Chapter 5 - 260

19th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 28th May 2007

The really final canon break. Does that first panel look familiar? It's intentional...

Also, there (has been) a new incentive image up for the past week, so be sure to vote and check it out. Additionally, another chapter of "How Not To Date Blondes" has been posted, but there will be no more quick links this time as the rating on that is going up from here on out.

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Reply andygoth, 19th Jun 2007

TUP TUP Isn't that the sound Nanaki's paws make? :^)

I really like the way Yuffie's scar looks. The subtle shading gives it just enough depth to look real.

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 19th Jun 2007

Gory! ^-^ You doing something new with the blood? It looks different than before... and REALLY good!

Reply Akunen, 19th Jun 2007

D: Aw, that's so sad.

Awesome job on the blood, as said by others. xD The last panel looks really good too. :3 Good job!

Reply Tyrant (Guest), 19th Jun 2007

Nice Very well done, as always. I'm always looking forward to the next page.

Oh, and about the Godo final boss fight thinger on the last page-just throw a ribbon on yuffie and the battle is super easy!!!

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 19th Jun 2007

You get a 5 because of the pretty blood! Yay! It's so REAL looking! Did you bleed on it? ^^
Or did you do it on the computer? I tried that with Water color pencils, and it didn't turn out like that at all.

Reply Freelance (Guest), 20th Jun 2007

Hmmm? Is it me, or does Yuffie's mom have similar mako eyes to her daughter?

Reply flare346, 20th Jun 2007

ZOMG! Poor Yuffs! Awesome page tho

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 20th Jun 2007

..............that has gotta suck...big time

Reply Valentine, 20th Jun 2007

Yuffie's Vision I'm a little confused as to what manner of vision this actually is...

If it's the kind like Sephiroth created whereby the scenario is all make-believe but the choices are your own, then why does Yuffie fall into the trap? I know Yuffie is only 'pretending' to be goaded, as is made obvious by the end panel, but the Tonberry is more than likely her mother, in the same way as it was Lucrecia, and Yuffie is now well within stabbin' range. A Tonberry doesn't hesitate.

Otherwise, is it the kind that is like a waking dream whereby your actions are not your own? In which case, Yuffie doesn't stand a chance and can't possibly be 'prepared' in any way.

Maybe it's best not to think about the logic and assume the Tonberry has just wandered off for a while whilst Yuffie's dream pans out.

My nightmarish vision would probably be being late for something important and trying to ask Chocobo Sage for directions... Although that would backfire because I would throttle the forgetful turd and ride him like a chocobo.

Incidently, why didn't Cloud and the gang just steal Chocobo Sage's green chocobo? He probably doesn't remember he's got one and it's a wonder it hasn't already starved to death...

Reply Neph (Guest), 20th Jun 2007

This is a good page.... I notice that Yuffie has her new duds on now, instead of her old ones... So the Tonberry must be closing in! O___o;;;

The posing for Yuffie and her mom looks a little off, though.... is Yuffie holding her or bending over her or what?

Reply Chellby (Guest), 21st Jun 2007

Nifty My guess would be that she is catching her mom as she falls. The blood is beautiful, the costuming is beautiful, yuffie's mom is gorgeous.

As for the time frame, you have to remember that mental time is so much faster than physical time, as evidenced that those oh so long dreams last maybe a couple minutes in real time. So i figure that while she is experiencing this in real for her time, for the others, it's a just a little bit of time. It's normal for an FF world, otherwise why can you not smack the bad guys when they're doing the major long special summonings or spells. I mean sheesh you could have beaten sepheroth like a red headed stepchild when he did his big earth shattering summoning, but you never could.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 21st Jun 2007

Far from over... Looks like the Tonberry is takin' great delight in adding more misery to the situation...the prick!!

Reply Valentine, 22nd Jun 2007

RE: M - SyxX Don't forget that Yuffie and crew started it. This is a representation of "Everybody's Grudge" which deals damage based on karma, so this is kind of what Yuffie must deserve.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 23rd Jun 2007

blood ACK!!

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