie's eyes were purple/lavender as a result of her Mako poisoning. Did you color Mom Kisaragi's eyes the same purplish by mistake, or was it intentional? It could explain why Yuffie's eyes didn't go blue, though.

Best way to explain it away is Square's inconsistancies already :p Tifa took a dip in the lifestream and her eyes stayed brown. Vincent's Eyes are red, but he's kinda a special case vs. Mako infusion.

Reply Helen (Guest), 15th Jun 2007

poor yuffie!

Reply Ryia (Guest), 15th Jun 2007

I don't think that really is Yuffie's mom. I think that is more of a future version of herself if she had stayed and done what her father wanted her to do.

Reply KoShiatar, 15th Jun 2007

Yuffie's mother's design is a little Yuna-esque, but I like it, especially the colors you picked and the tiara (or sort of) she's wearing. As for Yuffie's eyes, if you get a look at Wikipedia they tell you in certain games they are purple, in others brown (such as in Advent children) and in others grey. So there was not much consistency in the original sources to begin with.

Reply Valentine, 15th Jun 2007

Climbing the Pagoda I'm a little rusty, but didn't Yuffie fight Godo in the form of that weird three-headed thing and wasn't her mother a simple Wutainese Geisha?

On another note, I love the way you can see where Yuffie gets her looks and fasion sense from...

How did Godo get a woman like Yuffie's mum? I mean, he's kind of overweight and a bit of an angry old man... She must just be a moustache woman...

Reply andygoth, 15th Jun 2007

Mustache man? Surely you mean "mustache woman"!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 15th Jun 2007

OOM! How can you fight a memory? Short of head trauma, that is? I can't wait to see how this'll finish out!

Reply Valentine, 16th Jun 2007

Hmm... Thanks andygoth. I have now corrected it to say "moustache woman".

Incidently, upon reading the comic a second time, she is introduced as "The Final Mighty God of Wutai" and not The Final Mighty Goddess of Wutai so maybe she's got a secret hidden away in her robes afterall... :P

Reply andygoth, 16th Jun 2007

Eeeeew! :^)

Reply Ryia (Guest), 16th Jun 2007

The term "God" was orriginally gender neutral.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 17th Jun 2007

*gasp!!* So much for Mother's & Father's Day...

Reply Valentine, 17th Jun 2007

The Gender of God... The word "god" refers to a male, genderless or hermaphrodite deity. As soon as male and female genders are defined, as they have been in this strip, then the god and goddess terminology is to be used.

In the case of the character depicted in the Bible, dubbed "God", he is a male entity. Though at no point does the Bible comment on the gender of God, the way in which he called upon and referred to points entirely to a male gender. This is probably owing to the male-dominated society that existed at the time it was written and continued to exist even to present day (in spite of many actions to enforce equality between the sexes).

Reply Coco (Guest), 17th Jun 2007

Although you can only see part of her face, Yuffie looks really cute in the last panel!

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 23rd Jun 2007


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