Chapter 5 - 261

21st Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 28th May 2007

Yep, Yuffie is also packing the Phoenix+Final Atk combo. As a side note, this is really not a recommended strategy to make it thorough the game alive, it's very unreliable. But it is cool when it works!

I really do enjoy drawing Phoenix. I wish there was more opportunity to do so in this comic, in fact.

Guest posters can now rate the comic pages if they want. I'll keep an eye on it; if we start getting bot problems, though, this feature might not last.

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User's Comments:

Reply LadyNightshade, 21st Jun 2007

That is so cool!

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 21st Jun 2007

Double Phoenix! First Vincent and now Yuffie! Wow! Both were really cool, this page is great... really getting into the thick of it and so dramatic!

Reply Ruins (Guest), 21st Jun 2007

I can rate now? YAY! 5 stars, woot!

Reply Arianna, 21st Jun 2007

How you portray the union between Vincent/Phoenix and Yuffie/Phoenix makes me think of a neat idea for Mardi Gras! :P But seriously, great work on this page.

Reply andygoth, 21st Jun 2007

Finally, I'll get to see the Oritsuru in action! Ever since Yuffie asked in #244, I wondered how she will do Bladesaw Splitters with a tiny, stupid-looking bird. I'm sure she'll find a way. :^)

Reply Blizzinam (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

Burned! Love the first panel, a bit vampire over her teeth:D

Reply Jonah (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

Wow. Yuffie looks... scary in that last panel, like she's about to go berserk! :)

One a side note though - did you know that Hades works miracles against the Master Tonberry? Completely knocks him out. Just like Ruby.

And Final Attack never worked well for you?? Weird. Never failed me when I got it to the higher levels...

Reply Dark-Chaos, 22nd Jun 2007

The trick to Final Attack Materia is that it's percentage based. The higher the level the higher then chance. It begins at 20% and goes up about 20% per level. 5 levels means it should be about 100% chance of activating. However since there have been occasions of it not working when Mastered, it might be the chance being just under 100... so I think it would be safe to asume that the final % of it activating when mastered is between 80-99%. I'll check the games coding or my personal records (at home) sometime later to confirm.

Reply KoShiatar, 22nd Jun 2007

I like the light effect around the Tomberry. I think it would have worked beautifully around Phoenix Vincent and Yuffie, since it really gives the idea of white-hot fire.

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

wait...she got the Phoenix summoning with her? thought that was Vincent...or is it another Phoenix materia? O__o;

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

Wonderful job, Enkida. And thanks a butt-load for the incentive! *huggles*

Reply Guest, 22nd Jun 2007

lookie at all the bright colors <3
yay for 'psycho'!Yuffie

Reply flare346, 22nd Jun 2007

ZOMG! Phenoix Yuffie is gonna kick some major butt!

Reply Chellby (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

Hrm I wonder if things like this are part of what pushed yuffie over the edge. There's little fear of death when it shows you what you want to see. -smile- The phoenix yuffie is awsomely colored and beautifully concieved. You're art has improved so much!

Reply Valentine, 22nd Jun 2007

Hmm... In spite of how much experience Yuffie must have gained in mastering two Phoenix and two Final Attack Materias, the team have already had to be brought back to life twice. They must really have let themselves go... He he, I now have an amusing image of all of the Final Fantasy VII characters being overweight...

What was Red XIII doing while Yuffie was sleepwalking?

How come superhuman Vincent, who is used to being kind of dead, couldn't just spring back into action as Yuffie did?

The Phoenix must be getting a bit fed up of being summoned every few seconds... I wonder what the summoned creatures do in their spare time...

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

Phoenix-Yuffie has fangs???

Reply torbrillord, Yuffie fan FOREVER (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

Phoenix-Yuffie wow, and i thought NORMAL Yuffie was cute!

Reply Monica (Guest), 22nd Jun 2007

For some reason, when I read the page, I couldn't stop thinking that Yuffie is really a lonely sort of person. her mother is dead, she's estranged from her father, and she probably didn't have really good friends as a kid, what with the whole heir-of-wutai thing. she just really misses her mom, who was probably a huge role model for her.

She pushes people away from her personal life just as much as Vincent does, but she doesn't ostracize them. she's lonely but not a loner.

Well written, Enkida...

Reply Guest, 22nd Jun 2007

"I wonder what the summoned creatures do in their spare time..."

Cry. A lot.

But I digress. I'm also interested to see how she will wield Oritsuru. For some reason, I expected her to wear it on her wrist. I guess she's gonna throw it.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 23rd Jun 2007

Adios, deadbeat! Too bad for the Tonberry -- should've just hissed elsewhere while it had the chance...

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 23rd Jun 2007

C'MON!! WOOT! let's kick some butt!

Reply Valentine, 23rd Jun 2007

Local Wildlife I still feel really sorry for the Tonberry. Firstly, it was just defending its home and only attacked in defence. Secondly, it managed to single handedly take down two characters that, by now, must have maxed out their levels without having to resort to n00b tactics like combining Final Attack with Phoenix (sorry if this offends anyone, but I like a challenge in my gaming, which is why I didn't use it when I beat the weapons).

I kind of saw most of the battle system of Final Fantasy VII as being linked to the harmful effect humanity is having on the world.

For a start, most of the stuff you fight is just part of the local ecosystem. The fact that you occasionally pre-emptively strike or back attack kind of shows that the team is the one starting all the fights. The game justifies this wanton destruction of wildlife by calling them "Monsters" thereby crowning the human race devine and more important than all else without even having to use religion.

