Chapter 5 - 262

24th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 28th May 2007

Didn't you just hate it when that happened? ;)

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Reply Enkida, 26th Jun 2007

Short reminder to all: Hi everyone! I am still on vacation, but I took a quick look in on the comic and wow. :P I'll answer all these questions being asked sometime next week in the forums.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy the story, and there will be another chapter of HNtDB being posted soon. :)

User's Comments:

Reply Akunen, 24th Jun 2007

Morph never worked for me. I think it went through, like, once? xD

D: That Tonberry looks creepy. xDD Poor Yuffie!

Reply Jans (Guest), 24th Jun 2007

I'm curious how Morph works too. Enlighten us oh wise one?

Reply Sexy_Reno, 24th Jun 2007

Yeah, I think I was able to turn something REALLY low level (like level 10) into a potion once, but other then that lucky shot it never worked. ><

Reply Ciercies (Guest), 24th Jun 2007

Before anyone asks... Morph is one of the yellow or command materia.

Command materia give you another option in your command window. (Normally you only have atttack, defend, materia, and run).

Morph is an attack that can transform monsters into items, a fantastic way to gather items for free.

Unfortuneately, rare items are often on strong monsters. Moreover, the morph command delivers a tiny fraction of your attack and will ONLY transform a monster if the morph kills said monster, otherwise you waste a turn with a weak attack and will have to try again.

Morphing is definately not an option for the weak, impatient, or unlucky.

Reply andygoth, 24th Jun 2007

The silly girl never learns Once again, Yuffie puts the safety of her party in jeopardy to satisfy her acquisitive nature. She should just kill the tonberry and move on, but instead she's goofing around trying to get an item. (She reminds me of me!) How many more times will Phoenix have to save them before she gets serious?

(For those of you just joining us: she earlier used the offensively weak Twin Viper because of its materia growth properties. See #243.)

Reply Rose (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

oooh now it's pissed X3

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

Whattashame... That would've been a Ribbon had it connected...

Reply Acerynn (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

It's amazing how much you have improved in your artwork since the beginning :) I think you've really discovered a way to draw Nanaki that looks way cute and incredible. Yuffie too, looks really good. Actually, I absolutely love you Yuffie, especially in the second chapter when she's bathing and has the long hair. I will say though, I'm not fond of your Vincent, though way better than what I could do XD

The story though, is just a work of genius. And I'm serious about that. *nods* It's well-developed, in-depth and you definitely have some amazing character GROWTH, in personality, style and just overall. (pun intended :P) The concept of your story really is spectacular, especially this last bit, tying in the extra Ribbons.

Kudos to you on your superb comic, and I can't wait to read more! (Oh, and I'm sorry about my adjective attack XD)

Reply Freelance (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

The Power of Morph Like Ciercies said earlier, the Morph command materia transforms monsters into items when it's the defeating stroke.

There are a couple of weaknesses, however. One, Unless if you have a strategy guide (and even the official one skips out on the creatures on the sunken submarine), you won't know what monsters will or even can turn into items until you defeat an enemy with it. The second is that it uses an increadibly weak attack to hit, meaning the creature has to be near-death already.

I've found a couple of ways to help circomvent this. One is through the use of the 'Grav 3' (plus 'Support-All' connected for those group fights) spell and then mimicing it. This will help cut through most enemies' hp like a hot knife through butter and get them ready for a morph attack.

The second is Yuffie's ultimate weapon Conformer (which is found in the sunken submarine). When Yuffie uses Morph while using this weapon, she doesn't suffer the normal morph power weakness.

What turns into sources I think I'll save for another post.

Reply Just me (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

WOW! "When Yuffie uses Morph while using this weapon, she doesn't suffer the normal morph power weakness." I didnt know that! Thanx!

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

Yuffie, Yuffie, Yuffie. You never learn, do you?

Anyway Enkida, I totally loved this whole page. Every single pannel was awesome, especially pannel one. Great job!

Reply Onikage, 25th Jun 2007

Hmmmm..... Got a question: Do Yuffie's eyes turn the colour of the materia she's using (red for summoning Phoenix, yellow for command) , or is it just me?

Reply Midaki (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

Good eye, Onikage. Right you are- they most certainly do. I would assume it is the mako buildup in her eye reacting to the materia. You can still see the slight purple tint.

I say now is when Vincent blows it apart with the Death Penalty. Nanaki has already proved that he doesn't remember how to fight.

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

cool.....but looks a lil confusing where the arms are going...and did she just toss a paper crane at the Tonberry? O_o

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 25th Jun 2007

Hey, she could have. Paper cuts can do a lot of damage, you know. :P

Reply Shadow_13, 26th Jun 2007

Enkida - LOVE the new incentive!! *drools all over Vincent*

I have some new KH2 sketches (lots, actually)... but I think I will hold off on sending you anything until they are colored. Your gallery is getting kind of saturated with crap from me so perhaps one more (if that) should be the last.

Reply Niyu-chan (Guest), 26th Jun 2007

Anyone notice? Her eyes are green in the first panel. I don't know if that was on purpose or not, just noticed it.
Refering to the comment about not just killing the Tonberry: Well, Yuffie is trying to master a huge amount of materia. I assume she would try to get a chance like that whenever she can.

Reply andygoth, 26th Jun 2007

Of course she will, risking her friends' lives in the process. I said I'm the same way; I have lost many FF9 fights while trying to steal everything off every enemy.

Reply Maria (Guest), 26th Jun 2007

Awesome....As Usual Hey Enkida, awesome page. I can't wait to see what's going to happen now that Yuffie's attack didn't work ;). Will Vincent come to save the day???????? That's kind of mushy, now that I think about it. If that was your plan, then you have the talent to make it---unmushy :)By the way---does your email work? I keep trying to send you stuff and pics but I keep getting that it didn't go through........ Please let me know and I'll try to get the pics to you ;)

Reply Valentine, 26th Jun 2007

Stealing/Morphing I hated morphing/stealing stuff. Never really made any sense as to why things couldn't just be taken from the corpse afterwards...

Does anyone really blame the Tonberry for looking pissed? Even if it was to blame (and I fiercely believe it wasn't) I'd still be pretty pissed that they'd screwed me over with Phoenix twice. Imagine how you'd feel if you'd just beaten Sephiroth in the final battle and instead of dying and cutting to the final cutscene, he summons Phoenix? You'd be pretty pissed, especially if he did it again.

Incidently, it wouldn't actually make much difference - if you let Sephiroth attack you then you automatically counter-attack and that is enough to kill him.

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 28th Jun 2007


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