Chapter 5 - 259

17th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 28th May 2007

Patricide Man, did I hate fighting Godo in the original game. He was one tough nut to crack. The first time I tried it, I had a low-level Yuffie and I didn't realize I could heal between Pagoda levels, either. Yuffie's limit break was set to Clear Tranquil just to keep her alive! That for me was the hardest set of battles for the entire game, and also probably a big reason I like Yuffie so much now.

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Reply Akunen, 17th Jun 2007

I didn't fight the Pagoda until the end of the game. I don't think I knew about it, and I didn't buy the strategy guide until I was about to fight Sephiroth. xD So I found it easy due to my higher level.

D: I feel bad for Yuffie.

Reply andygoth, 17th Jun 2007

Another gender correction Enkida, matricide is the act of killing one's mother.

What's with all this gender confusion? Are you trying to tell us something?? :^)

(Hopefully) unrelated question: What keeps Yuffie's shorts up?

Reply spiderflower (Guest), 17th Jun 2007

EEEE, her mother is so pretty! I love how you do outfit design.

Reply Pinnelipe (Guest), 17th Jun 2007

Hips keep up the shorts. There's been times it's just been too hot and I've ran around like that too, hehe! Only works if the girl has hips and butt with a small tummy, though.

The arts is getting better and better! I love your comic and Yuffie has always been a favorite of mine(was my french class name). I really like how you made her mother look so much like her, but still managed to keep her regal. The thing she transforms into though is a bit on the strange side though.. But strange is good!

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 18th Jun 2007

BLAH!! SHE NO PRETTY ANYMORE O___o *takes yuffie and flees*

Reply ElfGrove (Guest), 18th Jun 2007

No andygoth, patricide is right, since Enkida is discussing having to beat Godo (Yuffie's Papa). Matricide is what Yuffie's having issues with in the comic.

Reply Valentine, 18th Jun 2007

Godo's Transformation I never really had much of a problem defeating Godo's transformed thing. Once you steal the lightning pyramid attack thing (I think it was called Trine or something like that...) with Enemy Skill Materia then he goes down like a sack of potatoes. Then and again, Yuffie was always in my party as my second choice after Vincent, so her level was pretty good.

That's something I've never understood about Final Fantasy games - why don't the whole party gain experience? I'm pretty sure the other members of the party don't just stick their fingers in their ears and look the other way (possibly singing "La la la!" very loud) whilst the selected three fight, and instead battle it out together like in Advent Children.

I know it would ruin the challenge of the game, but if they all fought at the same time then they stand to gain three times as many chances to attack or heal each turn, and the damage is spread amongst nine (was it nine? I can't remember... it might have been eight...) instead of three.

Seems I need to play Final Fantasy VII again to refresh my memory... lest I end up as Chocobo Sage... Man, I wanted to kick that guy into the fire...

Reply Auronous (Guest), 18th Jun 2007

Valentine - in Final Fantasy VII, the whole party did gain experience, just not as much. If you watch the level of your characters that are not in the main party as often you will be able to see it.

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 18th Jun 2007

Muahaha! My turn! Andygoth: I left you 2 messages. please go check. ^^
And if it's transormation, why does she say "Don't leave me, Mama!"? Haven't started playing yet.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 18th Jun 2007

Memories...sigh [not in a cynical way] I totally hated this boss foght when he mini-sized me, I kept using all my remedies and such just to stay alive. Luckily, my last hit was a limit break which connected...and now back to Yuffie's anguish :}

Reply Valentine, 18th Jun 2007

Party Experience I'll have to keep an eye on party experience next time then, Auronous.

Gah, I am becoming like Chocobo Sage! Must... resist... failing... memory... but... I... can't... I can't... I can't remember for the life of me...

Reply Jae (Guest), 18th Jun 2007

Wow I just have to say that I *love* Yuffie's mom. She looks amazing!

Reply Freelance (Guest), 19th Jun 2007

They do gain exp. I remeber playing the game. I would have my party going out, fighting, gaining several levels, when all of a sudden when I switched characters, they were higher level too. I can't remember why since I don't have the game on me (Lent it to my sis), but I think it's something to do with keeping from being in too big of a group at once and being seen. Oh well. I too had trouble with the fight, but it wasn't so bad. Haste, the barrier spells, and regen worked nicely for me.

Reply urisco (Guest), 19th Jun 2007

i really like this even if it the first time ive come to this site to read it i read all of them in one day i can't wait until you post again I'll make sure to keep checking to see if you do

Reply andygoth, 19th Jun 2007

Terrific incentive image! Thanks.

Reply bread4311, 19th Jun 2007

brilliant page, as always,

just wondering about HNTDB, I've just read all 11 chapters in one go, made me laugh no end of times, any news on the next one?

Reply Dark-Chaos, 20th Jun 2007

Sadly, I leave the Pagoda until after I have all four Enemy Skill's so that I can master them all. Godo's Trine is the last one you can learn in the game. :(

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 23rd Jun 2007

worl wind? what's up with the shuriken? lol

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