Those that aren't wildlife are abominations created by man to its own selfish ends. Sephiroth was the reaping of all they had sown. I bet if Vincent wasn't so emo and self-hating he'd have probably done the same as Sephiroth.

The Shinra soldiers didn't deserve death - they were just people making ends meet. I might remind you that Cloud himself was an anonamous Shinra soldier, and I bet you'd all cry if he got himself killed.

The machanical things were just following their programming, but I guess most of them didn't have souls...

In fact, the only people that truly deserved their fate was the President of Shinra and his directors for they knew what they wrought and did not care.

Even Jenova didn't deserve death. She was to rid the world of humans. Yeah, she was probably doing it to her own ends, but we can't judge that until we have evidence, which I don't remember ever coming across.

Now before you all go judging me as a madman, I ask you all to do something for me. Shed your human instincts for a moment and think of humankind in Final Fantasy VII as some other kind of creature - perhaps a Tonberry - and now think back to the cry of the planet and how it suffers because of them and how they do not care (even Cloud didn't care). Should that race be saved?

Even the planet doesn't think so - look at the Weapons - "Monsters" created by the planet to reduce everything to nothing when the planet feels threatened. Note the use of "Monsters" - I see their role as being guardians of the planet more than anything else.

... Sometimes I wonder if the Black Materia really did just come about by chance or whether the planet just created its own suicide pill...

Reply Shadow_13, 23rd Jun 2007

Valentine~ Wouldn't the planet acting out and defending it's self be just like what the humans were doing to defend themselves, then?

If the planet is like a race of sentient being(s) ...Then it was acting just like the humans were. Kind of like humans attacking Cancer with kemo. Who's to say the cancer shouldn't or should win??

Reply Devil's Advocate (Guest), 23rd Jun 2007

Well.... I can see Valentine's point to a degree. Even to the point that humans today do many of the same things. The destruction of the rainforests and local wildlife there in. Not that I am a big treehugger persay, just that is a very destructive practice just get more land to raise CO emission producing cattle on.

But I digress.

First of all... The local wildlife probably was being driven MAD. Second, they wildlife could ALSO get a first strike in on YOU. It was not just one sided. Any attempt to reduce the problem to JUST one side, is utter nonsense.

In any war, there are always casulities... On both sides. If you consider the events of FFVII Advent Children as being Cannon, then you hear Rufus saying something I happen to agree with. He seems to understand the lifestream better than most.
"The nightmare returns... the Lifestream courses through our planet back and forth across the borders of life and death. If that cycle is the very truth of life then history, too, will inevitibly repeat itself. So go on, bring your Jenovas and your Sephiroths. It won't matter. We'll do as life dictates and stop you every single time."

As life dictates. That's a complicated statement. What is it that life dictates? Growth. Death. and Rebirth.

The Jenova and Sephiroth conflict is not just about Black Materia. Jenova is an outside influence, not bred by the Planet itself. Sephiroth is a by-product of humans meddling with that. So Sephiroth could be seen as the bridge between Planet and the Calamity that is Jenova.

Also if we take what Rufus Shinra said further, following his dialog, "I acknowledge that Shinra owes the planet a lot. It goes without saying that my company and I are the ones who put the world in the sorry state it’s in. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to set things right."

We see he is atleast (To some degree) understanding that he screwed up. He wants to rebuild his company and rebuild the world they lost. Perhaps this time he will go about it in a wiser manner.

I think we see more of what Kazushige Nojima was trying to portray between Planet, Humans, and Jenova.

The depths of Humanity's depravity but ALSO that they can take responsibility for that... And fix the problem. The Shinra soldiers... The other humans you have to fight... They were all supporting what they THOUGHT was right, regardless. It does not make their deaths right.. but perhaps necessary.

And let us not forget! In the END, it was the Planet itself who answered the call of the Humans. It gave them the White Materia at Aeris' request. The planet, in the end, sided with the Humans, and put an end to the War. It was not by Cloud or any other human's single might that the Calamity was stopped. It was by the power of the Planet. It COULD have destroyed all the humans when it did that. But it did not. It chose to allow them to learn from their mistakes. After all... Isn't that what life is about? Learning from your mistakes?

Reply Valentine, 26th Jun 2007

RE: Well... I understand your points, and I appreciate another side in my argument. Had I have known some intelligent discussion was going to result, I wouldn't have been so sloppy in my structure or delivery of my points.

The planet did stop meteor, yes, but it also destroyed everything in the area. I believe Red XIII pointed out that Holy "is having the opposite effect." Seemed a lot like a two-birds-with-one-stone tactic to me. Of course, like any virus, humanity cannot be completely wiped out.

The Planet did not answer the call of humanity. Instead, it responded to the prayer of Aeris, a Cetra. It was merely protecting itself and humanitity's survival was a by-product.

History is written by the victors. Jenova may simply have been another side to an argument, demonised by a side of conflicting interests, and deemed a Monster. Perhaps this "virus" that turned the Cetra into "Monsters" was merely her influence that changed their beliefs against their kin?

I agree with what you say about the flow of life though.

What I was trying to get at was that the Final Fantasy VII guys aren't that good - they simply had their good points focused upon because they served a purpose that the player could back (the survivial of humankind).

Sephiroth is just as human (emotionally speaking) as you or me. He is the Frankenstein's monster of Final Fantasy VII. He merely wanted revenge - a natural instinct which is the basis of all justice.

Morality is an opinion. Who deemed the Gi tribe as evil? Their allignment was never mentioned - just that they were enemies of Red XIII's tribe. You just alligned yourself against them because you had already chosen your side (or had it chosen for you by the designers of the game).

I guess in conclusion, the name of the game is not right or wrong, but simply survival.

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