Chapter 5 - 263

26th Jun 2007

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Reply bread4311, 26th Jun 2007

shoot the jar, amazing no one thinks of it

Reply Servant_of_SHEVAL (Guest), 26th Jun 2007

Boomstick! Wow, Vincent looks awesome in that last panel... great pose (aww, he's got an arm around Nanaki and everything)! Same goes for Yuffie the whole way through.

Reply andygoth, 26th Jun 2007

Ah, sanity is restored!

Reply vv_lover (Guest), 26th Jun 2007

Vince's shirt is coming undone. Not that I mind, or anything... Just thought I'd point it out. :P

Reply Freelance (Guest), 26th Jun 2007

At the risk... ... of being punny, Vincent IS the boomstick.

Reply Rachey (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

Excellent Work I love the artwork on this page so incredibly much. And YAY! Vinnie!

Reply AdamZero (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

I think Vince is a bit too high up for someone using another to for support, I mean it looks like he's got a good grip on Nanaki, but still. If he was kneeling down, to the point where his face was level with Nanaki's I think that'd balance out hte panal more. But since the panel itself is slanted, it works.

Reply Name_is_Z (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

you should think first woman! *hits yuffie on the head with a plushie to get her thinking*

Reply crazyhands (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

Congratulations, you've reached the delayed-action factor of a Naruto fight scene!

Reply andygoth, 27th Jun 2007

Kirlaskia Nanaki dressed up as a SOLDIER on the trip from Junon Harbor to Costa Del Sol. It was pretty funny, and I liked the theme music "It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It."

Reply Shuichi (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

They all look really cool here! [Naz Valentine BTW]
The tonberry's scare the hel outta me XD Awsome page! This keeps gettin better!

Reply Valentine, 27th Jun 2007

Wise Nanaki Wise old Red XIII has been reduced to a gun stand and walking aid. So much for a noble warrior, he just sat around and convinced Vincent not to fight rather than actually helping Yuffie.

Still, he's the only one of the party that hasn't died yet, so he's definately got the better of the two ideas.

Reply Azrael (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

i wonder really it makes me wonder why he shot the lantern and didnt just put thre between its eyes, would be kinda cool to see it drop like a.....something heavy

Reply Kapu (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

Awsome wowi really like thisone hehe go vinny for shooting the latern ebil tonberrys D: always got hit for 9999 on grudge cause id stay there for so long bringing up ap on materia anyways yay great comic keep it up ^_^ and yay for nanaki :D

Reply randomperson (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

yeah about vince in the last panel, it looks to me like he's kneeling, isn't he? so he's straightened up as much as he can to fire his gun >.< can you imagine him trying to fire a gun with his shoulders level with nanakis? just wouldn't work lol. it would be like firing over his own head, position-wise... therefore his position in the last panel makes the most sense

Reply Neph (Guest), 27th Jun 2007

Wow, awesome page! Great expressions.... But Vincent and Yuffie look like they haven't slept in a month. Is that a side effect of, you know, the whole dying and being brought back thing? And why is Yuffie so much more... peppy... than Vincent, even though they both went through the same thing? Is it because Yuffie actually fought back?

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 28th Jun 2007

eh? looks like everyone's got dark curcles around the're eyes.

Reply Pow, 28th Jun 2007

here is the question that pops into my head every time i fight a Tonberry....

Where do they get their candles from, and are they scented?

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 28th Jun 2007

Ooooohhh Vincent looking very smexy on this page, brilliant pose for yuffie on the last panel, great job!!!

Reply Finland (Guest), 28th Jun 2007

When will the next page come out.....?
I love your drawings
(sorry my bad english it`s because im from finland and i haven`t Studiet english so much :(

Reply Chellby (Guest), 28th Jun 2007

Well... yuffie did originally say to hide and avoid the master tonberry so it's not like she was gung ho for the fight to start with. It's trigger happy smexy vince who started the fight. -heh-

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 30th Jun 2007

I noticed sumthin... When fightin' in a random battle, it's usually a better method to kill fast, finish quick & ask questions later. But the downside to doin' such a tactic is that it takes out the thrill & excitement. However, there is the altarnative, which is to prolong the battle by casting out wicked & awesome spells & techniques, leaving you in a world of fun. Unfortunately for this one, it leaves you at a disadvantage where you are left either, stoned, paralyzed, mini-sized, etc. Thus creating a very frustrating scenario where you are bound to die at a disadvantaged stand.

In Yuffie's predicament, it almost cost greatly for her had she continued to cast another spell. But luckily you had Vincent break out Cereberus & kill off the Tonberry before it got even more messed up. Much thankees to you...

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