Chapter 5 - 264

28th Jun 2007

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Reply Enkida, 30th May 2007

Chapter 5 is coming to a close, and the last time I checked, 'Growth' had 188 fans.

WOW! Thanks so much for making this whole comic attempt such a worthwhile experiment! I hope can manage to keep you guys entertained for a bit longer, too!

Also, in theory I should be back from my vacation and working on the comic again by now. :)

HNtDB is up to Chapter 12, and there is a new story titled "Hunter" which is a FFIV fiction, which follows the adventures of Rydia and Kain post-game.

Click here to read Hunter. Leave a review there if you do!

(I finished IV, V and am working on VI still. Vacations are good for something, eh!)

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User's Comments:

Reply KoTatsu (Guest), 28th Jun 2007

189 ^_^

Reply Cassandra (Guest), 28th Jun 2007

:D 190, and has been for a while. This is a quality comic.

Reply Neph (Guest), 28th Jun 2007

Apologizing to the tonberry after that enraged outburst? O__O;;

I went, I read, I reviewed. ^____^;; *sweatdrops at her corny phrase revision*

Reply Akunen, 28th Jun 2007

Poor Yuffie and Vincent, they both look quite tired, but Vincent not nearly as much as Yuffie.

:D I'm excited to see the next chapter's start! And, I can guarantee you that I'll be sticking around to the end of this. =3

Reply Tyrant (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

Fan make that 189 fans-since i found this comic i've been checking every update, but i'm not a forum member or anything like that. great page again, thanks a million for making such a great ff7 doujin!!!

Reply KoShiatar, 29th Jun 2007

FF IV fanfiction? There's not enough of that out there. *Goes read*

Reply Raewyn (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

I'm a fan toooo! By my count that brings it to... 192. And, having posted this, I guess I'm going to have to prove my existance sometimes?
Lovely. I just have to go murder the girl who made me say this.

Now, the comic: Love the art, by the way. So good, it makes Mya's eyes bleed, which means she spends less time annoying me. And we're all winners. As for story... yeah, I can't find anything wrong with it. Not at all, and I usually can, so...

I would also add That Vince is sexy, but then my friend Kitty might kill me, so... I never said that.
This is Raewyn, signing out.

Reply andygoth, 29th Jun 2007

The contrast in Yuffie's expression between panels four and five is startling. All that time spent in the Crater has made Yuffie rather strange.

Reply Rose (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

193 when you add me in ^_^

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

194 ;3

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

Enkida: I love how you've been doing the blood effects recently! And whoah, does Vincent look kinda angry int the fifth pannel!

Kirlaskia: He doesn't have a right eye. In FFVII he is shown with a scar over his closed eye, but the way Enkida does it is MUCH better!

*cough* 195!!! *cough*

Reply Yuffie (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

TONBERRY FREAK ME OUT, MANN!! if i ever see i tonberry i scream like crazy, and then fighting them sucks ass

Reply Ashenine (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

Mrrawr 196, I have been completely IN LOVE with your story : D!


Reply randomperson (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

make that 197 ;P

Reply Death_Penalty (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

198 :D

Reply Nox (Guest), 29th Jun 2007

Do I get to claim 199, then? XD

Reply andygoth, 29th Jun 2007

Will there be a fight to claim #200?

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 30th Jun 2007

Silence all around...& back to the smacks!! The problem with the victory is how it leaves that moment of morbid silence...*sigh*

Anyhow, I noticed how Red XIII is lookin' more & more adoreable by the panel, regardless of the serious face. This takes me back to the game where during the cutscenes, provided he's in the party, Red would show hilarious shenanigans like when he wore that Shinra guard's uniform, or whenever he gets scared his head would be near the ground with his tail between his legs, or even when he "barks"...all of which really sparked my interest in his character.

In fact, when I played the game while my nephews & nieces were watching, I would voice out the characters (via reading the dialogue boxes) & I'd use an Australian accent to Nanaki to which the kids found very amusing. I don't know but there's somthin' Aussy about Red.

Reply Kapu (Guest), 30th Jun 2007

Yay woo tonberrys dead ebil little things hehe but ppl draw his eye scared either opened or closed i do it both ways :3 hes adorable either way :p nice comic glad they killed it and yay vinny for thinking of shooting the lattern hehe keep up the great work i love your comic ^_^

Reply Elmarit (Guest), 30th Jun 2007

I think there are a lot of us who just kind of "lurk" and don't leave too many comments! But I have to say I love your work!! ^_^

Reply Valentine, 30th Jun 2007

Items Time for some X-Potions or Elixers, I think...

They were always very useful after a battle, but I never organised my items so finding anything useful in a battle took way too long.

Incidently, where did they carry all of that stuff?

Reply andygoth, 30th Jun 2007

The same place Superman carries his Clark Kent outfit when he's not wearing it.

Reply Ultima, 1st Jul 2007

am i 200 then? =p ive been reading this comic for quite some time now but never registered XD love this webcomic =D

Reply Rachey (Guest), 1st Jul 2007

Count me too Count me as #201

Reply Coco (Guest), 1st Jul 2007

I guess I'm #202 ^_^

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 7th Jul 2007

Holy cow!! That has to be the worst paper cut in the history of paper cuts!!

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